Kalmanovitz EOP Academy

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Academy is designed to provide academic and social support for our incoming EOP First-time Freshmen (FTF), through the creation of a learning community. Incoming students will enroll in a block of classes with approximately 20 other EOP FTF. This Block Schedule consists of for example:

1-English 101or ENGL 100A (3 units)
2-University 102 (2 units)
3-Gen Ed (GE) Usually an AMCS/SOC/CALS course (3-4 units)
4-Major Course (3 units)

Students will choose the remainder of their first semester courses with the help of an EOP Advisor. It has been demonstrated that students taking part in this type of learning community tend to adapt quicker to the challenges of college, and in turn, become more successful students during their first year than students taking classes on an individual basis.

They form a connection to the university, develop a peer support group, and receive assistance from their faculty quicker and more effectively than do other students. During their second semester at Sonoma, the EOP Academy students will continue to take a group of classes organized for them, which will include either an English class or a course in Critical Thinking, a GE class, and an elective course from a number of class offerings.

For more information, please contact

Khou Yang-Vigil

Kalmanovitz EOP Academy Stats with a Powerpoint Presentation comprehensive Overview of data.