Engineering Students participated in the CSU 30th Annual Biotechnology Symposium

The 30th CSU Annual Biotechnology Symposium, sponsored by CSUPERB, on January 11-13, 2018 in Santa Clara, CA brought together hundreds of faculty and student researchers from all over California. During the poster session at the symposium, SSU EE students Grant Young, John Gonsalves, and Hassan Ali Roohian presented their research works titled Wireless Data Transmission Using Microbial Fuel Cells (Poster #: 47) and Designing a Low-Cost Detachable Sensing System for Incentive Spirometers (Poster #: 41). Students’ works were very well received and they had the opportunity to discuss their projects with many participants. For a list of posters and activities, see the Program at-a-Glance.

From left to right: Grant Young, John Gonsalves Hassan Ali Roohian and Dr. Farid Farahmand"Attending the CSUPERB Biotechnology Symposium had a much greater impact on me than I initially anticipated. During the symposium I got the opportunity to meet passionate students who are involved in amazing research work. I also met many leading industry professionals as well as innovative entrepreneurs who shared with us their knowledge and experience. The most rewarding thing I learned at the symposium was the value of being engaged in interdisciplinary projects; for the first time I actually realized how valuable my electrical engineering research work could be to, for example, a biologist. I highly recommend our EE students to consider attending the CSUPERB symposium next year. They will learn so much!" noted Hassan Ali Roohian, a senior EE student.

John Gonsalves on the left and Grant Young on the right"Our research project involved power harvesting from microbial fuel cells. This symposium was a great chance to learn about interdisciplinary projects and share different bio-technical and electrical engineering perspectives and solutions. I also really enjoyed learning about other fuel cell research projects presented at CSUPERB. I definitely recommend attending the symposium to all of our EE students. Our only regret is not crossing the street to Great America to ride a few roller coasters." expressed John Gonsalves, an EE student at SSU.