Video by: Alessio Guerra

Abraham Palmerin
The SSU Electrical Engineering program helped me navigate my career by allowing me to work on a summer research project which eventually helped me get into graduate school. I wouldn’t be in graduate school without the guidance and resources offered by this department. The faculty and staff are very approachable and provide help whenever and whatever your questions are about. Technical workshops, research symposiums, and the engineering club are just a few of the many activities the department offers. A highlight of this department is the senior design project where you are assigned a faculty and industry advisor. The senior design project helps students with industry principles, networking, and meeting deadlines throughout their senior year. The small size of the department allows them to provide a lab with essential equipment for all students working on a design project. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the help and support by the electrical engineering program at SSU.

Abraham Palmerin, Graduate Student at UCLA, Class of 2017

Kevin Suiker
The best thing about the SSU Engineering program isn’t what the professors teach to you, but how they present the material. They take extremely complex topics and explain them in a language that is easy to understand, which is much more difficult than you would think! On top of that, it is obvious that the professors are there for the students. They truly care that you learn the subject and are willing to go the extra mile to help answer any questions you might have. I originally did not intend to choose a major in Electrical Engineering, but the deep understanding of the subject that the faculty has shown along with their enthusiasm to teach really sparked my interest. I’m now working in the industry in a field I never imagined I would be involved with, and couldn’t be happier with my career choice. I cannot thank the department enough for what they have helped me to achieve.

Kevin Suiker, Application Engineer, Keysight Technologies, Class of 2017

Ben Vadovinos
The SSU Electrical Engineering program provides students with multiple resources that allow them to succeed. The knowledgeable professors provide students with solid engineering fundamentals so they can be effective in their future jobs. It’s amazing how students can reach out to alumni not just for future job possibilities but to learn what it is like to be an engineer. While attending SSU, my fellow students and professors motivated me to not only study and learn difficult concepts but understand why it is important to continue this throughout my life. I’m excited to be able to give back to the department and younger students.

Ben Vadovinos, Hardware Validation Engineer, Fitbit, Class of 2013

Jon Porrazzo
I simply cannot explain how appreciative my peers and I are to the department for holding the Engineering Reunion. I think it is tremendously important to keep in touch with your alumni and think it is an incredible asset for the current students to have relationships with former students who are now active engineers in the industry. Networking plays a key role in the engineering industry, whether it be finding a new job, solving problems or even resourcing new employees; events like this help establish connections for both students and alumni. This event is a key example of how deeply rooted the Engineering department is in preparing students for a career immediately after graduation.

Jon Porrazzo, Ride Controls Engineer - Hardware, Disney Imagineer, Class of 2015

Eric Waugh
The SSU engineering program single handedly propelled me into to my career - showing me much more than engineering principles but how to function effectively in the professional world. The holistic and learning-by-doing approach employed by SSU engineering exposes its graduates to many career paths, but also allows students to focus on their technical passions. SSU uniquely positions students to hit the ground running once they get into industry. The small class sizes, access to equipment, one-on-one attention from professors, and industry networking, directly contribute to student and alumni success. I would not trade my experience at SSU for any other university. I feel that the faculty and staff have honed me into the effective and successful engineer I am today.

Eric Waugh, Senior Software Engineer, Broadspot Imaging, Class of 2014

Casey White
It is a very rewarding experience to give back to the students and the department. The is why this year I am assisting one team of students with their senior design project. I am excited the students will be able to leverage the industry perspective and experience that I bring to their Senior Design Projects, and carry that knowledge into their first jobs as Engineers. It is very clever of the faculty to align these Engineering Alumni events with the Senior Design Project presentations - it gives the student an audience of their peers to draw feedback from, and gives them a great opportunity to network with fellow alumni both in the area and abroad. Dr. Farahmand has done a wonderful job and I look forward to the future of the department, and of the Engineering community in Sonoma County.

Casey White, Materials Engineer, Deposition Sciences, Class of 2014

This summer has been unforgettable. I loved working with the electrical engineering department at Sonoma State. Everyone was inclusive and patient with my questions. Having time over the summer to investigate something that I was interested in without the constraints of grades or a class schedule was amazing.
I also feel like I grew as an engineer. I was exposed to technology that I have not been able to use during classes and I was pushed to solve problems and learn from my mistakes. Being able to work with other students was rewarding. I was able to bounce ideas off of them and I was able to help their projects as well. I especially liked being able to work with the Trossen Robotics arm and figure out the coding that went along with that.
I am grateful that I was given this opportunity. I will take the skills that I learned this summer and apply them to my school and future career.

Julia Pastis, Santa Rosa High School, Summer High School Internship Program, Summer 2018