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Spring 2016 Classes

History 371.1:
Ireland's Revolution

Professor Noonan
Wed 2:00-5:40pm

With a combination of lecture and discussion, this seminar considers how, in a very few years, Ireland abandoned the search for a constitutional solution to its relationship with Britain and embraced a revolutionary path that culminated in the Easter Rising of 1916.  We will examine the culture, ideas, and events that marked the women and men of the generation of 1916.  The course examines the influence of the 1916 Irish Revolution on other revolutions (e.g. Russian), and decolonization throughout the British Empire, as well as the role played by WWI.   Finally, we will discuss the historical and political memory of the Uprising and the ways in which the sectarian violence of the later decades of the twentieth century have complicated the place of the 1916 Uprising in Irish culture and historical memory.