Important Notice

SSU does not guarantee campus housing to newly admitted students. We anticipate demand for campus housing exceeding availability for Fall 2017-Spring 2018. SSU does not have a live-on requirement for newly admitted students.Priority for a bedspace is determined by the date of your Housing Down payment; however, student room assignment priority is based on who makes their living area and room types choices first.

Living Options for First Time Freshman

At Sonoma State University, we offer a variety of living areas that will assist you with your transition, enhance your residential experience and promote a community atmosphere. Our first-time freshmen (FTF) live in both suite and apartment style units. Both arrangements are comfortable size living spaces with most exterior doors opening to courtyards. Students will be able to choose from a variety of academic linked living learning and themed communities. Each of these areas offer different room types, a wide range of programming events, varying levels of academic support. The academic linked communities willl be directly linked to a specific academic course. The themed communities are interest based and not linked to any academic component.

Availability of Living Communities and Room Types

Priority for a bedspace is determined by the date of your Housing Down payment; however, student room assignment priority is based on who makes their living area and room types choices first. Students will select living communities and room types when they are offered a space to live on-campus. If an option is no longer available, the community will not be listed and students will need to pick another area. All efforts are made to fulfill your request; however, no guarantees can be made as many factors play into finalizing the assignments. We suggest paying your Housing down payment early to improve your chances of being assigned to your preferred community and room type. Students are accepted and start making housing down payments in December, so waiting till mid-April may reduce your chances of getting your preferred accommodation.

Preferences and Roommate Matching

Many colleges use personality questionnaires to identify possible roommates and others simply make assignment without those trait considerations. National research demonstrates that both methods are equally successful. It's typical for parents to complete the questionnaire making the results not compatible with what the student prefers. At SSU, we believe it's important for students to be exposed to students of differening lifestyles and backgrounds and to learn had to handle roommate conflict; therefore, we do not ask any roommate matching or profile questions. Selection of roommates is random and based on living area and room type preferences. Students will have the opportunity to make a roommate request as long as the information is mutual. Room changes are available during the academic year.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive housing would be a great option for those students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, queer, asexual, transsexual, and/ or intersex, as well as committed allies. Gender Inclusive spaces will be located on campus within other theme areas, in age appropriate villages. Options for both single and double bedrooms are available for all students interested.
In order to be considered for gender inclusive housing you must fill out a supplemental questionnaire and receive approval from a designated Area Coordinator in addition to the housing application. Click here for more information about Gender Inclusive or contact Julia Rose at (707) 664-3711.


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Academic and Career Exploration (ACE) is a program designed to extend what is explored in the classroom by bringing it into the living room. ACE offers academic “houses”, linked to academic departments and programs, providing  students the opportunity of living in a close-knit community with peers who have similar major or career interests.Together with academic transition and career decision-making yearlong component, ACE intentionally creates a learning environment that recognizes how some of the most powerful learning in college takes place outside the classroom. Seminars and study groups take place in the residential community as well as the classroom, with faculty members and specially trained peer advisors helping to integrate the academic and social experience of our students. Residential staff and the Faculty in Residence present co-curricular activities designed to connect classroom theory and knowledge to real world experience. By being a member of the ACE, students make a year-long commitment to the courses (which earn the credit toward graduation) and the residential living community. Academic houses include:

  • Arts & Humanities House
  • Business and Economics House
  • Discovery House
  • Science & Technology House
  • Social Change House
  • Social Science House
  • Teaching K-12 House

Room Types: Single or double occupancy bedrooms in the residential suites.

Freshman Year Experience (FYE) is a unique environment offering students in the year-long University 150A/B “Identity and Global Challenge,” the opportunity of living together, fostering extensive interaction among fellow students, faculty, residential staff and peer leaders. Out of class activities might include faculty dinners, field trips, FYE-based study groups, movie nights. A Faculty in Residence offers the most unique opportunity for student-faculty interaction. Students live in Sauvignon Village in the Grenache Building.

Room Types: Sauvignon Apartments single, double, or triple occupancy bedrooms.

First-Gen is a community particularly geared for students who are the first to attend college in their family and who seek an extra layer of support to ensure success during their first year of college.  First-Gen is designed to maximize success at Sonoma State University by helping residents connect to each other and by creating a support system within the First-Gen community. First-Gen is dedicated to facilitating the development of helpful relationships between residents and SSU faculty and staff, and through offering intentional academic and personal development programming that will help students make the most of their SSU experience.

Room Types: Single or double occupancy bedrooms in the residential suites.


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The Adventure Living Village is for students interested in actively pursuing adventurous activities around campus and throughout Sonoma County and the Bay Area. It is geared for students wishing to explore the many points of interest, whether it is outdoor activities, cultural events, or the local hot spots with their fellow community members. Adventure Living will take advantage of it's close proximity to the University's state of the art Recreation Center and provide collaborative programs like workout classes, ropes coures, and other events.

Room Types: Single or double occupancy bedrooms in the residential suites.

This community is for students excited and determined to achieve their educational goals! Research shows that academic engagement is critical to the development and retention of first year college students. The Academic Achievement community welcomes diverse majors and interests along with those of various past academic success levels. This community is designed specifically for incoming first-year students who are seeking a community where they will engage with like-minded roommates and neighbors who see their schoolwork as a major priority.​

Room Types: Sauvignon Apartments single, double, or triple occupancy bedrooms.

The Expressive Arts Community is for students already immersed in or for those that want to learn more about different artistic expressions which include, but are not limited to visual art, performance art, and creative writing. As members of this community, residents are encouraged to explore their artistic possibilities on the SSU campus by attending events at the Green Music Center and the greater Bay Area. All students, regardless of artistic background or major, are invited to take part in an engaging and vibrant community that explores the various mediums of the arts and their impact in society.

Room Types: Sauvignon Apartments single, double, or triple occupancy bedrooms.

The Global Engagement Community is a community for students that are passionate about cultural exchange, global experiences, and creating an environment focused around the appreciation of difference. This community would be ideal for those students interested in arts, humanities, or education-related fields, and/ or those students who have already or plan to in future study abroad programs. Examples of programs for this theme include cultural enrichment events, international travel information sessions, faculty presentations, community volunteer opportunities that take students into new environments, and career exploration.

Room Types: Sauvignon Apartments single, double, or triple occupancy bedrooms.

Students must be actively engaged in their surroundings in order to learn and grow in college. The Leadership and Service community will provide students the opportunity to participate in leadership development, service-learning, and community outreach. Students who want to seek different leadership opportunities or want to expand their leadership experience and become a Student Leader at SSU should consider this themed environment.

Room Types: Sauvignon Apartments single, double, or triple occupancy bedrooms.

The Wellness Community is a space for students to connect with peers who are excited about lifelong health and well-being for all. This community would be ideal for those students interested in the health-related or social science fields, and/ or those students committed to a substance-free lifestyle. Examples of programs for this theme include exercise programs in partnership with the Recreation Center, outdoor activities, stress relief activities, healthy cooking demonstrations, community health and wellness volunteer opportunities, and science-related career exploration.

Room Types: Sauvignon Apartments single, double, or triple occupancy bedrooms. Cabernet Apartments consists of double or triple occupancy bedrooms.


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Even though we have different floor plans in the suites, students can only select a single or double occupancy bedroom and not how many live in the suite.

The Double Suite consists of two double occupancy bedrooms with a bathroom and living room. The vanity and sink, toilet room and shower are all separate. Each space includes a bed, dresser, desk, closet, and desk chair. The living room is furnished with one sofa, one lounge chair, coffee table, end table, and a 2.9 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer. Double suites could also have layouts with 4 or 5 bedrooms. Units with 5 bedrooms would include 4 double occupancy bedrooms with one single occupancy bedroom.

Living Areas: Adventure, Academic and Career Exploration, First-Gen

A single suite consists of two single bedrooms with private entrances sharing a connected bathroom. The single room in the Gravenstein shares a bathroom with four other individuals. The single rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, closet, dresser, and refrigerator/freezer combo.

Living Areas: Adventure, Academic and Career Exploration, First-Gen

Each Cabernet apartment will have a triple and double occupancy bedroom, a bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. The apartments also have a patio or balcony and large storage closet. These apartments are fully furnished with beds, desks, dressers, chairs, couch, two end tables, coffee table, easy chair, dining room table and four chairs.

Our typical Cabernet floor plan consists of one double and one triple occupancy bedrooms. Each resident in the triple will have their own bed, desk, dresswer drawers, desk chair, and closet space. The triple occupancy bedroom will offer a more afforable option for some students with adequate living space.

Living Areas: Wellness

The Sauvignon apartments have four bedrooms and four baths, offering private bedrooms and baths but give students the opportunity to share a living room and kitchen area with others. This Village will be a mixture of first time freshman, new transfers, and returning residents. Each apartment is fully furnished with sofa, two chairs, tables, dining room, table and chairs for six, a full kitchen with gas range and oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator, and microwave oven. Bedrooms are each furnished with one or two beds, desk, chair, bookcase, and dresser. The apartments also have a covered balcony or patio, bookcase and/or nightstand, and dresser. Single rooms have both bookcase and nightstand.

Living Areas: Academic Achievement, Expressive Arts, Freshman Year Experience (FYE), Global Engagement, Leadership & Service, and Wellness