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Emeritus and Retired Faculty & Staff Association

We have vacancies on our Executive Board. We urge general members of ERFA to help the association by serving on the Board. We meet several times a year, as needed, generally in the Faculty Center on floor 1 of Schulz. Rashmi Singh has just resigned from the Board, as she has moved to San José. So we are short a full complement of Board members. Right now the position of Secretary is open, and so is Membership Officer. Sally Hurtado remains President, Rick Luttmann is Treasurer and also Academic Senate Representative. (Bob Plantz, though not on the Board, is our web-master.)

SSU-ERFSA Board membership vacancies

From Rick Luttman, SSU-ERFSA Treasurer and Representative to the Academic Senate:

I'm sure that, like me, you are busier in retirement than ever during paid service. So that's why I'm writing to you: "If you want something done, ask a busy (wo)man!"

The SSU-ERFSA Board has some openings for retirees, and it is my great pleasure on behalf of the local Board to invite you to participate. We need a Secretary, a Vice-President, and most importantly a representative to the Academic Senate. We also have openings for at-large members. We meet approximately monthly, usually in the late mornings.

So that you can have an idea of what goes on at our meetings the minutes of our most recent meeting, which occurred 3 March 2021, are available under the Executive Board heading on the left. When you get there, scroll down to Executive Board Meeting Minutes.

Please let me or our President, Sally Hurtado, know of your interest. I hope you will consider supporting the Sonoma State Emeritus and Retired Faculty/Staff Assn (SSU-ERFSA)!

Things of Interest

  • North Bay Jobs with Justice

    The Board of SSU-ERFSA is pleased to announce that arrangements have been made for the organization to become the 27th of the coalition partners in North Bay Jobs with Justice, after a fruitful conversation with its Executive Director, Max Alper, at the Board's meeting of 11 May. The Board believes that the values, goals, and activities of North Bay Jobs with Justice are fully compatible with our own as members of the California State University community. The annual dues for SSU-ERFSA are set at $150

    North Bay Jobs with Justice is the successor organization of the Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County, which has existed for over 20 years. It is dedicated to assisting the least powerful and most vulnerable members of oru community: low-wage workers, the unemployed, the homeless, immigrants, and workers struggling to form unions or to negotiate fair deals with their employers. NBJ+J conducts marches, lobbies government officials, writes op-ed columns and letters-to-the-editor, and holds periodic Workers' Rights Board hearings. For more information check out their Facebook page.

    The Sonoma Chapter of the California Faculty Association is already one of the NBJ+J coalition, as are at least four educator associations in Sonoma County

    We urge members to support NBJ+J's annual Awards Ceremony, coming up on Saturday 5 June 2021 from 5 to 7 pm. It will be a hybrid event, partially in-person and partially on-line -- like a drive-in movie. It will take place in the Sonoma County Fairgrounds parking lot across Brentwood Ave from the Fairgrounds main entrance. Tickets are $35 and may be obtained as described in the flyer. The ticket price includes a meal, but that must be ordered by 28 May.

    We urge members to support this organization's good works.

  • Jeffrey Dickemann, Professor Emeritus, Anthropolgy

    Dr. Dickemann passed away peacefully at his home in Richmond, California, on February 21, 2021 with friends and caregivers at his side.

  • Gerald Haslam, Professor Emeritus, English

    Gerry passed away Tuesday evening, April 13, 2021.

  • CSU-ERFSA Items

    Click on "ERFSA Statewide" in the menu on your left to see the latest news about the following items.

    • 2021 Income-Related Monthly Medicare Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) Reimbursement Information
    • CalPERS Announces Proposed Changes to Its Long-Term Care Premiums
    • 2021 CalPERS Health Plan Rates for CSU Retirees
  • SSU Academic Senate Reports

    The latest report is from April 8, 2021. Click on "Academic Senate" in the menu on your left.

  • CSU-ERFSA Legislative Committee membership vacancies

    Anyone who is a member of statewide CSU-ERFSA and therefore SSU-ERFSA is eligible to serve.

    A member of the committee reads items related to bills in the legislature, and also follows CalPERS. Anything that appears to be of importance to our membership is brought to the committee if a decision is needed -- the committee decision is then forwarded to the Board. If not an issue of decision but rather an information item, these are submitted twice a year to the Reporter. All of this is done by email or Zoom.

    If you are interested in serving, please contact Robert Girling at

  • Campus COVID-19 Protocols

    Joyce Lopes, VP for Administration and Finance, sent an email dated Aug. 13, 2020, to All Campus. Rather than repeat the links here, you can go to to find the latest information in case you need to go to campus.

  • Response to Systemic Anti-Black Violence in the US

    The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate approved a Resolution in Response to Systemic and Persistent Anti-Black Violence in the United States of America on June 4, 2020. The resolution is now posted on the Senate website:

  • CSU-ERFSA Announces 2020 Small Grants Program

    Click on "ERFSA Statewide" in the menu on your left.

  • CalPERS Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

    We have received information from CalPERS about how they are responding to the coronavirus crises, reminding us that our pension payments are secure:

    Of particular note:

    Costs and fees for testing for COVID-19 are waived for all CalPERS health members. This includes all HMO, PPO, basic, and Medicare plans. All other plan design features and coverage remains the same. We do advise members to refrain from all non-essential hospital visits, for their safety and for the safety of our health care workers.

  • Contact Information for ERFA Members

    Our SSU-ERFA Executive Board is working on obtaining email addresses for all of our members. One of the problems with the recent vote is that the CSU-ERFA office does not have email addresses for all of the members. This is one of the reasons why some paid CSU-ERFA members did not receive the email containing the ballot for the recent vote. Our chapter is working diligently to obtain email addresses for all of our members. This is a challenging task that we are undertaking. We will work closely with CSU-ERFA office, but we will need to ask for your cooperation to help us obtain this information.

    There are many addressees on our mailing list who are not officially members of ERFA. That is fine – we share the information we provide with anyone interested.

    But you need to be aware that just because you get our emails doesn't mean you're officially a member. Membership in the Sonoma State Chapter is automatic with membership in the statewide organization, CSU-ERFA. There are dues, but quite nominal: at most $10 a month, depending on your PERS check – which you can arrange to have deducted from your PERS check. Or you can make an annual payment. Official membership grants you, among other things, the right to vote in CSU-ERFA elections.

    To join the organization, check out this web-site:

Dear Fellow Members of SSU-ERFA

    CSU-ERFA is asking the chapters on different campuses to provide information on the types of involvement its members are continuing to have with their home campus once they have retired from working there. They have provided us with a list which you will find here of some 19 possibilities activities that might be either currently happening or at least possible on some of the campuses. If you have at least recently been doing any of these activities on the list at SSU we ask that you send an e-mail with the number associated with the appropriate item or items on the list and if you include #19 (other) we ask that you tell us what that activity is.

    Please send your e-mail with this info to Sally Hurtado

Who We Are:

The SSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (SSU-ERFA) provides opportunities for maintaining professional relations with colleagues; works to address concerns and preserve the rights and benefits of emeritus and retired faculty and staff; provides a voice for retired faculty through an elected representative to the SSU Academic Senate; and, keeps up to date with the statewide organization, California State University - Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (CSU-ERFA), which protects the rights of retired California State University faculty and staff.

When you join CSU-ERFA you automatically become a member of SSU-ERFA. Please visit the CSU-ERFA website to learn the many benefits of membership, including a Grants Award Program. Download and complete the CSU-ERFA membership application or call the CSU-ERFA office at (818) 718-7996 to request an application.

SSU-ERFA sponsors local events, usually two each semester. Our next event will be in Fall 2015. Watch here for details as they become available..

In addition to its affiliation with CSU-ERFA, SSU-ERFA has its own Bylaws. Our activities are governed by our Executive Board. If you are an emeritus or retired faculty member from another CSU campus and live near Sonoma State, you are most welcome to join us.

SSU Staff are also invited to join ERFA. SSU-ERFA is one of several ERFA programs that invites staff as well as faculty to the program to enjoy all of the member benefits.