Why they should go: As a parent or a child's primary caregiver, you may wonder whether education after high school is necessary or a good fit for your child. Or maybe you want to know how to help your child go to college.

Why Go, What to Do and How to Pay: The information and resources there will also be valuable to you. More Education: Realize the Benefits of Helping a child get more education is the greatest gift you can give. Today, education beyond high school is practically a necessity to build a better life. Whether it's a 2-year or 4-year college degree, or a trade or technical certification program, more education opens doors to more opportunities.

Research proves that education beyond high school leads to better paying jobs and lower unemployment. In fact, some studies show that it benefits the entire family, now and into the future.

The bottom line is, your child or the child in your care should continue education beyond high school. And any support you can provide will be a huge help.

Possible Concerns: Meet Them and Defeat Them. If you are like many parents or caregivers, you might have concerns about whether your child should pursue education beyond high school. That's natural. But confront your concerns head on, and they will seem much more manageable.