Tuscany Village Furnishings & Dimensions

Apartment Furnishings

The University's on-campus apartments are spacious, well designed, and very attractive for a college setting. We do provide some apartments for our first-time freshman; however, the majority of our apartments are occupied by returning residents and upper division students.

Tuscany Village

The 1,500 square foot, four bedroom, four bathroom apartments in Tuscany Village are designed for six students.

Tuscany Village Floorplan | Tuscany Village 3-D Floorplan

Room and Furniture Dimensions

For your convenience, we have published the approximate dimensions of the suites, apartments, and furniture. Some floor plans have variations, so again these are approximations and are not true for every room. If there are variations, we have published the smaller dimension.

Bedrooms (Feet)
Plan Width Length
A & D - doubles 14 12
B & C - singles 10 12
Furniture (Inches)
Item Per Resident Width Length Depth Height
Bed 42 84 39
Mattress 38 80   6
Desk 52 24 30
Under Bed Dresser (2) 19.5 22 17
Nightstand 17 22 26