2021 Holocaust & Genocide Lecture Series Schedule

2019 Holocaust and Genocide Video links

April 30th: The Darfur Genocide
April23rd: Genocide in Syria
April 16th: Genocide in Bosnia
April 9th: Becoming Evil
April 2nd: The Second Generation
March 26th: Explaining The Holocaust
March 12th: Islamophobia/Antisemitism
March 5th: Climate and Conflict
February 19th: The Armenian Genocide
February 12th: Making Hungary Great
February 5th: Ordinary Men as Perptrators
January 29th: The Concept of Genocide


Holocaust and Genocide Lecture Series Poster Archive

Video of SSU Holocaust and Genocide Lecture Series 30th Anniversary Event


The Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide is a non-profit academic institute housed in the School of Social Sciences at Sonoma State University. The Center was formally constituted in February 1987 for the purpose of providing education about the origins, nature and consequences of the Holocaust. In recent years, the Center has broadened and expanded its focus to include the study of issues surrounding other historical and modern genocides.

The primary activities of the Center have been weekly, public Holocaust Lectures throughout the Spring Semester each year; the development of Holocaust resource materials (publications, videotapes, etc.) for campus, school, and public use; and cooperative efforts with a community-based group, the Alliance for the Study of the Holocaust, to provide Holocaust education in the SSU service area schools.

The Center promotes research on Holocaust themes and has also sponsored conferences, teacher training workshops, film series and author presentations. In collaboration with the Schulz Information Center, other regional libraries and the Holocaust Library in San Francisco, it endeavors to maintain and enhance the SSU Holocaust collection.