Cabernet Village Furnishings & Dimensions

Apartment Furnishings

The University's on-campus apartments are spacious, well designed, and very attractive for a college setting. We do provide some apartments for our first-time freshman; however, the majority of our apartments are occupied by returning residents and upper division students.

Cabernet Apartment Furnishings

Cabernet Apartments consist of one triple an double occupancy bedrooms. These apartments are two bedrooms, one bath units with the bathroom area having the shower and toilet being separate. There is also a living room, dining area, and lots of storage space.

Cabernet Village Floorplan | Cabernet Village 3-D Floorplan

Cabernet Village Merlot Floorplan | Cabernet Village 3-D Merlot Floorplan

The apartment is furnished with an extra long twin size bed, mattress pad, desk, desk chair, clothes closet, bookcase, and chest of drawers for each resident. Most mattresses are 80 inches long, 38 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Bedrooms have an overhead fluorescent light, but no study lamps. All of the windows are covered by mini-blinds or drapes. Triple occupancy bedrooms have three lofted beds with desk, chest of drawers, and nightstand placed directly under the bed. One additional wardrobe closet will be placed in the room.
Living Room
This comfortable area is carpeted and furnished with a sofa, two lounge chairs, coffee table, two end tables, and a table lamp. All of the windows are either draped or covered by mini-blinds.
The flooring is linoleum and the shower/tub combination has sliding shower doors.
The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, garbage disposal, microwave, gas oven and range. There are many cabinets including a pantry.

Room and Furniture Dimensions

For your convenience, we have published the approximate dimensions of the suites, apartments, and furniture. Some floor plans have variations, so again these are approximations and are not true for every room. If there are variations, we have published the smaller dimension.