Summer High School Engineering Projects

Nick Rose worked with Dr. Jack Ou on an ECG measurement system.

The School of Science and Technology (SST) at SSU in partnership with Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) has created a summer research internship program for Sonoma County high school juniors under the mentorship of SST faculty to stimulate interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) among high school students. The most talented and interested students from Sonoma County high schools are selected competitively. In addition to $1000.00 stipend, these students are given opportunities to work on challenging projects, become familiar with excellent state-of-the art research and development facilities, university education environment and interact with the faculty as well as our students. These students then act as our ambassadors to relay the highlights of the School of Science and Technology to their classmates and friends, counselors, teachers, and principals during their senior year. (SST's High School STEM Web Page)

The Engineering Science Department has a well established tradition of actively involving students in research projects. Each summer, faculty members involve a number of High School students in research projects as part of their participation in the SHIP program. Follow the following links to learn about their projects.