Spring 2021 Disbursement Calendar

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Financial aid will begin to disburse the first week of the semester.

Disbursement of funds generally occurs on Mondays throughout the semester. However there are exceptions. Please refer to the table below.

Funds will be posted to your student account, and will first pay any outstanding fees or institutional charges on your account at the time of disbursement. Unless you enroll in Direct Deposit, any remaining funds will be mailed to you in a refund check. Please use MySSU to access the Account Activity link in the Finances section of your Student Center to see if funds have disbursed. You can access your Student Center via SSU Online Services.

Direct Deposit refunds generally appear in your bank account 5 business days after the "Date Posted." Refund checks are generally mailed 5 business days after the "Date Posted."

The link to enroll in Direct Deposit is found in the Finances section of your Student Center in MySSU. For more information and instructions, visit the Direct Deposit Student Refunds webpage on the Seawolf Service Center's website.

Please Note: The University cannot hold refund checks for pick-up.

It is very important that you use MySSU to keep your mailing address and permanent home address current. Complete instructions are found at the Office of the Registrar.

Any changes or updates to the disbursement calendars will be posted on our homepage.

Spring Disbursement Calendar
Date FAO Event
01/19/2021 - 01/20/2021 Initial Spring disbursement processing, 1st Global EMBA disbursement, EMBA, and Sonoma Wine EMBA disbursement
01/27/2021 Disbursement
02/01/2021 Disbursement
02/08/2021 Disbursement
02/15/2021 Disbursement includes Pell Grant for Credentials
02/22/2021 - 03/08/2021 No disbursement during registration activity freeze
03/17/2021 Disbursement and 1st Napa Wine EMBA (new, Cohort 9) and EMBA (new, Cohort 12) disbursement
03/22/2021 Disbursement
03/29/2021 Disbursement
04/05/2021 Disbursement
04/12/2021 Disbursement
04/19/2021 Disbursement
04/26/2021 Disbursement
05/03/2021 Disbursement
05/10/2021 Disbursement
05/17/2021 Final Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 disbursement (SSU must receive origination records for Direct Loans and TEACH Grants by 05/14/2021 in order for those funds to be disbursed.)