Computer Requirements

The department of Engineering Science recommends students to have a Windows-based laptop computer.
Extensive computer usage is integrated throughout Electrical Engineering during all four years of the curricula.

Minimum Computer Specifications

Listed below are the minimum computer specifications that should be considered when choosing your laptop.

Laptop Specifications
Component Specification
Processor Intel Core i5 (AMD FX8350) or better
Memory (RAM) 8 GB minimum
Hard Drive 500 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or 1 TB, 7200 rpm, SATA or better
Optical Drive Not required
Sound Card Any
Graphics Card AMD or NVIDIA with 1 GB memory minimum
Screen 13" or larger
Keyboard & Mouse Keyboard and trackpad
Network Adapter Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and 802.11n Wireless Adapter or better

Mac Users

If you are more interested in a MacBook, make sure it has enough space to install Windows on it. The suggested size is 512 GB. You can either install VirtualBox and install Windows as a virtual system or use the built-in app in Mac named Bootcamp. Either way, as a student, you can have a free Windows operating system by accessing OnTheHub.