Zinfandel Village Furnishings & Dimensions

Suite Furnishings

The Suites are considered those living areas in the Zinfandel and Verdot Village. The majority of our First-Time Freshman occupy these spaces. They have a bathroom area and common living area, but no kitchen.

Each residence is furnished with an extra long twin size bed, desk, desk chair, clothes closet, and chest of drawers. Most mattresses are 80" long by 38" wide by 6" high. Bedrooms have an overhead fluorescent light, but no study lamps. All of the windows are covered by mini-blinds or drapes.

The living room is carpeted and furnished with a sofa, easy chair, coffee table, end table, and table lamp. All of the windows and sliding patio doors are either draped or covered by mini-blinds.

The bath area is divided into a dressing area with two sinks, separate toilet area, a tub/shower room and a storage closet. There are two separate bath areas in the five bedroom suites. In some cases bathrooms have just a shower stall and not the tub/shower combination.

Zinfandel Village

This village consists of Residential Suites with single and double occupancy bedrooms. There are also a few shared single suites which have two bedrooms with a bathroom in between.The 2 bedroom suites of Verdot and Zinfandel have two double occupancy bedrooms, separate bathroom area, shared living room that encompasses about 600 square feet. The five bedroom suites have four double occupancy bedrooms and one single occupancy bedrooms, two bathrooms, on two stories with about 1,400 square feet of space.

Shared Single Suite Floorplan | Shared Single Suite 3-D Floorplan

2 Bedroom Suites Floorplan | 2 Bedroom Suites 3-D Floorplan

5 Bedroom Suites Floorplan | 5 Bedroom Suites 3-D Floorplan

(actual floor plan not available). The second floor is the same as the 2 bedroom floorplan with a staircase to the second floor with the single room partly over the living room.

Room and Furniture Dimensions

For your convenience, we have published the approximate dimensions of the suites, apartments, and furniture. Some floor plans have variations, so again these are approximations and are not true for every room. If there are variations, we have published the smaller dimension.

Bedrooms (Feet)
Type Width Length
Double Occupancy 15 12
Shared Single Occupancy 9 14
Single Occupancy in a 5 Bedroom unit 10 13
Furniture (Inches)
Item Width Length Depth Height
Bed 47 84 40.5
Mattress 38 80   6
Desk 42 25.75 30
Dresser (under bed) 64 25.5 20.5