Center Director

The position of the Director of the Center is a half-time position funded by the Provost’s office. The current Director is Dr. Myrna Goodman. Dr. Goodman holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of California, Davis with a Designated Emphasis in Comparative Social Theory. Her dissertation: Resistance and Rescue: German-Occupied Denmark 1940-1943; Ideology, Politics and Culture, examined the social factors that contributed to the rescue of the Jews in Denmark.

The Director’s duties associated with the Lecture Series include:

  1. General coordination of the Lecture Series; coordinating the preparatory discussion of each year’s Series with various constituencies; coordinating the activities of adjunct faculty; arranging speakers’ dates, travel and lodging; scheduling rooms for lectures and discussion sections; selecting and ordering textbooks; coordinating publicity; disbursing honoraria;
  2. Planning additional Center programs and activities: annual Fall semester film series, book readings and Holocaust related events in conjunction with diverse campus constituencies (i.e. Holocaust-related speakers for Women’s History Month);
  3. Directing the placement of Lecture videotapes in the campus Media Center;
  4. Maintaining the reference collection in the Center Library and coordinating school and other visits of Holocaust survivors throughout the University’s service area.

In addition to preparing grant applications, the Center Director is also responsible for budget preparations, record keeping and oversight as well as coordinating the Center’s discretionary funds.