To complete our consideration of your application to the Educational Opportunity Program at Sonoma State University, you need to fill out and submit the EOP Application Supplemental form below as soon as possible. The information you submit in the form below will help us make an accurate assessment of your eligibility and interest in EOP at Sonoma.

DEADLINE: March 2, 2017

For Sonoma State EOP, we only consider 1st generation, low income students. We need to verify 1) Historical Income for the past 10 years is within the EOP state guidelines. 2) EOP students do not have parent, single or guardians that have a completed 4-year university degree, regardless of country. Students who are not 1st generation or above the EOP state income guidelines will not qualify for EOP services and program. See Eligibility link for specific income guidelines.

Please submit the Supplemental Form as soon as you can. Forms received late may delay or deminish your consideration for EOP at Sonoma State. After the completed online form is received it will be reviewed by the EOP Admissions Coordinator. We will send you a letter informing you of his decision.

Online Suppemental Form:

1. Higher Education

Have both or one of your Parent/Guardian(s) graduated with or obtained an equivalency of a U.S. 4-year university degree in a foreign country outside the USA?

2. Historical Household Income

To view EOP minimum income levels, go online to "

Over the past 10 years, what has been the yearly income of your Parents/Guardians? If they are divorced and/or separated, list the years they were together and the years that 1 or both supported you in the corresponding columns. If their income amount was '0' for a year, put down 0 for dollar amount.

If you cannot provide income figures for all 10 years, please describe the economic situation of your family while you were growing up.

In the table below, please check the most appropriate box that describes your family income history and provide the Parental Guardian income figures. The amounts do not have to be exact; they can be an estimation or 'gestimate' for each year.

For the purposes of counting, a Household Size is considered all those persons living and being supported by the head of the home. This figure should reflect the amount reported

Combined Income

Head of Household:

Emancipated, Foster Youth, A Ward of the Court

3. Do your Parents/Guardians own

4.. Level of Interest in Sonoma State

5. Are you from an Ag-related or wine industry background?

Are you a student from a family where one or more wage-earning adults are employed in the wine industry, a wine business or agricultural related position.
A- If so, which type of business?

B- Name of Winery and/or business?

Leave this empty: