Remote Server Access



Start by downloading MobaXterm. MobaXterm is a way to initiate a secure shell (ssh) session to communicate with the server. The prefered version would be personal and portable, so it could be put on a memory stick. After downloading and unzipping the downloaded file,

  • Open the program.

  • Figure 1
  • Click on session:

  • Figure 2
  • Select SSH.
  • Type for Cadence server or any other IP address of your Remote host; ie. Raspberry PI.
  • Click OK.

  • Figure 3
  • Enter your Seawolf Username and Password for Cadence or any other for your particular application.

  • Figure 4
  • You should see a page similar to Figure 5:

Figure 5

If you are to use Matlab, I suggest you do the following:

  1. Create a matlab directory by typing:
    mkdir matlab
  2. Change directory to matlab:
    cd matlab
  3. Run Matlab:
    matlab &

The following two steps apply only to Cadence.

  • To start Virtuoso, type virtuoso -nosplash &
  • The window that results is that of Figure 6.

  • Figure 6
  • Now you can start your simulation.


X11 is no longer a part of OSX, therefore, you have to download it from XQuartz. Once you install and run the program you should get a window like Figure 7.

Figure 7
  • Type: ssh -Y your_seawolf_username@ for Cadence or ssh -Y username@<IP_address> for any other server like Rspberry PI.
    The application may ask you if you want to add the server to your hosts lists. You should type yes (all three letters).
  • Enter your Seawolf password.
  • Type: virtuoso -nosplash &

The rest would be the same as above Windows writeup.