Welcome to General Accounting and Financial Reporting

The mission of the Financial Services Division is to safeguard system wide institutional resources; provide effective and efficient accounting and operational support; ensure compliance with Federal, State, and regulatory financial guidelines; afford proper stewardship of all fiscal resources; and provide responsive leadership and support services to facilitate the management of California State University financial assets, liabilities, and corporate operations.


NEW Repair and Maintenance Expense Accounts

Effective immediately is the implementation of new Repair and Maintenace expense accounts. The newly separated R&M accounts will replace deactivated account 660021 - Facilities Repairs and Maintenance. Below is a link to a GL account matrix to assist campus users with selecting the appropriate R&M account for relevant expense transactions: Repair & Maintenance Account Matrix

Effective Dating Department Tree Reporting

Beginning February, Sonoma State University – Financial Services implemented the ability to effective date the Department Tree found in the Data Warehouse. Effective dating the department tree will allow campus end users to pull historical department tree data and see changes over time within the department tree levels of the Data Warehouse. This change will only affect Data Warehouse users who use the “Report Filters” or “Advanced Filter’s Section” in their customized Data Warehouse report settings. Below is a helpful guide on using the department tree: Department Tree Strategy