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University Preparation
Program (UPP)

 Academic Culture
  and English (ACE)       

SSALI In Your Language

What is the University Preparation Program (UPP)?

Designed for students expecting to enter a Sonoma State University academic program (or partner US College/University) after completing our intensive English program.

Check out the unique SSALI courses that will enhance your English abilities through SSALI, preparing you to enter a Sonoma State University undergraduate or graduate degree program or obtain a TOEFL waiver for Santa Rosa Junior College.

What is Academic Culture and English (ACE)?

Custom English program for students from our international university partners. Students will improve their English in a supportive classroom setting, studying on the Sonoma State University campus and have the option on taking USA and academic culture as well as service learning classes, usually over the course of one semester.


Check out what we can offer your college or university students who wish to study and improve their English in the USA at a top California State University!

Why Choose

Experience a fun, interactive way to improve your English with Sonoma State students in a four-part program. Students will see and speak with students live and online! Learn directly from American students that are studying at Sonoma State University. Program is designed to give a “real student” view to getting a degree and learn about some of Northern California’s famous attractions, its culture and schools.

Why Choose SSALI?

  • Strong academic program and university skills preparation
  • On-campus classroom study
  • Opportunity for Conditional Admission to Sonoma State University
  • Concurrent enrollment in university classes for qualified students
  • TOEFL waiver for study at Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Service learning and volunteering opportunities
  • Organized social activities with Sonoma State University students
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