Dream Act - How to Apply

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The Application Process is Free

Applying for state-funded financial aid is free. If you are not sure whether the California Dream Application is the correct application for you to complete, see our Dream Act - Who Is Eligible webpage.

California Dream Application and Deadline

  • October 1 through March 2 – Cal Grant and CSU Priority Application Period

You can complete the California Dream Application at the CA Dream Act webpage starting October 1 of every year for the upcoming academic year you will be attending. Be sure to complete the application no later than March 2.

New applicants for Cal Grant must file their California Dream Application and the California Student Aid Commission’s (CSAC’s) GPA Verification form prior to March 2 to be considered for a Cal Grant A or B. Contact your high school or community college to find out how to obtain GPA verification for CSAC.

All applicants for the Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) must file their California Dream Application prior to March 2.

If you cannot complete the California Dream Application online, a paper version is available from the CA Dream Act website.

SSU Scholarship Program Application and Deadline

  • February 1 — SSU Scholarship Application Deadline

Please refer to the SSU Scholarship Office website for forms and information.

SSU’s Federal School Code

In order for CSAC to send your California Dream Application results to SSU, you must include our Federal School Code on your application. SSU’s Federal School Code is: 001156.

Parent PIN/Signature on the California Dream Application

After completing your California Dream Application online, navigate to the link that says "Sign Student Application" at the CA Dream Act webpage. Your parent must create a Parent PIN and answer the verification questions if they do not already have a CSAC Parent PIN. Your parent will be issued a 4-digit electronic PIN code to sign your application. Keep this code in a safe place, because your parent will need it to re-sign the California Dream Application each time you make a correction to your application or file a new one in a subsequent year.

If your parent does not receive a PIN, your parent must provide a signature page for every correction that is made.

Keep in mind every time a California Dream Application is submitted or correction is made, you must sign your application. For dependent students, parent and student signatures are required.

After You Apply

Once the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) receives your application, your information will be sent to all schools you listed on your CA Dream Application.

After initial successful submission of your application, CSAC will send you an email with your nine-digit Dream I.D. number. If you do not receive an email from CSAC, be sure to check your spam/junk mail folders. Keep your Dream I.D. number in a safe place because you will use it to log back into the Dream Application, when you correct errors on the Dream Application, or when you talk to CSAC or your school. Be sure to review the Confirmation Page within your application to alert you to error codes that need correction.

See the Timeline section of our Dream Act - Aid Process webpage for information on when to expect to hear from SSU regarding your CA Dream Application.

Remember to Apply Every Year

Each year you must renew your California Dream Application for the upcoming school year. Renew your California Dream Application beginning October 1 of each year at the CA Dream Act webpage.

Remember, the Middle Class Scholarship deadline and CSU Priority Deadline is March 2.

The SSU Scholarship Application is generally available in November prior to the February 1 deadline. Please refer to the SSU Scholarship Office website for forms and information.