Off Campus Housing Assistance

There are a variety of resources within Sonoma County to assist with searching, providing advice on rental housing problems, landlord/tenant issues, short term lodging, and other local services. Please feel free to contact our office with questions at (707) 664-2541. If we are unsure about the answer we will refer you to the right agency or company.

Rental Problems

Please contact Fair Housing of Sonoma County if you have questions regarding legalities of renting in Sonoma County. They can counsel you on your rights, investigate discrimination, provide mediation, and make referrals to attorneys for legal help. Their services are completely free. For more information about them, please visit their web site.

Online Services

The internet offers many ways for students to search for accommodations in Sonoma County without leaving their home. The following is a list of web sites that offer rental listings ranging from vacant apartment to rooms in houses and other moving services.

Property Management Companies

Property management companies manage rental properties and in some cases assist with finding rentals. The following is a list of some property management companies.

Other Helpful Information

We have compiled some additional links to figure out what Rohnert Park is like, places to go, eat, and take care of business.