Promotes diversity, community and unity at our University. We strive to be an active voice on campus, we provide support, community and social opportunities with the purpose of educating ourselves and others.The organization was originally named after the program that inspired it, the Educational Opportunity Program.

EOP Advisors, Staff and Faculty encourage our students to find purpose and inspiration as students work hard towards the common goal of graduation and beyond.The club has had great discussions about future plans to help foster a lasting sense of belonging and community.

Spread the word about us! Members of the EOP Club go to university events, promote causes, and volunteer in the community. Be part of the change!!! It's a great leadership opportunity. Help, support and be involved with the EOP CLUB!!!

Meeting Times: Fridays from 12pm - 1pm
Sonoma Valley Rooms, Student Center

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Andre Bailey at:


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The following are the 2016-2017 EOP Club Officers

Quinn Prado Diaz, President
2nd year
Women and Gender Studies Major with an Astronomy Minor
From Winters, CA

“Sometimes things will bend you, but trust me you’ll be fine...Life's not out to get you”- Neck Deep.

Hello! A few things you should know about me is that I am a huge CD junkie. I go to concerts like crazy and have met a few amazing artists along the way. My favorite bands are Sleeping with Sirens, Neck Deep, Pierce the Veil, and ISSUES, just to name a few. I wish to visit Japan one day because I am a total anime nerd. I am also an artist and in my dorm, my walls are covered in art I have created since middle school. I see myself as an activist and feminist because I love creating trouble for big ideologies that keep people oppressed.

Currently, I help workers stand up and fight back against their bosses when they are being disrespected. I am also a current peer mentor and past Summer Bridge leader to 11 amazing students. EOP has been a big contributor as to my progress into being who I am and being proud of it. I feel that EOP is a community where they let you in with welcome arms and helps one achieve greatness while at SSU. Without EOP, I do not believe I would have been able to be who I am today and be at the place I am at now.


Vanessa Aguillard, Financial Director
3rd year
Business Major
From Los Angeles, CA

I am on the Women’s Volleyball Club team and also an ally of EOP. I love the support that I have received from EOP and their purpose to promote diversity, unity and community on campus. I am proud to be EOP because I have the opportunity to make a difference in a positive way. _____________________________________________________________________________

Juliet Rosales, Vice President
1st year
Chicano and Latino studies
From Redwood City, CA

I am an active member and voice to my community, I believe in activism. I hope to join a sorority next semester. I am proud to be EOP because I am grateful for the great opportunities it has given me.


Heidi Parra, Historian
2nd year
Psychology Major
From Richmond, CA

Hello Seawolf! Apart from the EOP Club, I am also involved in Ballet Folklorico de Sonoma, POSSE Club, Blue Baronz, ASP and I also volunteer and work for Join Us Making Progress (JUMP) as a day of service coordinator. I have a passion for bringing more diversity on campus, a passion for volunteering and a passion for making a change in my community. I am proud to be an EOP student because this program is not only made up of first generation, low income students but of students who work hard for what they want and inspirational leaders. _____________________________________________________________________________

Keila Itzun, Event Planner
3rd year
Spanish Major with a Chicano and Latino Studies Minor
From San Rafael, CA

Welcome! My name is Keila and I am a Spanish major with a minor in Chicano and Latino Studies. Over the past three years at Sonoma State, EOP has become my family and has shaped the person I am today. This year, I promised myself to get out of my comfort zone and be more involved on campus. One of my goals is to become an Elementary school teacher in Marin County. As well, to begin a scholarship for first-generation college students. Being part of the EOP program has been the best experience at Sonoma State. I have met new people and am involved on campus. I’m so proud to be part of this community. ______________________________________________________________________________

Ivanna Perez, Community Engagement Chair
2nd year
Business Major
From Petaluma, CA

Being in EOP means that you’ve had to work hard for everything you have. I feel blessed to be a part of a program that not only acknowledges that devotion, but helps us through our journey. I am also an active member of the CORE Leadership cohort for 2016-2017. I strongly believe that life is what you make it and that sushi is bomb.



Ricardo Hinostroza, Advertiser
Chemistry Major
From: San Rafael

Hello, my name is Ricardo Hinostroza. I’m a Chemistry major and going into third year in 2017-2018.





Jehiel Delgado, Marketing
2nd year
Criminology Major
From San Francisco

Apart from being in the EOP Club, I enjoy being part of this community that promotes opportunities for everyone, and that's one of the reason why I like being part of this club that helps out for low income first generation college like me.


Christopher Aguilar, Secretary
Biology Major
From : San Jose

EOP has been a huge part of my foundation here at Sonoma State University. It gave me the family I’ve wished for, it allowed me to meet people, who I am really close too. EOP gave me the opportunity to work with others that have had similar struggles as my own, and together show everyone what we are really about. Even though tough times, even when it feels like our back is against the wall and we need to face the whole world that we will find a way to survive and achieve our goals.