Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

Extended Application Deadline - May 15!

Hybrid Saturday BA Degree Completion Program at SSU

Designed for the Working Adult, featuring monthly Saturday meetings and weekly online seminars

The Hybrid Saturday Liberal Studies Degree Completion Program offers an alternative route to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies for working adults who have completed lower-division coursework and whose schedules do not permit them to attend regular campus classes. Instruction is organized around one full Saturday seminar per month on campus, combined with weekly online seminars and ongoing reading and writing assignments.

This innovative program provides a pathway to a Liberal Studies B.A. through student-centered learning. The curriculum is designed around the Hutchins pedagogy, which emphasizes dialogue in seminars and online discussions, and project-based activities within a cohort of students who learn together in four, semester-long transdisciplinary courses taken over two years.

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B.A. Liberal Studies @ Napa Valley College and Solano Community College, Vallejo Center

Complete Your Degree through SSU with Classes Near You

The B.A. Liberal Studies degree program provides a wide variety of courses in the social and behavioral sciences, arts, humanities, science, and technology. Courses taught by SSU faculty are scheduled evenings and weekends at Napa Valley College and at the Solano Community College, Vallejo Center for students with work, family or other commitments. Applicants must have completed standard CSU transfer requirements, including a Laboratory science.

The Napa Valley/Solano Liberal Studies B.A. Program is excellent preparation for students interested in careers in teaching, the legal profession, social services, nonprofit organizations, or business, as well as graduate work in the social sciences and the humanities. More than just a convenient way to check off the list of degree requirements, the Liberal Studies degree completion program is a supportive and transformative learning community, where students are challenged intellectually as they encounter the full range of human knowledge. The program is offered by the SSU School of Social Sciences. in partnership with SEIE.

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B.S. Business Administration at North Bay Community Colleges - New Location!

Stay local and earn your B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from the
SSU School of Business!

This cohort-based program will provide a pathway for students to earn a B.S. in Business Administration through courses taught by SSU faculty that are scheduled evenings and weekends on the campuses of the Solano Community College, Vallejo and the College of Marin, Kentfield.

Because this is a new SEIE program, we are offering a concentration in Management. In the future, SEIE in partnership with The School of Business and Economics (SBE) hope to offer Marketing and Accounting and a concentration option.

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Other Sonoma State University Programs

Students looking to complete their Bachelor's degrees may wish to transfer to campus-based programs at Sonoma State University Please follow the links below for further information about your options: