Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonoma State University has transitioned to remote instruction for Spring 2021. Employees continue to work remotely in almost all departments. Email is the best way to communicate with our faculty and staff. Please see the SSU COVID-19 site for more information.

Applause Award Program and Recipients

Applause Award

The Applause Award Program provides all members of our community with the ability to nominate an individual or group of staff, administrators, faculty, or student staff who demonstrates behavior which exemplifies performance related to the program criteria. This is an easy way to say Thank You to someone that has made a difference in your work life. Your nomination will be posted on the main Employment Services site with a picture when available and published in WorkPlace, and the nominee will receive a certificate of recognition

Examples of when an applause award may be appropriate is when an employee:

  • Goes beyond the call of duty
  • Assists without being asked
  • Completes a task in a manner that allows others to more easily complete their work
  • Performs exemplary work or support for a special event or campus function

How to Nominate

Take five minutes to complete the Applause Nomination (Seawolf ID Required)  form and submit it. Nominations are accepted continually.

Calendar Years:

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Nominated by Trudee Herman April 16, 2021

Jon Byers, Workstation Security and Services Jon Byers

On behalf of the Contracts and Procurement team we would like to nominate Jon Byers for an Applause Award. The last year has been especially challenging and Jon has assisted our department with a myriad of IT needs. Specifically, when our team needed to quickly switch to working remotely, Jon did not hesitate to be available to each of us when we needed his assistance. Jon is an exemplary staff representative and he is to be commended for his expertise, patience and utmost professionalism. We are grateful to Jon and thank him for supporting our team.

Nominated by Lynn Prime, February 26, 2021

Alicia Hodenfield, Office of the VP, Administration and Finance Alicia Hodenfield

I am nominating Alicia Hodenfield for an Applause Award after working with her to identify materials in our University Archives on the history of Stevenson Hall.


Alicia was the perfect person to work with regarding requests from Christopher Dinno and others for Stevenson history to share out to the public in preparation for the building groundbreaking last November.


Alicia graciously offered her support to help me negotiate the needs of the Stevenson groundbreaking ceremony committee to find and digitize Stevenson history in our University Archives. She also went further in offering to share with me materials she received from others, so I could preserve copies of that material in our archives as well.


I so appreciate her administrative skills and willingness to participate wholeheartedly in making this project work. Everything has been harder since March of 2020, as we all know, but Alicia literally made my life easier with her warmth and kindness, and I'm very grateful.

Nominated by Todd Wright, February 11, 2021

Gary Peterson, Operations and Engineering

I walked from Schulz I.T. to the Green Music Center (in the rain) to do some work in our main telecom room out there. When I got there, I found that the electronic lock was not working. I called Gary and he came out within minutes and fixed it so I could get my work done and it wouldn't be a wasted trip. Outstanding service from our locksmith. Thanks again!!!

Nominated by Jean-Francois Coget, Dean, January 28, 2021

Elizabeth O’Brien, Seawolf Services Elizabeth O'brien

Elizabeth managed to identify and help to resolve a number of administrative obstacles in this student’s path to graduation. The student had a traumatic experience that interrupted his progress to graduation. Elizabeth and her team were able to identify and help to overcome registration and financial barriers so that this student might continue on his path to graduation in Spring 2021. None of this sounds particularly exciting, but it made a huge difference for one of our students who had recently been involved in a traumatic incident and needed just a little bit of extra support in order to get to graduation.

Nominated by JoAnne Jaggars, December 16, 2020Carolyn Faulconer

Carolyn Faulconer, Purchasing

Purchasing, ereqs, contracts, it's all quite overwhelming when it's not your everyday world. Every single time I reach out to Carolyn for help, she is patient, helpful, and graciously walks me through each process. Carolyn understands the ripple effect if (when) an ereq isn't submitted by our department in a timely manner, meaning a student could have their accommodation services interrupted, and she is so quick to jump in and make sure that doesn't happen. She is thoughtful and thorough in explaining how to do a process, so that I can gain knowledge in how to best meet the expectations of our procurement department, without ever making me feel like I've messed up. DSS really appreciates Carolyn, and we want her to be recognized for her outstanding service to our students.

Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, December 9, 2020

Casey Kelly, Entrepreneurial Activities Marketing Casey Kelly

Casey was instrumental in making the Stevenson Hall Renovation Project Groundbreaking Video. I had a rough idea of what/how we wanted it to look like, and she directed the project to its amazing completion.





Remy Williams, Entrepreneurial Activities Marketing Remy Williams

Remy was instrumental in the creation of the Stevenson Hall Renovation Groundbreaking video. Remy took bits and pieces collected, photos, video, etc., as well as sourcing additional materials to create the final project. She created an initial storyboard that we were able to focus on to make the video come to life.




Nominated by Jennifer Lillig, November 16, 2020

Crystal Hernandez Martinez, Academic Programs

Crystal went above and beyond as a member of the AIS Planning Team for the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies 2020 International Virtual Mini-Conference. This included developing materials for conference sessions, managing communication with conference presenters and participants, developing conference surveys, supporting intra-team communication, and a whole lot more. She was an integral member of the AIS Planning Team.

Veronica Lopez Gonzalez, Undergraduate Programs Veronica Lopez Gonzalez

Veronica went above and beyond as a member of the AIS Planning Team for the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies 2020 International Virtual Mini-Conference. This included establishing technologies for supporting the conference, coordinating the registration process, hosting a conference session, and a whole lot more. She was an integral member of the team.



Kimberly Purdy, Office of the Provost and VP

Kim went above and beyond as a member of the AIS Planning Team for the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies 2020 International Virtual Mini-Conference. This focused on coordinating proposal reviews, website development, coordinating guest speakers, and a whole lot more. She was an integral member of the AIS Planning Team.

Kari Manwiller, Undergraduate Programs

Kari went above and beyond as a member of the AIS Planning Team for the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies 2020 International Virtual Mini-Conference. This focused on website development and updating before, during, and after the conference, hosting a conference session, and a whole lot more. She was an integral member of the AIS Planning Team.

Katherine Musick, Academic Programs Katie Musick

Katie went above and beyond as a member of the AIS Planning Team for the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies 2020 International Virtual Mini-Conference. This focused on managing the technology of the main sessions, hosting a conference session, and a whole lot more. She was an integral member of the AIS Planning Team.


Merith Weisman, Center for Community EngagementMerith Weisman

Merith went above and beyond as a member of the AIS Planning Team for the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies 2020 International Virtual Mini-Conference. She contributed to session organization, hosted a session, and a whole lot more. She was an integral member of the AIS Planning Team.



Nominated by JoAnne Jaggars, November 10, 2020

Ashley Dates, EOP Ashley Dates

I recently accepted the task of monitoring breakout rooms for students to get drop in advising. This is something new and unfamiliar to me, so I reached out to Ashley, as I knew she had done this for a CalFresh event recently. Ashley was quick to meet with me over Zoom to walk me through the process from initially setting up breakout rooms to assigning them to advisors. She was always quick to answer my many questions throughout the week leading up to the event, and always with a smile. Every time I reached out to her for help, she was quick to respond. Ashley noticed during one of our meetings that I was scheduling appointments in a way that was a bit time-consuming, and she offered to help me with that too! Being new to Zoom in March, I was not particularly savvy with all of its functions, so I was not utilizing it as efficiently as I could have been. She was enthusiastic, and even messaged me that she had figured out a particular problem I was having and offered to troubleshoot it with me. She went SO above and beyond in helping me to make my job easier, and I'm very thankful for her. She even made herself available during our drop in advising event, in case I needed her help - that's definitely worthy of an applause award!

Nominated by Philip Mooney, September 25, 2020

Corrina Oates, Office of the Dean, School of Science and Technology

For her perpetually positive demeanor, can-do attitude, and constant willingness to help. In this latest of many interactions with Cory, she helped the department coordinate a number of purchases in an almost unbelievably timely matter. I thought it would take days and she did it in an hour! Thanks Cory!

Nominated by Kandis Gilmore, September 4, 2020

Nick Powers, Mail and Receiving Nick Powers

The Biology department techs put together over 320 boxes of supplies for home learning activities, and Nick was instrumental in helping us ship them out to students. When he ran into a roadblock with uploading some addresses, and missed the UPS pickup window, he went the extra mile to drive the packages to the UPS center in Petaluma to make sure they went out on time. Thank you Nick!




Nominated by Carolyn Montgomery, August 11, 2020

Maritza Hernandez Sanchez, Housekeeping Maritza Hernandez Sanchez

I would like to Applaud Maritza for her many years of excellent work here at the Student Health Center. She is a very valued and important part of our team and goes above and beyond expectations in her job duties here. Our facility is 40 years old and is very challenging to clean and keep it looking it's best, but she does a terrific job! In addition, she has always paid special attention to the issues with the building that require Work Orders and notifies us right away. Thank you to Maritza for doing such a great job!

Nominated by Jenny Baker-Dunn/The Staff from the School of Education, August 09, 2020

Michael Hazen, Workstation Security and Services

From the staff in the School of Education, we couldn’t do our jobs without Michael Hazen from IT!


Michael is our Knight in Shining Armor who comes to our rescue whenever we need him. He is always pleasant, happy to help in any way he can, and goes out of his way to resolve all our problems. He is a joy to work with and we couldn't do our jobs (in the office or at home) without him! Michael has been the wizard and computer doctor who fixes our technical problems. Particularly during the SIP, he has facilitated our access to our computers, met numerous times with us to troubleshoot, gotten us updated equipment, and has always done it very patiently and happily. Michael you are amazing!! We couldn’t do our jobs without you and we really appreciate your support! He is consistently upbeat and positive during tough times, and always makes our days easier and more fun. Thank you for always being patient, kind and willing to help! Michael deserves all the recognition we can give him! Thanks Michael!!


Oh and did we mention we couldn’t do our jobs without him!

Nominated by Emergency Operations Center, June 2, 2020

The Emergency Operations Center would like to recognize the following individuals for their efforts in response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on behalf of the University. Our employees have continued to remain resilient and you, along with your peers, have excelled in your collaboration and support of SSU’s emergency response. Our campus is eternally grateful for the dedication and thoughtfulness you have shown through your work. Truly, hats off to you...

Michelle Jolly and Jenn Lillig, History and Chemistry

Professors Michelle Jolly and Jenn Lillig for their tireless work in the pursuit of academic continuity during this dynamic time.

Carmen Diaz Misa, Sara Golightly, Julia Ibanez, Jessica Kegley, Shanon Little, Lisa Lozano, Evan Mackay, Dusty Magallon, Ivonne Manriquez, Whitney McDowell, Adriana Moreno, Brian Orr, Eduardo Vasquez, and Carson Williams, Financial Aid and Student Finance Team

The Financial Aid and Student Finance Teams have worked diligently to allocate the CARES grant funding, which goes directly to support our students, and to navigate other state and federal response programs in support of our campus and our students.

Josh Anderson and Jamie Zamjahn (Seawolf Chat Bot Team), CMS and Student Success and Advising

Josh Anderson and Jamie Zamjahn for their quick and efficient deployment of chat-bot capability on the SSU home page. Their work resulted in an increase in traffic on our home page and introduced another communication tool to students and community members visiting our site.

Sandy Destiny and Barbara Moore (Web Team), Strategic Communications and Academic Technology

Barbara Moore and Sandy Destiny for their quick and responsive work on getting and keeping the COVID 19 web pages up and running and current in this time of rapidly changing information.

Jenifer Barnett, Carolyn Falcouner, Trudee Hermann, Candance Nelson, Patti Simmons, and Joy Sun, Contracts and Procurement

The Contracts and Procurement team for negotiating the Alternate Care Site contract with County of Sonoma, as well as many additional contracts on our behalf, sourcing PPE for our critical staff, and continuing to support our campus in procurement and service needs through this changing time.

Heather Cain, Karen Carlson, Sary Chhoeung, Aremi Cruz, Noelle Fisette, Debra Gordon, Chandra Holte, Kshatriya Millick, Kimmy Lillo, Melanie Powers, Trisha Ramos, Alisia Reyes, Erin Rock, Renee Senander, and Erin Taylor, Human Resources

The Human Resources Team for their collaboration and efforts to interpret, implement and communicate to the campus several federal, state, county, system and campus policies and procedures. The HR team ensured the seamless distribution of pay warrants while minimizing visitors to the main campus, collaborated on the development and communication of a telecommuting policy and process and distributed over 1,000 agreements.  Additionally, the team digitized most of its forms, altered the recruitment and search process for several critical positions to a virtual medium, enhanced the performance evaluation process for staff, provided training options in CSU Learn and information on support services available to employees, and provided guidance to end-of-academic year CALPERS retirement processing for an unusually high number of faculty members (16).

Elizabeth O’Brien, Jessica Avner, Tiffany Perry, Kelly Cambou, Darci Jakushak, Ignacio Gallegos, Tracy Goodman, and Nicole Hilger, Seawolf Service Center

The Seawolf Service Center team for staffing the campus call center and serving as an essential hub of communication with our students, parents and community as well as distributing masks and equipment during the campus closure.

Elizabeth Chelini, LeRoy Edens, Ben Ellis, Cynthia Foss, Amelia Harbison, Ryan Jasen Henne, and Stacey Murray, REACH

The REACH Team for collaborating with the Emergency Operations Center on scheduling move-out of students, preparing for the Alternate Care Site at SSU, communicating with residents asking a multitude of challenging questions, and continuing to support our remaining residential students with changing policies and procedures due to the state and county shelter-in-place orders.

Nominated by Brent Boyer, JoAnne Jaggars, Stephanie Graham, DSS Staff, May 29, 2020

Jason Lau, Office of the Dean, School of Extended and International Education

Jason provided DSS with the opportunity to test-drive a Live Chat service that Extended Ed holds a few licenses to.  In the time we have been testing it on our own website, Jason has provided endless support and collaboration, and always with a positive attitude.  He not only took the time to develop a very thorough instructional email for our department, but he made himself available via zoom and g-chats multiple times.  Not once have we reached out to Jason and had him disregard us, or make us feel like he doesn't have time for our many questions.  When we ask for direction, almost without fail, he goes above and beyond and provides us any necessary links or screenshots that we don't even realize we need.  Jason's generosity in helping us launch a great communication tool, as well as his positive and helpful attitude, make him worthy of an applause award. 

Nominated by Amal Munayer, April 28, 2020

Andres Chavez, Workstation Security & Services

While we are all frantically transitioning to operating remotely from home during this unprecedented shelter in place order, Andres has been nothing short of attentive, organized and diligent in his commitment to make our jobs easier and this transition as smooth as technically possible to manage. Any moment that I've attempted to troubleshoot my issues and fail miserably, he offers remote support the same day moving with urgency knowing that I have students waiting to be served. Andres cares about the SSU community our IT needs, he connects his job to serving our students and follows up SAME DAY to make sure all concerns are resolved. Andres is one of the most professional and timely employees I have interacted with on this campus. Andres, please accept this as our gratitude for all your hard work and for dealing with all our questions. Thank YOU!

Nominated by Cathi Cari, April 24, 2020

Renee Senander, Payroll & Benefits

Sitting at home, working at my dining table for the last month, my appreciation for our Ergonomic guru, Renee Senander has grown by leaps and bounds. As I figure out, through trial and error, how to make my workspace more user friendly ergonomically - I am grateful for the support SSU offers us in our campus workspaces. Yay Renee!! -

Nominated by Dan O’Brien, April 10, 2020

Andres Chavez, Todd Wright, Vince Orton, Workstation Security & Services, Network Security & Communication ServicesTodd Wright

Andres Chavez, Todd Wright, and Vince Orton did an outstanding job in getting the Culinary Services transaction systems moved to various locations.  These moves were critical to maintain our business operations. Andres, Todd and Vince were fast, efficient, and supportive as we worked through issues in getting systems up and running. Their support was critical to our success, I am grateful for all of their efforts!


Not pictured: Andres Chavez and Vince Orton

Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, March 10, 2020

Jon Byers, Workstation Security and ServicesJon Byers

Jon is our GEO Team rep.  I appreciate how willing and available Jon makes himself to help Joyce and myself out in our daily activities.  He'll pop over at a moments notice or remote in to take care of our computer and technology needs.  It is very difficult when the VP for A & F has technology issues... she has so much on her plate and we have to keep things moving along - Jon's always helpful, friendly and responsiveness help us to keep things moving!

Nominated by Philip Mooney, January 29, 2020

Moe Calvez, Workstation Security and Services

Moe continually goes above and beyond when helping support the geology department and the upkeep of our computer lab. Most recently, I wrote him about an issue in the lab where an old computer wasn't working well and the machines weren't printing. I was out sick, but Moe was able to get into the lab within a couple hours of my request, fix all the issues, and he even managed to scrounge up a newer computer to replace the old one that wasn't working. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.


Nominated by Whitney McDowell, January 8, 2020

Jon Byers, Workstation Security and ServicesJon Byers

Jon has been exceptional to work with through computer upgrades and the Salazar remodel. Jon demonstrated patience, flexibility, and perseverance with software issues. His willingness to move us in the time frame we needed has not gone unnoticed. It's been a pleasure to work with Jon and the Financial Aid Office team truly appreciates you!






Maritza Hernandez Sanchez, Housekeeping
Maritza Hernandez SanchezEarlier this week, I was handling a large, full cup of coffee and I spilled it all over the floor. Maritza happened to be nearby, and even though she didn’t know who I was, and even though she was on break, and even though (I later found out) this wasn't even "her area", she immediately offered to help clean up the considerable mess. I kept saying “don’t worry about it, I’ll do it myself” but she insisted, and right away she started cleaning it up and then went and retrieved some supplies to clean it even more thoroughly. She did all of this with a smile, with a clear sense of pride in the quality of her work, and with obvious concern for the appearance and safety of the campus space. I applaud her for her dedication and her willingness to go above and beyond in keeping Sonoma State a nicer, cleaner, neater place. - Nominated by Jeffrey Reeder, Faculty, December 13, 2019


Julia Ibanez, Financial AidJulia Ibanez

Often the VP's office will receive calls from parents that are upset and looking for answers. We received a call from one such parent today. After finding out what their concerns were, I directed them to Julia Ibanez to find out what the next steps were. I received word back from the parent that Julia was very nice in helping and getting her the information she needed, allowing her to set her mind at ease as she sends the last of her children to college. - Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, August 13, 2019





Mira Aceves, Adam Kinmont, Lisa Revere, IT Adam Kinmont

Earlier this year my job duties changed from Telecom (phones) to Networking. As you may imagine there has been quite the learning curve with the change in job assignments. My teammates (listed above) have been instrumental in my training and development as a network analyst. I wanted to tell them publicly that I very much appreciate their time and patience in my transition. - Nominated by Todd Wright, July 17, 2019


Not pictured: Mira Aceves and Lisa Revere

Elisabeth Kettmann, Biology

I attended an AC meeting last week on the invitation of Liz to discuss revisions to our field trip processes. It was the most clearly focused and led meeting I have attended in my 6 years at SSU. I was quite impressed how she conveyed all the information succinctly and kept the meeting on track. Please help facilitate every meeting I attend! - Nominated by Philip Mooney, May 02, 2019

Rosemary Galten, Biology

After a recent meeting, we asked Rosemary to produce a fillable online field trip form for the School of Science and Technology and she produced a beautiful document by the end of the day. Rosemary does outstanding work and her great attitude has a positive impact on everyone around her. You should have heard her cheering for her coworkers nominated for awards at Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day! - Nominated by Philip Mooney, April 30, 2019

Kevin Alexander, Steve Bartnowski, Chuck Elliott, Frank Nides, Mark Soto, and Keith Tucker, Operations and Engineering     

With Seawolf Decision Day quickly approaching, the large curtain that separates the main gym was stuck in the down position. This is a huge, extremely heavy curtain requiring a motor to operate. With the curtain unable to retract, speakers would not be able to address all of the attendees in one room. A contractor was unable to make the repair. At the ‘11th hour’, our crew from Facilities Management was able to reattach the components of the curtain and motor making the gym ready for a VERY important day. Yet another example of last minute teamwork to make it all seamlessly come together. - Nominated by Vicki Irey, April 12, 2019

Claudia Molloy and Carla Stone, Art Gallery     

Carla and Claudia recently organized an event between SSU and SRJC Art Faculty. This was a well-attended event that allowed us to showcase our faculty. The event opened the door to Claudia Molloy and Carla Stoneproductive engagement with the talent and resources of our community. Many good ideas for collaborations were sparked by the conviviality. We are deeply grateful for their help making this event a success, and hopefully the start of an enduring community building effort between the SRJC and SSU. Thank you Claudia and Carla for the wonderful job you did and always do!
- Nominated by Tai Russotti, April 12, 2019


Derek Miller, REACHDerek Miller

Derek consistently steps up to help colleagues in need. His strength in process and information organization has consistently benefitted the AC team throughout the year from the RA Training schedules both fall and spring, to the organization of the RA candidate workshops and Seawolf Decision Day 2019. When he notices his colleagues need assistance he is always first to step up and offer to help alleviate their workload in some way. He is also a technology whizz and is the first person to assist getting technology working correctly for those of us who are less tech savvy.  He is also doing great things with staff and community development in Tuscany Village. He has developed a FANTASTIC UEngage program for continuing students in the residential community working hand in hand with his Faculty in Residence. I would have nominated him for Staff Excellence if I could have however; this is his first year at SSU. He certainly deserves an APPLAUSE!!!- Nominated by Jennifer Edens, March 28, 2019


Kristen Reynolds, The HUB     Kristen Reynolds

I applaud Kristen Reynolds for her excellent work on the Black Student Success Summit. It was an important and uplifting event. All of the logistics were well coordinated; the speaker was amazing and everyone who attended benefited from their attendance. - Nominated by Dr. Lynne Morrow, March 21, 2019






Joe Flocchini, Operations and Engineering   Joe Flocchini

Joe Flocchini is the Library's building engineer, and he takes thoughtful care of our building and its library on a regular basis, even with a very busy schedule. Joe knows what an important role the library plays on campus, serving our students, faculty, staff, and community members. He works diligently to ensure the library meets its mission of being a comfortable and welcoming space to study, learn, and access information. 


In the last year, Joe has been exceptional in his care and concern for the Library's Special Collections, where we keep unique books and manuscript collections that are irreplaceable. Including, Birds of the Pacific Slope, a limited edition book of prints published by San Francisco’s Arion Press; the gifted papers of environmental activist William Kortum; rare first editions of Charles Dickens titles; and a collection of over 300 Black Sparrow Press first edition titles published in its early years, representing the iconic Beat poets.


Leaks in the Schulz building's 18+ year old roof have threatened to destroy some of these

Special Collections, and were it not for Joe and his ingenuity, determination, and professional commitment to these important collections that serve our students, our collections might not have made it through 2018 and the beginning of 2019.


Joe, working in collaboration with Kevin Alexander, has done an amazing amount of troubleshooting, designing, and directing the craftsmanship of a metal collar that directs pooling water away from HVAC pipes that enter Schulz right over a large area of Special Collections.


Working alongside Kevin, Joe has consulted with his coworkers and used his knowledge base to diagnose the specific leak issues we have been experiencing and has been incredibly persistent in coming up with a solution (until our roof can be replaced and duct work rerouted, which is desperately needed) that to date has been very successful.


Kudos to Joe Flocchini, from the bottom of our hearts, as Head of Special Collections and Head of Public Services. We are lucky to have him as our building engineer!
Nominated by Lynn Prime & Turner Masland, February 5, 2019

Laurie Ogg, Advancement Operations  

When VP Joyce Lopes broke her ankle just before the holidays, Laurie offered to deliver things to her as needed - she lives just down the street.  She has been gracious in her offer and generous with her time making deliveries of documents Joyce must sign, and then retrieving and returning them to our office. Thank you Laurie for making this a bit more effortless! -
Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, January 14, 2019

Nicholas "Nick" Powers, Mail Services

Each time I speak with Nick on the phone, he's always super helpful and always sounds happy. Happy to be here, and happy to be of service. Today I had a need to get paper right away. He called right away to say he'd get someone right out with it! And they were! Thank you for your cheerful disposition and excellent service! - Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, October 30, 2018

Anastacio Diaz, Alberto Calvillo-Ortiz, and Kevin Dahlstedt, Facilities Anastacio Diaz, Alberto Calvillo-Ortiz

Anastacio, Alberto, and Kevin removed a half-wall, thoroughly cleaned up, and touched up the paint in the Financial Aid/ID Card area of Salazar 1000. We applaud their quickness and thoroughness, which is much appreciated since we had staff working in the area and students needing service. - Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, September 25, 2018


Not pictured: Kevin Dahlstedt

Rheannon Torres, English

Rheannon Torres has gone above and beyond to help faculty, staff, and Rheannon Torres

students since she started as Administrative Analyst/Specialist in the English department in spring 2018. Committed to academic excellence and student support, Rheannon has improved department routines, established more efficient communication, and made teaching and learning even better for students and faculty. Since English teaches the university-wide requirement of composition, students from every major have had a chance to benefit from Rheannon's amazing skills. The English department applauds Rheannon's expertise, hard work, and countless contributions to our classes and programs. - Nominated by Dr. Brantley L. Bryant, August 30, 2018

Robert DeNofrio, Facilities

I would like to thank Robert DeNofrio, a campus community member who is able to get things done. He really helped me out this summer with the office moves, and continues to expedite projects to completion. - Nominated by Linnea Mullins, August 27, 2018


Nick Arnold, Workstation Security and ServicesNick Arnold

Nick is so responsive, helpful, and incredibly friendly. He is prompt to assist with any issue that arises and is patient with his explanations. I am so grateful for all of the support he has provided DSS. He is wonderful to work with and a true asset to Sonoma State University. Thank you so much, Nick! - Nominated by Maggie Simms, August 22, 2018


I inadvertently called the wrong Nick yesterday, looking for shipping information and how to return a product we did not need. Nick's initial response was simply to help me, with complete kindness in his response. When he said he wasn't really sure of the answer but that he would ask around the IT department to find out for me, I realized that I had called IT Nick, not Shipping Nick! He never made me feel like I had been a bother, and was quick to help me even when he didn't know the answer. Nick consistently responds to our requests for support in DSS with a positive attitude. We know that he is very busy and has other departments to support, but he always makes us feel like we're #1! DSS thanks you, Nick! - Nominated by JoAnne Jaggars, August 17, 2018


Josh Anderson, CMS Josh Anderson

Since Josh has been a part of the CMS team, he has always been so responsive to me, my emails, phone calls, etc. He is always available to help me write a query, modify one, or figure out why one isn't running. The work Josh has recently done on our new Unofficial Transcript (and soon the Official) has been truly amazing! He has the most pleasant demeanor and is a joy to work with. Thanks for all you do, Josh! - Nominated by Lisa Noto, August 12, 2018




Cameron Bluford, Library Administration Cameron Bluford

Cameron is calm in the face of adversity, never breaks a sweat, he doesn't grandstand or showboat, and never complains.  Because he doesn't flail, sometimes it’s hard to notice his expertise. Cameron is thorough, patient, and quick to lend a helping hand.  His name should be "Cameron Capability Bluford" (with apologies to Lancelot Capability Brown).  The library benefits from his presence in so many ways; he is the glue that keeps us together.  - Nominated by Jack Ritchie, June 30, 2018



Patricia Atkinson, Registrar’s OfficePatricia Atkinson

Patricia went above and beyond to fulfill a document request that enabled a student to meet a strict licensure exam deadline. This dedication to students and willingness to accommodate special circumstances is very much appreciated. - Nominated by Tracy Navas, June 22, 2018




Robert Denofrio, Vicki Irey, Thomas Johnson, Greg McDivitt, Nick Powers and Andres Zamudio, Facilities and Mail & Receiving

These people are unsung heroes/rock stars. Over the past few months, the CNI (Common Network Initiative - network switch refresh) was "rebooted" twice. Meaning, all the equipment that originally came in for the project was sent back and the replacement equipment had to be brought in and delivered to I.T. This was dozens of pallets to be fork lifted and driven across campus. The individuals I'm applauding worked with me to get the equipment to Schulz in a timely manner and I greatly appreciate their hard work and great attitudes. - Nominated by Todd Wright, June 13, 2018Facilities and Mail & Receiving


Not pictured: Greg McDivitt








Maria Noelia Franzen, Faculty Center

Noelia is a driving force in the office, every day, no matter what is thrown her way. She always has a smile, and also models authenticity - what she means, she says and what she says, she means. It's inspiring and energizing to be part of a team that she is on. I know that if she is on our side, we can get anything done! Thank you, Noelia! - Nominated by Ashley Klein, April 20, 2018

Jose Aceves, Danny Alves, George Atkinson, Alberto Calvillo, Luke Crawford, Rob Cunningham, Jim Doherty, Alonzo Gonzales, Jaime Lugo, John Mattos, Tony Machado, Troy McArdle, Yri Mendoza, Kevin Otten, Jay Pederson, John Raider, William Reynolds, Athen Scarioni, Harry Staples, Larry Stone, Dan Twyford, Edward Wandry, and Sam Youney, Landscaping

I feel so very fortunate to work on such a beautiful campus. Now that everything is blooming and green this spring, I am sure we all have been enjoying what we have here while we walk into our respective jobs. I would like to express my gratitude to our fabulous landscapers. Please give a Big Shout out to Alonzo Gonzales , Dan Twyford, George Atkinson, Luke Crawford, Harry Staples, Jim Doherty, William Reynolds, Jaime Lugo, Sam Youney, Jose Aceves, John Raider, Larry stone, Alberto Calvillo, Troy McArdle, John Mattos, Kevin Otten, Athen Scarioni, Danny Alves, Jay Pederson, Tony Machado, Rob Cunningham, Edward Wandry, and Yri Mendoza. When you are walking around campus, please take the time to thank them personally for their hard work to make this place so lovely! - Nominated by Rhonda Nilsson, April 6, 2018

Landscaping Crew










Jordan Bergero, Computer Operations Jordan Bergero

Jordan created our new online Guest Parking Request Form, which exceeded our expectations. He was very knowledgeable and great to work with. He made the process easy to understand and took the time to add additional items that weren't asked but that improved the form and process. He was quick to respond to my emails and offered great input. This form will make day-to-day operations easier on my department and on the faculty/staff. - Nominated by Megan Varnadore, March 22, 2018



Maritza Hernandez Sanchez, HousekeepingMaritza Hernandez Sanchez

Maritza saved the day! We had a huge water leak in our building. Maritza was the first person to arrive, before the Student Health Center was open, notified all the appropriate people and started clean-up before the staff arrived. She is the best! Special thanks from Dr. Andersen, Dr. Drier and Toni! - Nominated by Carolyn Montgomery, March 07, 2017




Moe Calvez, IT

Moe has gone above and beyond with his helpfulness and thoroughness in setting up the 15 new computers for our Geology computer lab. He was helpful and instrumental in all aspects of acquiring the machines, setting them up perfectly for our courses, and installing the machines in the lab. He clearly takes great pride in his work and takes care to follow the entire project through to completion. His communication and attitude is great, which makes working with him a pleasure. Our students will greatly benefit from his hard and timely work. Working like Moe did on this project is exactly what deserves to be applauded on this campus, and I hope HR agrees that his work is suitable for an Applause Award. - Nominated by Philip Mooney, March 02, 2017

Heather Cain, Payroll & Benefits

We had a request to deliver a large amount of payroll data within a very short period of time, and Heather didn't balk at the request, but rather had an amazing attitude and, of course, delivered. Her positive attitude contagious, deeply appreciated, and it makes everyone treasure her as a co-worker! Heather deserves a round of 'applause'!- Nominated by Tammy Kenber, January 30, 2018

Seth Gunter, Gary Peterson and Mark Utarid, Facilities Management

A recent campus wide space inventory was completed that required staff from the Lock Shop to escort the consultants to all spaces on campus. The project required a lot of time, effort and coordination, which both Gary Peterson and Mark Utarid were able to complete within a very tight timeline. I want to recognize both Gary and Mark for their outstanding service to the consultants, positive and can-do attitudes and flexibility while still supporting Lock Shop services to the campus community. Thank you, thank you and thank you Gary, Mark and Seth! Nominated by Carol Ingerman, January 23, 2018


Not pictured: Seth Gunter

Mira Aceves, Alisandra Brewer, Haywood Brown, Herb Dickerson, Christopher Dinno, John Duke, Noah Fell, Davide Furtado, Rick Garcia, Josh Gillespie, Frank Nides, Tommy Stokes, Todd Wright, Facilities and IT Information

Despite the scheduled power outage during the winter recess, payroll still needed to beprocessed and verified directly from the Payroll and Benefits Office. Facilities and IT workedtogether to give our office a dedicated outlet to use in situations like this, ensuring that we'd be able to connect to the State Controller's Office during power outages. This involved testing the equipment outside regular business hours and completing the work before the campus closed for winter recess. I thank everyone involved for their time and effort, as going forward this will assist us not only in prescheduled power outages but also emergency situations. This is a win for all Sonoma State University Employees! I sincerely apologize if I left anyone off of this list,it truly was a group effort and I thank everyone involved. - Nominated by Trisha Ramos, January 09, 2018

Rick Garcia, Todd WrightNoah Fell, Josh Gillespie, Frank Nides


Not pictured: Mira Aceves , Alisandra Brewer, Haywood Brown, Herb Dickerson, Christopher Dinno, Davide Furtado, and Tommy Stokes not pictured

Matt Bedford, Haywood Brown, Noah Fell, Joe Flocchini, William Fulton, Davide Furtado, Josh Gillespie, Kelley Greene, Celestino Martinez, JoFrank Martinez, Steve Motley, Frank Nides, Kurt Parks, Shawn Potts, Eric Seder, Mark Soto, Randy Stevens, and Tommy Stokes, Facilities Management

I want to acknowledge and thank the Facilities Management team and their extraordinary work in the timely managing and execution of multiple main campus electrical, domestic and reclaimed water preventative maintenance projects completed over the winter recess; always working behind the scenes for the good of the university. Their conscientious approach, dedication and commitment to the university went above and beyond, for which I am most grateful, and respect, and admire. Whereas, each had their own project responsibilities and tasks , they always worked as a team, with safety first and high professional quality standards in mind at all times ― thank you! - Nominated by Christopher Dinno, December 29, 2017

Guadalupe Garcia Torres, Receipts Receivables Guadalupe Garcia Torres

I want to thank Guadalupe (Lupe) for being a team player last week (Dec). I was busy doing the student payroll and without needing to be asked, Lupe took it upon herself to offer a lending hand. It was very considerate and appreciated. - Nominated by Leslie Johnson, December 15, 2017






Nikki Anderson, Financial ServicesNikki Anderson

I have been working with Nikki for the last 2 years. She is amazing! She was able to solve a nightmare problem by developing a financial reporting system for the Athletic department that combines roughly 50 different funds/programs into one report. This was such a complex problem, but she had a vision and knowledge to pull it off. We are about 18 months into the implementation of her product, and we are as transparent as ever. Not only is she smart, but she is kind and willing to help anyone in need, a true professional. Nikki, thank you for making my job easier. - Nominated by Shawn Percell, December 14, 2017

Carmen Diaz Misa, Financial Aid OfficeCarmen Diaz Misa

Late on Friday afternoon we went to drop a form with Carmen and confirm Federal Work Study eligibility for our future student assistant. She was already on her way out for the weekend, and instead of asking us to come back, she returned to her office, turned her computer back on and checked things over and signed our paperwork. Because she went above and beyond, our student assistant is able to start work earlier than anticipated. Thank you Carmen! - Nominated by Dustin Mollo & Mike Nelson, October 31, 2017


Renee Senander, Human Resources Renee Senander

Big shout out to Renee for coordinating the Flu Shot Clinic with Kaiser. Myself and many of our staff took advantage of having this service right at our back door. It helped alleviate trying to get in to the doctor's office, who are still impacted from the wild fires, and insure we don't get sick during this stressful time. Thank you, thank you! - Nominated by Julie Barnes, October 20, 2017





Shyla Penn, AthleticsShyla Penn

Shyla is the interim head athletic trainer and always goes above and beyond to service the student-athletes and coaches. She is committed to caring for the Student-athletes. Shyla, thank you for all your hard work. - Nominated by Shawn Percell, September 27, 2017



Todd Simmons and Chuck Elliott, Facilities

I just want to acknowledge the great, timely and quality work, not to mention the amazing customer service, the Central Plant Engineers received from Todd & Chuck. The ink wasn't even dry on the work order when I called the Auto shop to give them a heads up about the work order. Todd was fantastic! I explained to him that this part, if not able to be fixed, would cost me $4k. Not only did he remind me about the savings to the University, he told me to bring it over and he would see if they could take care of it ASAP. It was completed within the hour. Great job! -Nominated by the Engineers and Haywood Brown, September 21, 2017

Thomas Johnson, Vyacheslav Fedotov, Gregg McDivitt, and Andres Zamudo, Facilities Management

WOW what a summer! I would like to THANK Thomas, Slava, Gregg and Andres for all the furniture and boxes Thomas Johnson, Vyacheslav Fedotov, Andres Zamudo they moved over the summer for the School of Education. They always greeted me with a smile when I would say I have one more thing that needs to be moved....well that one more thing became many things. No matter how busy they would be, they would squeeze in my many one more things. Thank you for all you do for the School of Education! We APPLAUSE you! - Nominated by Jenny Baker-Dunn, September 19, 2017


Not picture: Gregg McDivitt

Kate Sims, Modern Language & Literature Katie Sims

Kate did an amazing job this summer coordinating the move of Modern Languages & Literature from the 3rd floor of Stevenson into Carson Hall.  The move required immense coordination and follow up to ensure everything was moved as needed and on schedule.  Any time something happened that was unplanned or went wrong, Kate did all she could to correct and get things on the right track.  The Department could not have made this move without Kate's endless support.

I, along with the Department, commend and praise Kate on her relentless work on this extensive move! - Nominated by Tai Russotti, August 30, 2017

Mark Soto and Melissa Jacobi, Facilities & Housekeeping Mark Soto and Melissa Jacobi

I would like to THANK Mark Soto and Melissa Jacobi for coming to the rescue of the School of Education. The week before school started for the Fall 2017 semester, we had our carpet cleaned and were need of floor fans to dry them out. As everyone knows that's a busy time for everyone on campus. I was told that fans were in short supply. When I asked Mark about running the air in our suite he said it would have to run in the whole building. Not practical. He then mentioned getting us some floor fans. He asked Melissa to help him. Within less than 30 minutes Mark and Melissa found us 2 floor fans. Thanks Mark and Melissa, we appreciate you going the extra mile for the School of Education!! - Nominated by Jenny Baker-Dunn, August 21, 2017

Michael Hazen, Workstation Security and Services

Michael has demonstrated helpfulness and a “not no, but how” attitude. Ever since my move to a new division, Michael has been there to support me and others with any IT related issues. Just recently, Michael went above the call of duty to help me with a project to help our Foundation Board Members have easier access to meeting documents. Michael is a person who makes life a little easier for those of us with IT issues! Thank you Michael for your upbeat spirit! - Nominated by Kyle Bishop-Gabriel, July 27, 2017

Jaclyn Karpiak and Sandy Destiny, Creative ServicesJaclyn and Sandy

The Creative Services team, Jaclyn and Sandy, was partnered with to help support providingtechnical water quality data to the campus community in a format that was both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.  Thank you Sandy and Jaclyn! - Nominated by Michael Kopaigorodsky, July 6, 2017




Laura Krier, Library Laura Krier

Laura has spent the last 12 months as ULMS Project Manager, preparing the library for its migration to a new library management system. She has identified and solved myriad technical problems, put together training materials for staff in a Moodle course, led live training and discovery sessions on different aspects of the new system, and kept everyone apprised of updates and changes. It’s been a tremendous effort, and Laura has done an excellent job, deserving lots of applause. - Nominated by Mary Dolan, May 25, 2017



Vaughn Bellwood, Workstation Security and Services

Vaughn is always so helpful to the Contracts and Procurement Department.  He never hesitates to address our IT needs with a prompt response.  Recently, he quickly assisted me with a software glitch and replacement of a computer monitor in record time.  This facilitated my ability to meet a project deadline. - Nominated by Trudee Herman, May 11th, 2017

Mo Phillips, Residential Life Programs

Mo Phillips has become a household name by many many people, even people that have yet to meet Mo, know Mo. Her reputation with our campus community is commendable. Mo has Mo Philipsprovided support to the entire campus and specifically with Campus Recreation over the years during the good times and the tough times, without asking for anything in return. She gives her all and wants SSU students to have a wonderful experience. If the "Love Boat", (who Mo fantasizes about to be cast for) ever does come calling, I hope SSU tells them, "we love our cruise ship director"! Here's to Mo Phillips for her amazing energy! - Nominated by Ryan Fitzpatrick, April 21st, 2017


Campus Print Staff, Campus PrintsCampus Prints

Campus Prints repeatedly goes above and beyond to help us with our many print projects. They are extremely helpful, quick to respond, and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Campus Prints! - Nominated by Brandon Bronzan, April 17, 2017






Danielle Hansen, Student Academic Services

Danielle Hansen has been a member of the SSU community since July 2014. She was hired to coordinate a brand new program on campus to support current/former foster youth named the Seawolf Scholars Danielle Hansenprogram. For the past 2+ years she has not only brought in and served over 100 students but she has used her off campus community resources to build a program from the ground up. Danielle is a dynamic, organized, mature and dependable colleague. She is always willing to go the extra mile to support the department and often comes in with new and fresh perspectives. Danielle has helped bring in thousands of dollars’ worth of resources, scholarships, vouchers to our most vulnerable populations on campus. At the end of last semester she coordinated the Seawolf Summit where SSU welcomed SRJC and Sonoma County Foster Youth students to campus with introductions of campus resources and campus life. Danielle is the centerpiece of the Seawolf Scholars program here at SSU. - Nominated by Amal Munayer, March 23, 2017

Flori Cabergas, Raf Habtezion, Tammy Koelling, and Shawn Taylor, Financial Services/Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable team is consistently conscientious about paying University employee(s) and suppliers in a timely manner. They have been most supportive during a time of transition while the AP manager's position has been unfilled. They are a great team and are dedicated to the mission of the University and the community they serve. - Nominated by Tania Montes, March 8, 2017

Acounts Payable








Carolyn Montgomery, Student Health CenterCarolyn Montgomery

Carolyn always has a smile no matter what kind of day we are having. In spite of ill patients or ill staff, she manages to make sure all patients are seen in a timely manner and is pleasant to all the staff and students. She has many duties including ordering supplies and equipment, supervising staff members and collaborating with all health center members. She has a level head and can be counted on in any situation. I love coming to work knowing she will be here! Great job Carolyn! Keep it up! - Nominated by Toni Boracchia, February 13, 2017



Kevin Alexander, Vyacheslav Fedotov, Abe Gallegos, Keith Tucker and Vicki Irey, Facilities Management

I needed to have a desk moved and then moved back to where it originally was located due toKevin Alexander, Vyacheslav Fedotov, Abe Gallegos, Keith Tucker and Vicki Irey, Facilities Management space constraints. Keith Tucker, Kevin Alexander, Slava Fedotov, and Abe Gallegos all came through and were able to arrange my new office perfectly! I would also like to give a shout out to Vicki Irey for taking my calls and getting the work orders out. These folks made my day! - Nominated by Erin Taylor, February 1, 2017


Not pictured: Vyacheslav Fedotov


Rick Garcia and Amy Montoya, Networking

Behind the scenes, unknown to me, Rick and Amy were making Todd Wright appear the hero! Thank you for all the work you put in to making all our moves seem seamless to me! Your unseen work also needs to be recognized! - Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, January 12, 2017

Moe Calvez, Vaughn Bellwood, Todd Wright, Frank Gravante, and Helpdesk IT/Network

A HUGE shout out and thank you must go to our friends in IT/Network that have been so Moe Calvez, Vaughn Bellwood, Todd Wright, Frank Gravante, and Helpdesk IT/Networkgracious at providing support and their technical prowess! We have moved many offices and people in the last month, with a few more to occur! Everyone has been helpful, even when we were demanding tight deadlines for things to be accomplished. Vaughn, Moe, Frank and Todd, along with the good people at the helpdesk, moved us along and helped us to accomplish what and when we needed things done by!!! Thank you seems insufficient as my gratitude is great!

-Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, January 11, 2017


Not pictured: Moe Calvez

Thomas Johnson and Vyacheslav Fedotov, FacilitiesThomas Johnson and Vyacheslav Fedotov, Facilities

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Thomas & Slava! We have been moving people around for the past month or so - every move is different, requiring a bit more attention to this, a bit more to that and throughout it all, they have been generous with their help and time always providing top notch service to us! We've had them schlepping and carting, moving keyboard trays, adding things at the last minute... NEVER a frown, always a can-do, sure attitude with smiles! Thank you both! (I know others have helped and Thomas and Slava have consistently been the ones to show up!!!) - Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, January 11, 2017

Alicia Hodenfield, Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

I would like to nominate Alicia Hodenfield for an applause award. Alicia Alicia Hodenfield

has always been responsive to my requests for maintenance requests. Just recently, I informed Alicia that the faucet in the Financial Service & HR kitchen had recently been broken. Alicia took action on it and voila, the problem was resolved! The maintenance guy came right away and in less than 24 hours, we had our problem fixed! This is just one example of Alicia’s commitment to my department and her colleagues’. Please join me in appreciating Alicia as a valued SSU employee. - Nominated by Flori Cabergas, November 2, 2016


Daniel Smith, Office of Undergrad Research

I am nominating Dr. Daniel Smith for the Applause Award because asDaniel Smith

the Program Director of the McNairs Scholars program, he goes above and beyond his required duties to help his students. I can personally speak to his commitment and passion for his students. As a mentor, Dr. Smith is guiding me through my process of applying to graduate schools and fellowships. He has taken the time outside of work to write me letters of recommendation so that I might be considered for these opportunities. Dr. Smith is a committed individual who has demonstrated his passion to help his students reach their academic goals, which is why he has earned my respect and my nomination for this award. - Nominated by Monica Robledo Cornejo, November 1, 2016

Mariana G. Martinez, University Support Services

Dr. Mariana G. Martinez has been instrumental in making sure that our students, staff, and faculty feel supported! Through her many roles, she has been able to ensure that students are receiving the support and guidance they need. Pan y Café is an example of how she collaborated with the Library to celebrate culture and diversity while enjoying Mexican bread, coffee, and hot chocolate. She developed this idea when she realized how important it is to Mariana Martinezhonor the Latino/a staff and faculty that work at SSU during Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place every Sept. 15th-Oct. 15th. She also understands the importance of providing professional development opportunities for staff members, like me, to attend the Stanford University Standout program that promotes awareness of diversity and graduate studies access among students, faculty and staff. Dr. Martinez is a true role model for many of her first-generation and underrepresented students and fellow staff and faculty. Thank you for all your hard work and positive changes you champion that benefit our students and entire campus community! - Nominated by Ariana Aparicio-Aguilar, October 28, 2016

Melinda Innes, Toast

I would like to nominate Melinda Innes for an applause award! Melinda and her awesome student assistants, especially Jen, make Toast the place to go for your morning coffee, or afternoon sandwich! Not only am I greeted with a fresh cup of coffee every morning (before I even order it), I am greeted with a warm smile. Melinda always has a positive attitude, keeps the Toast counter immaculate, and moves the line with efficiency. Thank you Melinda for making Toast the place to go for students, faculty, and staff. Not only do we walk away with a beverage or a snack, we walk away with a smile. Can't think of a better way to start my day at Sonoma State than with a stop at Toast! - Nominated by Sandra Piantanida, October 14, 2016

Ariana Aparicio Aguilar, Academic Advising

When I returned to my role in the McNair Program, I received a meeting request for STEM in Diversity. I was excited, but unsure what this would mean. When we met it was an extended invitation to take part in an on-campus celebration to inform our students about the diverse programs to serve and support STEM students. Ariana was the brainchild of this event as she noticed that too many of her students in the School of Science and Technology were not aware of the various and diverse services/support programs available. Ariana Aparicio AguilarThe event was a pure sight - information table representing MESA, McNair, MAP, EOP, Writing Center, and Why I love STEM writing board, jumbo size connect 4, Jenga, and guess the element table. All students were encouraged to complete a Bingo card, they would then get popcorn and cookies. It is exciting to see that others think about the needs of the students and the power of collaboration in order to both benefit the student and the university. Thank you Ariana for the hard work! - Nominated by Mariana G. Martinez, October 11, 2016


Edie Brown, Academic AdvisingEdie Brown

Through the hills and valleys of the Sonoma State transformation to serving students at a higher level, Edie Brown has maintained a great responsibility to developing students and staff as the focus of her work. Whether its high-level academic advising, the various work groups she contributes to, or supporting staff to reach their higher potential, Edie has a self-less heart and stands up for student and employee rights and success. We are so fortunate to have her ambition and desire to help so many people help themselves to achieve their dreams. Let’s applaud Edie for many years of commitment to bettering our campus community.

- Nominated by Ryan Fitzpatrick, September 29, 2016

Edward “Eddie” Krukowski, Operations and EngineeringEdward Krukowski

One of our offices was in urgent need of a fresh coat of paint for a new staff member. There wasn’t much time from hiring to start date. Facilities helped get the work order into the right place and Eddie on the job painting the next day. Eddie gives great tips and is easy to work with. He communicates all along the way as to the status of the job. He moves the furniture back too! The best part was our new team members smile when she saw her sparkly fresh office for the first time. - Nominated by Tracy Fleming, September 28, 2016



Rufino ‘JR’ Cervantes and the Night Crew, Housekeeping

Many thanks to JR and the Night Crew who visit Darwin in the middle of the night! We recently requested the basement general use classrooms get a good clean up and by the next day our faculty were reporting how great things are there now. Thanks for getting right on that and making our work environment better! - Nominated by Julie Barnes and Tech Folks, September 19, 2016

Stephanie Graham, Workstation Security and Services

I want to acknowledge the excellent work of Stephanie Graham in media production. She managed a project for Myrna Goodman from the Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide to migrate all of the Holocaust Lecture series from (mostly) VHS tapes to streaming files in an amazingly short period of time. The Library's Special Collections & University Archives keep copies of these lecture series, but had no resources to make sure that their cultural importance was preserved for the future and not just for today. Stephanie and her team of student workers – Jacob Peinado, Alessio Guerra, and Kevin Considine – worked with Julie Dinkins in Special Collections to arrange a process that worked well for everybody, and, voilà ! The process was smooth and effective all around. So huge kudos to Stephanie. It was a pleasure to have her work ethic and care with these materials for the duration of the project, and both Julie and I appreciated the chance to work with her and her great student team on this. - Nominated by Lynn Prime, September 09, 2016

Stephanie Graham


Meredith Spires, Entrepreneurial ActivitiesMeredith Spires

The Student assistant hiring process was completely revamped for the 2016 fall semester. Meredith's willingness to accept change made these transition(s) successful. In addition, she understands the needs of the HR departments and effectively communicates changes/differences when needed. Her attention to details is exemplary. She's a pleasure to work with and we want to thank her for all of her hard work in this endeavor. - Nominated by Meryl Montalto and Xiaodong Zhu, Director of HRIS and Director and Employment Services, August 18, 2016




Samantha "Sam" Phillips, Facilities/HousekeepingSam Phillips

We can't thank Sam enough for always bringing such a positive

attitude, warm smile and willingness to go over and above to keep our CSLIS/Student Activities area and offices tidy. She approaches her work with a "can-do" attitude and is always more than willing to lend a hand whenever necessary. We do a lot of programs and activities and have a high volume of students in/out--which means sometimes we are messy. Thank you Sam for never minding our mess and always helping where you can to keep us tidy. Our whole team really appreciates you. - Nominated by Heather Howard Martin, Director CSLIS, July 27th, 2016



Dan Kizirian, Operations and Engineering

Dan is assigned to visit Darwin Hall once a week. We want to thank him for using his time so well while he is in the building. He regularly checks the Building Schedule binder we have in the Dean's Office, working around the busy schedule of classrooms and labs being used. He reports in on any problems he has encountered and the timeline for getting the problem resolved and Dan Kizirianeven lets us know of problems that aren't his job, such as an alarm going off on one of our freezer in the basement early one morning! Thanks Dan for the great service you provide. It’s much appreciated by our school. - Nominated by Julie Barnes, Administrative Manager, July 21st, 2016


Dan is always 'Johnny on the spot' for us in Schulz. Dan is always helpful, professional, meticulous, and gracious. - Nominated by Michael Hazen, IT, July 19th, 2016



Alan Snyder, Operations and Engineering

Special thanks to Alan Snyder for his excellent work on building and installing the new art storage racks designed to safely store more than 400 works of art recently donated to the University's permanent art collection. This was an unprecedented project requiring a great deal of professional expertise, creative thinking, cooperation and flexibility working with design flaws and a looming deadline. Alan's attention to detail, his usual good nature, and commitment to our timeline are most appreciated. - Nominated by Carla Stone, Art Gallery, April 19, 2016

Alan Snyder












Katie Sims, Modern Languages & LiteraturesKatie Sims

Katie has been incredibly helpful over the course of this year in ways that go above and beyond the responsibilities of her job. In addition to helping us organize the visit of members from the Haitian Dance & Music troupe Rara Tou Limen to campus in April (including publicity, etc.), Kate also accepted the responsibility of arranging the technical details for the CSU World Languages Council to be on campus (room, catering, bringing over extra butter and jam, etc.). I am very grateful for her support! - Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, April 03, 3016





Mariana Garcia Martinez, University Support Services Mariana Garcia Martinez

Mariana deserves all the applause because she goes above and beyond

for her students. Even though she is busy working and finishing her dissertation, she always has time to help out her students. Because of her dedication, her students are able to do many great things. I am a living example of this. Because of her help, I was accepted into two out of state internship programs. Mariana is my hero and inspiration. She is the real life Wonder Woman and has all of my admiration and applause. - Nominated by Monica Robledo, McNair Scholar, March 15, 2016





Daniel Kizirian, Facilities ManagementDan Kizirian

I would like to recognize Daniel Kizirian for his tenacity and determination in regard to our display case lighting. It turned out to be an issue with the transformer and combined with the large size and cramped conditions of the display case, that complicated things. However, Dan and his colleague, Frank, resolved the issue quickly. Thanks so much for overcoming all obstacles so efficiently and graciously!  - Nominated by Julie Dinkins, March 03, 2016






Kyle Wagner and JoFrank Martinez, Boiler PlantKyle Wagner

Since the Darwin remodel, the air circulation in our building has never worked properly. Rooms were either too hot or too cold. The hoods went into alarm mode and sometimes we couldn't open the exterior doors. Both Kyle and JoFrank spent more than a week dedicated to finally, after 10 years, getting our building balanced. They went through every room, climbing through the tiled ceilings to locate controllers to determine if they were faulty. Each room had to be balanced manually. It was an enormous job and we in Biology definitely thank them for their hard work and want the campus to acknowledge their efforts. - Nominated by Stephanie Thibault, IST III, February 9, 2016


Not pictured: JoFrank Martinez

Ariana Diaz De Leon, Institutional Research Academic AffairsAriana Diaz De Leon

I met Ariana early on this past semester. I needed data to support both my student and to develop strategies to support students from the club I advise. She provided data so quickly it facilitated being able to present data to gain university support for a conference we held in September. Her ability to provide much needed information with a quick turnaround makes my job so much easier. More than anything the information she provided is pivotal for student success at this campus. In her position she deals a lot with numbers, I think it is really important to share with her that those numbers are students and she is making an impact in their lives.  - Nominated by Mariana G. Martinez, Research Coordinator, January 26, 2016

Craig Dawson, Shawn Potts, Frank Nides, Tommy Stokes, Josh Gillespie, Jeff Jetton, Andre Andrus, Brian Schneider, Davide Furtado, Kyle Wagner, Mark Soto and Haywood Brown, Facilities Management

I want to acknowledge and thank theFac Man

Facilities Management team for their

extraordinary work in managing and implementing the multiple preventative maintenance projects completed over the holiday break (during the campus electrical shut down).  Their conscientious approach, dedication, and commitment to the university went above and beyond their day-to-day work load responsibilities. This group is always working behind the scenes for the good of the institution, for which I am most grateful.  Each had their own project responsibilities, tasks and obligations to complete, always working as a team, with safety first and high professional quality standards in mind, thank you! - Nominated by Christopher Dinno, January 7, 2016


Not pictured: Haywood Brown, Shawn Potts, Tommy Stokes, and Kyle Wagner


Greg McDivitt and Vyacheslav Fedotov, Facilities DepartmentV. Fedotov

I recently received a new office chair. When Greg and Slava delivered it, not only did they get it out of the shipping box but they put it together for me. I'm sure this is above and beyond for them and I truly appreciated them going out of their way. Thanks guys, you rock!!! - Nominated by Todd Wright - The Phone Guy, December 11. 2015


Not pictured: Greg McDivitt





Tracey Fleming and Kendall Newman, University DevelopmentTracey Fleming and Kendall Newman

Tracey and Kendall jumped into gear when we had a last-minute need for A LOT of contact information. Kendall spent a couple of days finding all the right information and then Tracey took that contact information and made labels for me. Thanks so much Tracey and Kendall. Your help was invaluable in meeting the mailing deadline. – Nominated by Susan Kashack, December 1, 2015






Carla Stone, University Art Gallery

In addition to her role as Exhibition Coordinator at the University Gallery, Carla Stone plays an important behind-the-scenes role in the Library’s gallery exhibits. She has consistently gone above and beyond in myriad details related to successful art installations, including coordinating with artists to get the art delivered, prepping the gallery walls, assisting with the planning of gallery receptions, planning the layout of art installations, and personally installing the art in the gallery. The Library’s most recent  exhibit, “You’re an Open Book, Charlie Brown,” included creatively whimsical touches, such as a table where visitors are welcome to draw and doodle and a phonograph record with headphones featuring albums Charles Schulz enjoyed while he worked. The Library Gallery is the first thing library visitors see when entering the main entrance of the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center, and Carla’s tireless efforts have ensured our Gallery is a point of pride for the entire university. 

- Nominated by Karen G. Schneider, November 23, 2015

Mandy Bauman, Purchasing Department

The Student Health Center would like to recognize Mandy for going above and beyond the call of duty. On several occasions she met personally with staff at the Student Health Center to help with obstacles we have had with one of our Mandy Baumandistributors.  She also met with our staff when we had transitions in our staffing to help us learn how to complete E-REQs and other accounting processes. She is always available by phone or email and her positive attitude and patience makes for a wonderful co-worker relationship with us!  She recently, with much diligence, was able to facilitate the resolution of an account problem that had been ongoing for several months. Mandy is an exceptional employee and deserves to be recognized for her hard work with the Applause Award! - Nominated by Carolyn Montgomery, November 12, 2015


Jessica Avner, Seawolf Services

While reviewing a travel claim last month, Jessica found a deposit to a travel agency (group travel) that had not been refunded back to the employee.  Had she not found this, the employee would have been out $1800 from the travel agent.  I wanted to thank Jessica for her attention to detail.  This situation could have been easily overlooked. -  Nominated by Shawn Percell, November 5, 2015








Jofrank Martinez, Gregory Gomes, Shawn Potts, Haywood Brown, Davide Furtado, and John Duke, School of Social Science and Facilities

Many thanks to all the BSE and HVAC crew members in the Boiler Plant for continued support with the air handler issues in Darwin Hall. It’s so great to know that one phone call and they are on top of it! - Nominated by: Julie Barnes, November 3, 2015


Anastacio Diaz, Facilities Carpenter

Anyone who knows Anastacio Diaz knows he is an amazing treasure on campus.  Anastacio Diaz

He always (ALWAYS) greets everyone with a warm smile and a sincere hello.  He has gone above and beyond so many times to help the Library, I hardly know where to start.  One recent example, though, stands out.  We decided to move three large round wooden carrels in and around the quiet study areas. Anastacio picked up that the deconstruction could be noisy, and offered to come in early before we opened so the noise wouldn't disturb our patrons.  He coordinated with the electricians to address an unforeseen outlet problem, and with the moving crew to shift the parts during our lower traffic times, all while keeping me in the loop. All our facilities crews are outstanding and deserve recognition, and Anastacio is a great example of their "can do" attitude. - Nominated by: Mike Kiraly, Director of Library Operations, October 20, 2015

Mariana G. Martinez, McNair Scholars Program

Mariana G. Martinez has worked diligently with low-income, first generation students in the McNair Scholars Program. She has shown a tremendous amount of support to me and other colleagues in the research program. Mariana’s mentorship has been essential in my academic development at Sonoma State University. She always has updated information that benefits me, including scholarships, conferences, and extracurricular opportunities. Mariana has been so supportive in the process of applying to graduate school and always goes out of her way to help in whatever way possible.

Mariana has been a role model to me; I am glad she agreed to be the DREAMers Club advisor. As the club advisor, Mariana has shown great interest to help and provide resources to undocumented students at Sonoma State University. I am very thankful that Mariana worked so hard to make the first ever DREAMers Conference a success! Thanks to her we will have a DREAM Center at Sonoma State University. - Nominated by: Griselda Madrigal, September 24, 2015Mariana Martinez


Mariana G. Martinez has been incredibly supportive in the process of applying to graduate school; she always goes above and beyond to help and her guidance in helping me navigate my educational journey has been invaluable.  I admire and highly respect Mariana. She has been instrumental in my continued success here at SSU and beyond. She is an excellent role model to whom I will always be grateful for genuinely caring and challenging me to be my very best.
- Nominated by: Yolanda Gonzalez, Student, September 26, 2015


Christine Hayes, Library Administration Christine Hayes

I'd like to give a shout out to Christine Hayes!  No matter how hard I try, every time I have a major update to the department website, I have to call her to help me fix whatever I am trying to change. At the drop of a hat, Christine is always willing to help me out of a jam. She's always helpful, friendly, kind and is willing to let me know what I missed in a most considerate and teachable way!  Thank you Christine! - Nominated by: Alicia Hodenfield, Administration, September 11, 2015


Barbara Moore, Information Technology Department

Barbara Moore has been an invaluable support to me in launching the new Directed Self-Placement (DSP) project. As the SSU Webmaster and Moodle troubleshooter extraordinaire, she built the technical side of DSP and continued to monitor it daily throughout the spring and summer, even responding to my questions outside of the normal work day. Barbara’s expertise made all the difference in ensuring that everything ran smoothly and as expected. She prioritized the project, collaborated with me at each stage of implementation, and treated me like a design partner. To say I couldn’t have done it without Barbara is a vast understatement! -Nominated by Catherine Kroll, English Department, August 21, 2015

Sierra Roper, Sales DepartmentSierra Roper

Sierra orchestrated a large reservation need with the utmost speed and cheerfulness. - Nominated by Michael Hazen, Information Technology, August 13, 2015









Tyler Lobe, Athletic DepartmentTyler Lobe

Tyler helped me with a project recently that involved a lot of paperwork, some digging through archives, and plenty of patience. It would not have come together without his prompt, courteous and knowledgeable assistance. He was easy to work with and made an otherwise tedious task much more manageable. Thank you!

Nominated by Nicolas Grizzle, University Affairs, July 24, 2015





Arcelia Sandoval Cabrera & SSU Team

When the family and friends of Ashley Donahoe and Oliva Burke called Arcelia to find out if SSU could be the venue for a Celebration of Life reception in the girls' honor the following day, Arcelia dropped everything to assist. With the help of an amazing team of SSU staff (please see list below), Arcelia accomplished, in one day, what normally takes weeks to plan.  This was a large event and Arcelia managed all the details and enlisted all the right people to help make the event a success.  This was all done outside the scope of Arcelia’s normal duties. Thank you Arcelia and SSU Team! Areclia Sandoval Cabrera

  • Alex Purroy, Culinary Services
  • Cecilia O’Brien, Conference Events and Catering
  • Culinary Services Staff
  • Doug Schiller, Campus Prints
  • Erik Greeny, University Development
  • Glen Brady, Technical Services
  • Jessica Way, Student Center Operations
  • Lisa Andresen, Culinary Services
  • Lynn Stauffer, Office of the Dean of Science and Technology
  • Nate Johnson, Police and Parking Services

Arcelia and SSU team went above and beyond, performing exemplary work and support to ensure this event was successful even though they had so little time to plan it. SSU impressed the local and Irish communities with its outstanding service. - Nominated by Sue Hardisty, Office of the President, July 13, 2015

Daniel Smith, McNair Scholars

The McNair Scholars program works with a group of 27 Daniel Smith

underrepresented students and assists them in conducting undergraduate research, applying for summer research opportunities, and provides mentorship in preparation for graduate school. This program has done a lot of work for their students especially those that are constantly in between spaces or haven't found their niche. Daniel is in constant communication with the McNair Scholars and has opened up the Office of Undergraduate Research for McNair Scholars to have a place of their own to work on their studies. This year Daniel was able to arrange and oversee the first ever SSU Research Symposium, bringing together students and faculty researchers across different disciplines to showcase their work. I strongly believe that Daniel goes above and beyond the call of duty for the success of each individual in this program.

We are so thankful to have Daniel with us! - Nominated by

Liliana Morales, Sonoma State Student, May 03, 2015


Cory Oates, School of Science & TechnologyCory Oates

The Synopsys-Sonoma County Science Fair for middle

and high school students was held at SSU on Friday,

February 27. Cory Oates, Administrative Support Coordinator for the School of Science & Technology, did an incredible job arranging and overseeing the complicated event for the more than 125 students, 60 judges, staff, parents and many others. A special “Bravo!” to Cory for helping to make the 2015 Science Fair a wonderful success for Sonoma County’s young scientists. - Nominated by Lynn Stauffer, School of Science & Technology, March 08, 2015


Chandra Holte, Employment Services

I am so very grateful for Chandra's joining of the Human Chandra Holte

Resources team, and that she is supporting the A & F division. She hasn't been here that long, and her impact is already being felt! She willingly shares her knowledge base and expertise!  Her support during a recent recruitment process was invaluable. She helped refine questions and the screening process of applicants.  Her guidance on facilitating sample testing for candidates was more than helpful and I don't think I could have done it without her help! And when I had problems trying to update a completely unrelated form, she didn't hesitate to help!  Thank you! - Nominated by Alicia Hodenfield, Administration & Finance, March 03, 2015


Jack Ritchie, Access Services- Library AssistantJack Ritchie

Jack's work is consistently correct.  He always has a joke or a funny story to share which makes work life more enjoyable.  He is willing to make changes to his work process that don't benefit him, but make our work a lot easier and ultimately helps my office support the University. - Nominated by Johna Beem, Financial Services, February 03, 2015



Kate Sims, Modern Languages & Literature

As Chair of the Department of Modern Languages & Literature, I would like to publicly acknowledge the dedication of our Administrative Coordinator, Kate Sims, who, once more this semester, went out of her way to make sure that all our Peer Language Facilitators were properly scheduled and assigned the right groups of lower division Language students. Thank you, Kate, for all your help! - Nominated by Christine Renaudin, Modern Languages & Literature, January 30, 2015

Carol Hall, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Carol HallCarol Hall has been a valuable resource assisting research efforts at Sonoma State.  She is the behind the scenes organizer of the popular Faculty Research Expo each year and she is even mentoring others in planning similar events.  In addition to her daily duties, she has kept the Sponsored Programs Subcommittee (FSSP) focused in its efforts to encourage and fund faculty research projects.  Her cheerful assistance is very much appreciated. - Nominated by Tom Atkin, Business Administration, January 29, 2015



JoAnne Jaggars, Disability Services for Students

Not everyone knows that the DSS office serves over 700 students and when many of the offices on campus are winding down for the holiday break, the DSS office is ramping up to administer hundreds of final examinations to students registered with DSS to assist faculty members all across campus. JoAnne is an amazing team member who successfully orchestrates the administration of accommodated testing without an issue to the casual observer.  JoAnne is extremely organized with impeccable skills for attention to detail, always demonstrating accuracy and thoroughness, which is greatly appreciated by faculty members. JoAnne has a pleasant disposition, always treats others with respect, and makes everyone feel at ease.  JoAnne remains calm during emotional situations and is very skilled at de-escalating challenging situations by remaining objective and solution-focused, which is invaluable to both students and her DSS team members during finals week. - Nominated by Brent Boyer, Disability Services for Students, December 18, 2014

JoAnne Jaggers

Jeanette Torres, Payroll Department

Jeanette was cheerfully and quickly able to track down the bugaboo that blighted my missing 2014 Personal Holiday. I appreciate her hard work! - Nominated by Michael Hazen, Information Technology, December 01, 2014

Jeanette Torres

Maritza Hernandez Sanchez, Housekeeping Department

Since the day she has arrived, Maritza has gone above and beyond to keep the Student Health Center at a level of cleanliness which is a necessity for the health profession.  And, what’s more….she does her job with a smile and a friendly greeting! - Nominated by Student Health Center, October 16, 2014

Casey Robbins, Faculty Affairs

I would like to nominate Casey Robbins for an Applause Award for going out of her way to develop and host an RTP Training for Administrative Coordinators as well as other staff tasked with processing RTP documents. The new training helped clarify the role of staff and it will allow those of us involved in the process to complete our work more easily. Thanks Casey! - Nominated by Katie Musick, Office of the Dean Social Science, September 26, 2014

Casey Robbins

Dawnelle Ricciardi, Library Administration

Over the course of the summer, I deluged the Interlibrary Loan Office with a slew of requests for articles, book chapters, and even a 16th century Latin treatise on poetry and art, never expecting to see this last one, of course.  Dawnelle managed to find them all (even the treatise, bringing it from New Zealand!), most of them within 24 hours of my request, and delivered them electronically the next day.  When I couldn't get to campus right away to pick things up, she saved them for me until I could get there.  My research was a piece of cake thanks to Dawnelle and her staff, and I am very grateful! - Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, September 08, 2014

Dawnelle Ricciardi

Jena Sturla, Office of the Dean Extended Education

During a time of transition Jena went above and beyond her duties to support the EXCEL for Youth program at SSU this summer. Jena was flawless in her duties from handling our everyday support to addressing the program's unique needs and services. She is a great asset to our school and true team player. - Nominated by Cathy Hatcher-England, Office of the Dean Extended Education, July 30, 2014

Cynthia Foss, Housing Department

It is my honor to nominate Cynthia Foss for the Applause Award. Never has anyone on campus been as much help as she has been.  She assists me in our communications to see that the SSU students receive their mail in an efficient and timely manner. Cynthia is most helpful with addresses of students that have moved off campus. Her ever cheerful attitude is a real bonus!  Thank you Cynthia! - Nominated by Dee Pettis, Entrepreneurial Activities, June 23, 2014

Teresa James, Common Management Systems

The programs that I support have many students that apply for financial aid.  Teresa has always been available for me to ask whatever question I may have and works very hard to provide me with the correct information.  Financial Aid is complicated and she has made it seem very easy.  She always has a smile in her voice and I appreciate that since we do most of our communication over the phone.  Thank you Teresa. - Nominated by Karen Fischer, Office of the Dean Extended Education, May 23, 2014

Kyle Bishop-Gabriel, Financial Aid

I have been working with Kyle for the last few years and she has been a wonderful support to myself and to the students who are applying and receiving financial aid.  Any question I may have she happily answers and she is always happy to help.  Financial Aid is a complicated subject and with her help she has made it easy to navigate the complex system.  Thank you Kyle for your wonderful spirit. - Nominated by Karen Fischer, Office of the Dean Extended Education, May 23, 2014

Kyle Bishop-Gabriel

Brooke Tester, Communication Studies

Ms. Brooke Tester is the Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Communication and Media Studies. Students in Communication (and those trying to get into the major) know "Brooke" as the kind and welcoming face of the department. Students and Communication faculty alike turn to her knowing that whatever question they have she will be right on the case finding them an answer and sending them an email. As department chair, I can't say how many times Brooke has helped me solve urgent and complex problems while being calm and reassuring. Brooke is extremely smart and it has been my personal joy to work so closely running the department with her for the last four years. The communications department is very lucky to have an administrative coordinator like Brooke and we don't know what we would do without her! Thanks a million to Brooke!!! - Nominated by Dr. Elizabeth Burch, Communication Studies, April 30, 2014

Brooke Tester

Caroline Ammann, Green Music Center

I watched Caroline Ammann manage her positions (which are many) at the Hilary Hahn performance this past weekend at the Green Music Center. Caroline was on top of every detail and had done extensive planning ahead of time and made sure Ms. Hahn's visit was comfortable, safe and enjoyable. Caroline works behind the scenes in many ways, and her expertise, professionalism and attention to every detail helped make the performance a huge success. There are so many others at the GMC who played a part in staging a successful performance and also deserve high praise; Caroline is one of them. - Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs, April 28, 2014

Jose Aceves and Yriberto Mendoza, Landscaping Department

Big shout of thanks go out to Jose, Yri, and their student assistants for taking time out of their busy schedules to pull weeds and re-mulch the area behind Darwin Hall and the Ropes Course. This is a low traffic area, but exposed for all to see, and was looking terrible. With all the weeds gone and new mulch it is looking so much better.  Thanks guys! - Nominated by Julie Barnes, Office of the Dean Science Technology, April 24, 2014

Jose Aceves

Loretta Hercs, Green Music Center

Since the day she has arrived, Lori has demonstrated a fiery passion to “Aim High, Reach Wide, Educate All” – words that exemplify the visions of both the Green Music Center as well as the University. She frequently puts in long hours to ensure the best possible experience for our audience as well as for the Front of House staff that she supervises. She is committed to establishing and maintaining the GMC’s status as a world-class performance venue and works tirelessly to ensure that nothing detracts from that status. - Nominated by Patrick Maloney, Green Music Center, April 10, 2014

Loretta Hercs

Mike Ogg, Athletics

Mike started a program with Athletics called “Ticket to Success” which brought over 1,000 local grade students and parents onto SSU for a campus tour, a meal, and an athletic event. The participants were able to interact with current student-athletes and coaches and learn about the importance of education, that it is possible to attend college, and the values that can be gained from being a student-athlete. The goal is to get these students and their parents on campus so that they are aware of Sonoma State University and are thinking about attending college as a real opportunity. - Nominated by Marcus Ziemer, Athletics, April 4, 2014

Mike Ogg

Katelynn White, Administration & Finance

Katelynn always goes above and beyond of what’s expected and she does so with a smile. I am a new employee and she has helped me in so many ways- from scheduling things to helping me understand the culture and finding my way around. She has shared things that have given me insight and helped me get oriented to my new environment. Her sunny disposition is infectious, and I think she is exactly the type of employee who is “getting it right” and who should be recognized. She embodies the culture and kind of environment that we are trying to create and that anyone would want to be a part of, she is an excellent employee! - Nominated by Tammy Kenber, Employee Services, March 25, 2014

Facilities Management: Zeke Voight, Jordan Lundberg, Anastacio Diaz, Vance Boettner, Ira McKern, Stephen Mallory, Tom Stokes, Frank Nides, Kevin Dahlstedt, Bruce Lindsley, Sylvia Sifuentes, Eddie Krukowski, Alan Snyder, Brian Schneider, Kevin Davis, Thomas Daly, Janet Pearsall, Piaris Ocodhain, Haywood Brown, Gregory Gomes, Henry Amaral, Mark Utarid, Davide Fortado, Jeffery Cooke, and Greg McDivitt

It is my pleasure to nominate this team of SSU professionals for the Applause Award. This team has performed with excellence and often going well above and beyond the call of service for SSU. These individuals have made significant positive impacts through their dedication, competence, ingenuity and exceptional performance on our campus and I would like everyone to know about the work each of them did to contribute to the creation of International Hall at Sonoma State University and the many other duties they perform to keep our university operating and serving students, faculty, staff, and administrators. - Nominated by Mark Merickel, School of Extended and International Education, March 14, 2014

Russ Wigglesworth & Liam Robertson, Center for Performing Arts

I want to give a shout out to Russ & Liam who on the weekend of February 8th helped to identify a leak in both Person Theatre & Ives Hall.  On Saturday they were both at SSU and cleared their schedules to help facilities with the leaks and flooding.  They were supportive to the facility team (who also deserve a shout out!) and had positive attitudes.  The Center for Performing Arts is so lucky to have them on the team! - Nominated by Juliet Pokorny, Center for Performing Arts, February 21, 2014

Russ WigglesworthLiam Robertson

Elisabeth Meyer, Computer Science

Liz plays a fundamental role in the smooth operation of the geology department. She consistently comes to meetings prepared, organized, and with plenty of knowledge about the workings of the university. Recently she has worked in conjunction with the geology club to help organize the revamped geology seminar series, just to help out and get the series off the ground. Her knowledge of university protocol and organizational skills has made planning a breeze! - Nominated by Philip Mooney, Geology, February 03, 2014  

Elisabeth Meyer

Doug Schiller, Campus Prints and General Services

Recently I needed to have something done within minutes of requesting it of Doug and Campus Prints. In his usual helpful way, he jumped on it and created the project template for me. Doug is always friendly and helpful, but this time he went above and beyond, truly understanding my last minute request. Thanks Doug! — Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs, January 28, 2014

Doug Schiller

Landscaping Department: Jose Aceves, George Atkinson, Luke Crawford, Robert Cunningham, James Doherty, Kevin Dunn, Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, Jennifer Kielar, Jaime Lugo, Tony Machado, Yriberto Mendoza, Kevin Otten, Jay Pedersen, Jim Silva, Harry Staples, Larry Stone, Dan Twyford, Mike Twyford and Sam Youney

It is Spring Time and I am amazed at the beauty of the campus. The team is always working at maintaining the campus landscape and improving it. I can tell that they put a lot of pride into their work. I'm giving the entire landscaping crew a standing ovation! — Nominated by John-Scott Forester, Art Department, April 23, 2013

Tai Russotti, Office of the Dean Arts and Humanities

Tai Russotti is one of the most professional staffers I have ever met in the School. While showing warmth, compassion, and respect to the faculty, Tai accurately addresses complex budget and scheduling issues that require agreat depth of understanding. Tai has a beatific smile that calms her colleagues, even while she is working at a furious pace to complete her work. Her sense of duty and dedication is greatly appreciated by the School. She is trustworthy and has a kind spirit. She serves as a wonderful inspiration to us all. Congrats for a job well done! — Nominated by Elizabeth Burch, Communication Studies, April 17, 2013

Neil Markley, Entrepreneurial Activities

The vending machine upstairs in Salazar Hall jammed when I tried to buy a soda with dollar bills. The card reader became disabled and nobody else could use the machine. I felt bad my bill had jammed the machine. I knew better than to use bills in that machine and should have put money on my Seawolf Card. Out of nowhere Neil appeared with the Golden Touch. I was defeated by the machine and Neil stepped up and got the machine to release my dollar bill and it unjammed the machine. It took him a few minutes to troubleshoot and get it to release the dollar bill. You know there are days when you just want a Pepsi and that machine won't give it to you. Thank you Neilfor the Pepsi and for unjamming the machine! — Nominated by Carson Williams, Financial Aid, April 15, 2013

Kathryn Atwood, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Kathryn Atwood, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies Since she joined the Hutchins School just a little over a year ago, Kat has contributed in many ways to the overall functioning of the program. Perhaps most significantly she has revised our website, which was in desperate need of an upgrade. She always responds promptly and effectively to requests for support or supplies, and has gone out of her way to provide assistance on a number of occasions. — Nominated by Debora Hammond, School of Arts and Humanities, March 20, 2013

Kathryn Jeon, Library Assistant, Technical Services

Kathryn is a new addition to the Library's Circulation Department. Before Kathryn came to the department it was a chore to try to fill the various staff absences--not so any more... Kathryn jumps at the chance to help and gladly takes on all the slots that need to be filled! Hooray for Kathryn! — Nominated by Jack Ritchie, Library Assistant, Access Services, March 06, 2013

Ashley Saelee, Student Assistant, University Dining Services

Ashley always goes above and beyond her job duties. She focuses on what needs to be done for Amecis as well as what she can do for her co-workers. Ashley takes it upon herself to make sure everything it taken care of at Amecis and she has filled in for her co-workers with a very short notice. Ashley has worked here for 4 years and I have been in the food industry for over 30 years, I am very impressed with her work ethic. — Nominated by Victoria Rhodes, Food Service Worker I, University Dining Services February 26, 2013

Dash Musser-Brauner, Custodian, Housekeeping

Dash never fails to enter Building 49 with a smile! Rain or shine, he is here with a good spirit, positive attitude, and humor. It is refreshing to know you can always count on him to be polite and courteous to staff, Student Assistants, and program participants in the office. Thank you, Dash, for all you do and for being a member of our team! — Nominated by Casandra Olivares, Program Coordinator, Early Academic Outreach and Vanessa Bascherini, ATS Outreach Advisor, Early Academic Outreach February 27, 2013

Lynne Lyle, Master Teacher, Children's School

Lynne Lyle goes above and beyond her job requirements every day. Lynne takes time to greet and chat with every student assistant that comes into our classroom. Lynne creates beautiful displays to promote and educate the community regarding the importance of Early Childhood Education. She takes time outside of work to promote and advertise the Children's School through publish articles in "Connection" (a Child Development Magazine). Lynne flourishes with exceptional ideas to expand curriculum, build relationships with parents, and develop staff. Lynne is a true advocate and leader in the field of Early Childhood Education. — Nominated by Kristina Sisseck, Associate Teacher, Children’s School, February 22, 2013

Conchita Macarty, Academic Records Specialist, Admissions

I would like to recognize Conchita Macarty for her commitment to the Graduation Team and the entire Records & Registration Department. Conchita consistently demonstrates amazing customer service to faculty, staff and students. Her dedication to our students certainly shines through with her friendly, positive attitude and professional abilities. She goes to great lengths to ensure that every student feel important and valued. Thank you Conchita! — Nominated by Ashley Amador, Student Records, February 21, 2013

Lakin Khan, Administrative Coordinator, Biology Lakin Khan

Lakin always goes above and beyond to take care of other people's needs. She will not hesitate to put down what she is working on to help someone in need. She has been a superb mentor. Lakin is someone whom everyone knows they can rely upon. She is a wealth of knowledge and her vast experience means she has an answer to practically any question. No matter what Lakin is dealing with she is always friendly and considerate. She makes an extra effort to cultivate a feeling of community in her daily gestures to coworkers. In short, any employee should aspire to be more like Lakin Khan and in doing so make the entire University a better place to work, and a more effective organization. — Nominated by Brian Batoosingh, Administrative Coordinator, Biology, February 20, 2013

Steve Motley, Building Service Engineer, Operations and Engineering

Steve went out of his way to figure out why my office has been cold for YEARS! His determination has really paid off and I so appreciate that he continues to check in to make sure the heating system is working for everyone on my floor in Stevenson. Big applause to you, Steve! — Nominated by Laurel Holmstrom February 19, 2013

Jessica Avner, Food Service Worker I, Dining Services

Jessica went above and beyond for me today at Charlie Brown's Cafe. I have new dietary restrictions and she was extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I'm appreciative of all her knowledge. Thank you, Jessica! — Nominated by Anonymous, February 18, 2013

Ana Muñoz, Administrative Support Coordinator, Nursing

Ana interacts daily with dozens of students, faculty and potential students and their families. In each interaction she is always respectful, kind, informative and practical. She is calm, cheerful and offers clear direction to absolutely everyone who approaches her desk or calls the department office. Ana has a bicultural background and is an asset to our office because of her well-developed cultural skills which she uses in her communication and behavior with students, staff and faculty. Ana especially strives to create a welcoming atmosphere for new students who are gaining confidence in navigating complex systems at SSU. Each day when I come to work, I look forward to coming into the front office and seeing Ana's bright smile. — Nominated by M Kelly, Faculty, Nursing, February 16, 2013

Eileen Lua, Administrative Support Coordinator, Nursing

Eileen works very hard to keep track, stay informed and plan ahead in managing the multifaceted tasks in our department. She is so talented at managing the complex task involved in running a busy, complex department. Eileen has a gentle, caring approach with students and is especially adept at making everyone feel special. She is an amazing problem solver. Eileen is an asset to our department and SSU. — Nominated by M Kelly, Faculty, Nursing, February 16, 2013

Terry Cheney Sr., Building Service Engineer, Operations and Engineering

Mr. Cheney has been working on various heating and cooling issues in Carson Hall for some weeks now, and not only replaced our ancient thermostats, he has gone above and beyond in helping us make our offices more comfortable. He has checked in multiple times to make sure the heating and cooling was functioning properly, and even discovered strange airflow issues in our office. He fixed these issues in record time. We applaud his tenacity, hard work, and detective skills! — Nominated by Donna Garbesi, Academic Advisor, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies and Kathryn Atwood, Administrative Specialist, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, January 29, 2013

Administrative Staff, Technicians, Department Chairs, Department Faculty and Facilities from the School of Science & Technology and Facilities Department

A huge THANK YOU to all of the School of Science & Technology staff and faculty along with the dedicated facilities members - particularly Craig Dawson and Christopher Dinno - for your incredible response to the recent Darwin basement flood. We are GRATEFUL for all of the extra effort you have given to move classes and re-build laboratories. Your dedicated service goes above and beyond and has been essential to getting through this rough time. Here's to you ALL! — Nominated by Lynn Stauffer, Dean, School of Science and Technology, January 24, 2013

Media Services, Information Technology Department

I am one of the professors unable to use my smart classroom in the Darwin basement. Media services has bent over backwards to make each of my temporary classrooms "smart." They have wheeled equipment over and set it up efficiently and cheerfully. There have never been excuses for why it can't be done and they have made great use of their resources. In turn, the nursing students in my research class haven't had their learning compromised. Thank you! — Nominated by Jeanette Koshar RN, NP, PhD, Professor, Nursing, January 23, 2013

Kathleen Hardy, Administrative Coordinator, Biology

During one of the busiest times of the semester - finals week - there are often urgent needs to be met. I needed to locate one of the professors quickly, and Kathleen very kindly offered to physically go look for him. After I initially directed her to the wrong classroom, she not only remained kind and respectful of my mistake, but offered to go back out and locate him. This was all done in an extremely timely manner, and Kathleen's kindness and professionalism was a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Kathleen, for taking the time to meet this student's need so quickly and efficiently. — Nominated by JoAnne Jaggars, Administrative Support Assistant, Disability Services for Students, December 14, 2012

Advising and EOP Services Team: Andre Bailey, Anya Bergman, Lisa Brooks, Edie Brown, Sandra Shand, Janet Swing, and Luis Vega

I want to recognize the entire staff of Advising and EOP Services for going above and beyond in helping students register for Spring semester classes. As courses started to close and tension mounted, everyone stepped up and did an amazing job calming down the students and helping them get their classes. This was the most stressful registration any of us has ever experienced, and the staff did an outstanding job. THANKS! — Nominated by Bruce Peterson, Associate Director, EOP, December 10, 2012

Lisa Noto, Vayta Smith, Elizabeth O'Brien, Susan Gutierrez, Nicholas Saschin, Brent Boyer, Bruce Peterson, and Jean Snyder

Pictured: Nicholas Saschin, Susan Gutierrez, Jean Snyder, Elizabeth O'Brien and Brent Boyer. Not Pictured: Lisa Noto, Vayta Smith and Bruce Peterson.

The School of Extended Education would like to thank the managers and staff across campus for their many hours of assistance to ensure the implementation of Intersession registration for matriculated students via MySSU met each department’s requirements. Their knowledge and advice was invaluable in the process. We’d like to thank: Lisa Noto, University Registrar, Vayta Smith, Associate Director of Admissions, Elizabeth O’Brien, Director of Seawolf Service Center, Susan Gutierrez, Director of Financial Aid, Nicholas Saschin, Accounting Administrator - Cashier/Accounts Receivable, Brent Boyer, Director of Disability Services for Students, Bruce Peterson, Associate Director of EOP, and Jean Snyder, Accountant II — Nominated by Robert Rosen Director of Business and Operations, Extended Education and Marcia Harrigan, Faculty Support & Scheduling Specialist, Extended Education, November 16, 2012.

Common Management Systems Team: Ross Stivison, Jaime Russell, Erica Klafter, Peter Flores, Teresa James & Cindy Miller

Pictured: Erica Klafter, Peter Flores, Jaime Russell, Teresa James and Ross Stivison. Not Pictured: Cindy Miller.

The School of Extended Education would like to thank the CMS team comprised of Ross Stivison, Jaime Russell, Erica Klafter, Peter Flores, Teresa James and Cindy Miller who spent many hours to implement Intersession registration via MySSU for matriculated students. This effort involved pulling together an advising team of managers and staff across campus to ensure the processes and procedures of normal registration in Fall and Spring semesters were being followed. This took several months of pre-planning and implementation to create a smooth and seamless transition for students. This project has been highly successful and will hopefully lead the way into Summer Session registration via MySSU for students. We are extremely grateful to the CMS team for their professionalism and generosity of time. — Nominated by Robert Rosen Director of Business and Operations, Extended Education and Marcia Harrigan, Faculty Support & Scheduling Specialist, Extended Education, November 16, 2012.

Members of the Facilities Management team: Christopher Dinno, John Champie, Sam Youney, Tom Daly, Jason Friend, Sam Mahnken, Eanna McBrien, Rob Cunningham, Kevin Otten, Tony Machado, Yri Mendoza, Jose Aceves, Larry Stone

I am nominating for an Applause Award the following Facilities Management personnel who designed and built the Mario Savio Speakers’ Corner. Christopher Dinno spent many hours with the members of the Memorial Committee, listening to those of us who had stories to tell about Mario and his time at SSU and his contributions to social justice, human rights and free speech. Christopher designed a beautiful and perfect space that honors Mario and gives Sonoma State University a speakers’ corner that will encourage students, faculty, staff and community to gather, speak and reflect for many years to come. The facilities management staff then made it a reality. We all watched over the past few months as these workers dug footings, poured concrete, laid flagstone, affixed the tiles, and put the finishing touches on SSU’s beautiful Mario Savio Speakers’ Corner. Thank you all so very much! — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Associate Vice President, Academic Programs, November 15, 2012.

Holly Sautner, Assistant to the Dean, School of Social Sciences

Holly goes above and beyond to ensure that all Social Sciences faculty and staff have a workplace that runs efficiently, is free of unnecessary complications, and (best of all) is fun. In my service on the Election and Travel Committees, Holly has completed all of the groundwork without being asked, and with a gracious spirit, so that my contribution of time is reduced and simplified. She even brings homemade cookies to the committee meetings. We are all so lucky to have her as a colleague. — Nominated by Alexis Boutin, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, November 6, 2012

Michael Hazen, GeoTeam Consultant, Workstation Security and Services and Barbara Moore, Manager of New Media Development, Information Technology Web Services

Michael remained unfazed and pleasant as we struggled to figure out why I could not access the Movable Type program. Despite my numerous e-mails and phone messages to him, he maintained his friendly, helpful attitude as he stayed with the problem and worked with Barbara Moore on possible solutions. It took well over a week, but finally a suggestion from Barbara led him to remotely access my computer and make various adjustments. At last I can see the webpages I need to edit! Many thanks to you both. — Nominated by Susie McFeeters, Academic Support Specialist, School of Extended Education, October 16, 2012.

Reggie Jiles, Custodian, Housekeeping

Reggie makes a point to always be kind and courteous in the work place. He constantly goes out of his way to make people feel welcomed in the student union whether that is by asking about their weekend, providing directions, or by simply welcoming them in. — Nominated by Andrew Heller, Business Analyst & Operations Specialist, Conference and Events Services, October 09, 2012

Erin Taylor, Payroll/Benefits Analyst, Payroll & Benefits

I was changing health plans during the open enrollment period and Erin was so helpful throughout the process. During a busy and stressful time of the year, she went above and beyond her job duties to help me enroll in the correct plan. Thank you Erin, it is much appreciated! — Nominated by Karen Pennrich, Customer Services Specialist, Customer Services, October 09, 2012.

Steven Nank, Mail and Receiving Coordinator, Mail and Receiving

Steven Nank has an excellent rapport with his Student Assistants. He can be a very mellow person, yet when it comes to doing his demanding job, he is ever on the move! When a Student has a question he is a very patient listener and explains things in a calm manner. You would never know that he has a million things on his mind that all ask for his immediate attention. Way to go Steven! You set a wonderful example for us all. — Nominated by Dee Pettis, Mail Clerk, Mail and Receiving, September 26, 2012.

Toni Boracchia, Sippy Levine, Carolyn Montgomery, Student Health Center

After getting stung behind the ear by a yellow jacket last week, these three ladies from Student Health really came through for me in a scary situation. Sippy, Toni, and Carolyn kept me calm, made sure my asthma/allergies didn't flare up, and kept the ice packs coming. I truly appreciate their care and professionalism. If you absolutely have to get stung, these ladies will have your back! — Nominated by Kathryn Atwood, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, September 25, 2012.

Janet Pearsall, Frank Nides, Ira McKern, Tommy Stokes, Dan Kizirian, Larry Stone, Chuck Elliott, Mark Utarid, Seth Utarid, John Champie, John Duke, Facilities Management

The Facilities Management department did a tremendous job in restoring power to the Sonoma State University Observatory building at the southeast end of campus. A small fire on a nearby hill disrupted our power and threatened our first scheduled Public Viewing Night on September 14th. But due to their hard work and quick response, we were able to open up and host about 100 visitors that night! — Nominated by Scott Severson, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, September 17, 2012

Rosie Schramm, Information Technology Consultant, Workstation Security and Services

Rosie is always cheerful and has a "can-do" attitude. When we had problems with our new printer, Rosie worked all morning getting our access set up. She is wonderful to work with! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Administrative Support Coordinator, Music Department, September 12, 2012

Yvonne Burbank, Associate Athletic Director

Yvonne has truly lent support to our student athletes in helping them as well as the coaching staff in coordinating class schedules that meet the necessary requirements for them to move forward in their academic quest and at the same time making it possible for them to continue to participate in their sport of choice. This is no easy feat and she has been able to bring some comfort and reassurance to all of us. — Nominated by Val Verhunce, Head Coach for Men's and Women's Golf, August 13, 2012

Nick Arnold, Information Technology Consultant, Workstation Security and Services

Nick is a superstar. He assisted me with a nagging Outlook calendaring sync issue between my phone and my calendar client. He spent about 15 minutes (on two separate occasions) trying to figure it out and was at last, successful. I appreciate all his efforts and I am sure he will continue to provide great service to not only his fellow team members but the entire campus as well. — Nominated by Todd Wright, Network Security and Communication Services, August 6, 2012

Julie Rodgers, Mail Clerk, Mail and Receiving

Julie Rodgers is an outstanding team member of the campus Mail Services Department. While her supervisor is on vacation, she assumes all the myriad responsibilities of Shipping and Receiving. This week, while covering in his absence, she climbed on the fork lift and unloaded 21 palettes of paper weighing 2,000 lbs. each. This was accomplished along with an extra-large workload of mailings from several departments on campus. We admire Julie's tireless energy and infectious laugh that brightens the day of all around her. We applaud Julie Rodger's dedication and contributions to Sonoma State University. — Nominated by Lisa Johnson and Dee Pettis, Mails Clerks in Mail and Receiving, August 1, 2012

Marcia Harrigan, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, School of Extended Education and Vayta Smith, Associate Director of Admissions and Records

Pictured: Vayta Smith (left) and Marcia Harrigan

The newly implemented Early Start Program, a summer program for new freshmen needing remediation, could not have been accomplished without the work of many, many individuals from across campus and from all Divisions. However, two people stand out for their outstanding work in getting students to select and enroll in Early Start this summer: Marcia Harrigan and Vayta Smith. Marcia and Vayta both put in untold hours of their time getting SSU's new freshmen who needed English and/or Math remediation to sign up for the summer online courses. This involved communicating with over 800 students, coordinating class schedules, and answering numerous email and phone inquiries from students and their parents. Marcia was responsible for scheduling the on line classes, working with the English and Math Departments to hire faculty, adding classes as demand required, and answering a myriad of questions from students, parents, faculty and staff. Vayta developed SSU's webpage on Early Start, continued to update it as new classes were added, coordinated efforts with the CMS staff, and communicated several times by email and phone to remind students to sign up for the classes. Both Vayta and Marcia were immediately responsive to questions and concerns raised regarding implementing this newly mandated program. I want to thank Marcia and Vayta, on behalf of the Early Start Committee, for their cheerful willingness to take on this new mandate and for how successfully they accomplished it! — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Associate Vice President for Academic Programs, July 26, 2012

Administrative Information Systems Team: Kenneth Beck, Susan Bennett, Allen Cunningham, John Gleazer, Eleanor Henderson;

Common Management Systems (CMS) Team: Peter Flores, Teresa James, Erica Klafter, Amanda McGowan, Cindy Miller, Meryl Montalto, Jaime Russell, Ross Stivison, Xiaodong Zhu;

Evan Ferguson, Work Station Security and Services (formerly CMS)

The Administrative Information Systems team from IT and the Common Management Systems team are being nominated for exemplary work in successfully completing the HCM 9.0 upgrade on time and without issue. Over the year (15 months), the teams collectively logged over 10,000 hours on this project. It was very complex and demanded the resolution of numerous critical issues while continuing to support the needs of the University. — Nominated by Geoff Cirullo, Interim Director, Administrative Information Systems, July 9, 2012

Pictured: Kenneth Beck, Eleanor Henderson, John Gleazer, Susan Bennett, Allen Cunningham.

Pictured: (front row) Erica Klafter, Ross Stivison, Meryl Montalto, Amanda McGowan, Jaime Russell; (back row) Peter Flores, Cindy Miller, Xiaodong Zhu, Evan Ferguson. Not Pictured: Teresa James.

Carol Baker and Mo Llanes, Information Technology Consultants, Workstation Security and Support Services

Many thanks to Carol Baker and Modesto (“Mo”) Llanes of Workstation Security and Services. They both rose to the occasion by setting up two videoconferencing interviews with very little turnaround time, using software that we don’t typically use, but were easy for the candidates to operate. The first interview we tested several times, but the second we went in cold, and both worked beautifully! By setting these up, I learned about a highly effective, convenient, and easy video-conferencing method that can be used for pre-screening candidates instead of having them travel to us; a great money-saving idea for some positions. Additional thanks to Mo for graciously providing our off-campus guest with special technology assistance. Everyone on the search committee applauded your great work, Mo and Carol! — Nominated by Kathleen Spitzer, Managing Director of Employment Services, July 2, 2012

Lori Heffernon, Director of Academic Resources

While Lori wears many hats in the Office of Academic Affairs, her work coordinating incoming Freshman coursework schedules through the Freshman Learning Cohorts has been outstanding. Not only has Lori worked diligently to accommodate all the complexities of the program into a cohesive whole, but she tackles FLC challenges that arise with both grace and competence. Unseen by students and parents attending Summer Orientation, Lori's adroit management of course scheduling is one of the leading reasons Summer Orientation runs as successfully as it does. We couldn't do it without you Lori - thank you! — Nominated by Sean P. Johnson, Director, Orientation/Judicial Affairs, June 5, 2012

Holly Sautner, Assistant to the Dean, School of Social Sciences

Holly was the person who organized and implemented a highly successful meeting of 35 Humanities and Social Sciences deans from the CSU's across the state. From meetings, to dinners, to gifts, to accommodations and food, Holly handled it all. She did so with good humor, incredible organizational skills and remarkable foresight. We could not have done this without her. The Dean's all said it was the best meeting we have had in years. Thanks to Holly! — Nominated by Elaine Leeder, Dean, School of Social Sciences, May 16, 2012

Bruce Carpe, Director; Stephanie Torres, Information Technology Consultant; and Student Assistants, Ashley Timmerman and Kyle Kline, Video Production/Instructional Technology Services Department

The Holocaust and Genocide lecture series is preserved for all to see because of your diligence and attention! Thank you all for spreading the black tape, and eventually, the words and images of our speakers! — Nominated by Myrna Goodman, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director, Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide, May 9, 2012

Matthew Lopez-Phillips, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Matthew Lopez-Phillips worked tirelessly to keep the Multicultural Center open and to facilitate the Hiring Committee, leading to the widely appreciated appointment of Mark Fabionar to direct the Center. In the face of important but challenging questions and perspectives from faculty that diverge significantly from his own, Matthew listens with focus and grace. Matthew's attendance at student events, his humor, and his consistent support isespecially noteworthy. — Nominated by Janet Hess, Associate Professor, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, May 2, 2012

Melissa Millward, Day Custodian, Housekeeping

Melissa consistently does a fantastic job cleaning and stocking Ameci's. Melissa goes out of her way to assure that we have what we need to make it through the weekend. She makes it easier for us to concentrate on our jobs knowing that she has done hers. Melissa is always a pleasure to work with. — Nominated by Paula Hamdorf, Food Service Worker I, Ameci Pizza, April 18, 2012

John Muller, Library Assistant III, Access Services

Over the course of this semester, I have had a number of odd multimedia needs, especially as related to material whose forms are difficult to use. In every instance, John Muller has come through with an innovative and instant solution to my problems. He has helped me to enhance my teaching through his expertise in the area of Media Services, and I am very grateful. (Plus, he knows everything about movies and is just great to consult on this topic.) — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, April 18, 2012

Missy Brunetta, Manager of Parking and Police Support Operations

Missy is always quick to answer any questions that arise. She is friendly no matter what is being asked. — Nominated by Michael Hazen, Information Technology Consultant, March 14, 2012

Ray Brown, Building Service Engineer, Operations and Engineering

On a sleepy Sunday in March, Ray Brown was kind enough to come out and help Police Services retrieve a misplaced bicycle out of the duck pond. A young boy lost control of his bicycle and it rolled into the lake. Without anycomplaint Ray came to the rescue and within 10 minutes was able to retrieve the bicycle and made the young boy's day. hank you Ray for you dedication and cheerful nature. You make Sonoma State proud. — Nominated by Officer Karl Mortenson and Dispatcher Debbie Nelson, Police and Parking Services, March 5, 2012

Moe Calvez, Information Technology Consultant, Workstation Security and Services

Twice in the last month, Moe Calvez has been willing to race over from Schulz to Salazar to download Webex presentation software for us, 10 minutes before our presentations were scheduled to start. That, and his always agreeable responses as well as his rapid response time whenever we call him, makes him a pleasure to work with! While we give him great feedback on footprints (the automated customer service survey), we thought we needed to give him a standing ovation for the entire campus to see. Thank you for doing what you do, Moe! — Nominated by Kathleen Spitzer, Terrie DeLorm, Dana Stekkinger, Emily Bawanan, Debbie Harrington, and Jessica Rojas, Employment Services, March 2, 2012

Sandra Piantanida, Administrative Coordinator, English Department

In addition to many fine qualities and professional abilities, Sandy Piantanida frequently and consistently demonstrates extraordinary customer service skills. The English Department serves over 270 majors, over 40 graduate students, and most freshmen (over 700 per semester!), who must take an English lower-division GE course. Sandy makes every student she serves feel important and valued. She goes to great lengths to make sure all students get the classes they need. If she doesn't know an answer she'll find it. Her relaxed, friendly and professional demeanor is especially reassuring to new students who may feel a little intimated in a university setting. We feel very lucky and tremendously proud to have Sandy representing the English Department. — Nominated by Merle Williams and John Kunat, English Department, January 24, 2012

Mo Llanes and Robin Marshall, Workstation Security and Services; Doug Schiller, General Services (formally Workstation Security and Services); Kate Sims, Modern Languages and Literature

Subsequent to a serious accident, I realized I would be unable to return to campus to teach a full load of courses this semester. However, I was game to teach one class using any available technology until I was able to return to my classroom on campus. Robin Marshall, Doug Schiller, Mo Llanes and Kate Sims worked together with my department chair, Christine Renaudin, to make the technology happen. As a consequence, students got the class they needed, and I could keep my mind active while my body mended. My profound thanks to you all! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, October 30, 2011

Andrew Simpkins, Assistant Athletic Trainer

The Men's Soccer team was flying back from Ponoma on October 24, 2011. On the flight back, the flight attendants requested the help of a doctor or first responder for a passenger that was having a medical emergency. Andrew responded and was the first volunteer to help out the passenger. We had the quickest decent to the Oakland airport, because of the medical emergency and when we arrived Andrew helped the passenger off the plane. — Nominated by Shawn Percell, Assistant Men's Soccer Coach, October 25, 2011

Mira Aceves, Chris Bramble, Lisa Revere, Kevin Ryan, Todd Wright, Network Security and Communication Services

Pictured: Lisa Revere, Chris Bramble, Mira Aceves, Kevin Ryan

The networking group are unsung heroes, in our perspective. Yet one more example over the past few weeks was their attention and support while performing campus upgrades to the DNS and DHCP systems, mitigating any interruptions to the Library's services - demonstrating their sensitivity to the needs of students and faculty. Huge appreciation! — Nominated by Barbara Butler, Library Dean and Paul Cotter, Library Technology Services, October 19, 2011

Henry Amaral, Terry Cheney, Kevin Dahlstedt, Anastacio Diaz, Steve Francisco, Bill Gardner, Vicki Irey, Dan Kizirian, Doug Bishop, Linda Respini, Facilities

Pictured: Anastacio Diaz, Steve Francisco, Doug Bishop, Vickie Irey, Terry Cheney, Henry Amaral, Linda Respini, Bill Gardner, Dan Kizirian, Kevin Dahlstedt

The University Library recommends an Applause Award for the Facilities Team that so quickly created the new Faculty Center area on the first floor north of Schulz. A concerted effort was made by so many folks, with quick turn-arounds and tight schedules, that special acknowledgement of their professionalism, SeaWolf "can do" spirit and kind patience is in order. These folks include Vicki Irey, Henry Amaral, Anastacio Diaz, Dan Kizirian, Bill Gardner, Kevin Dahlstedt, Terry Cheney, Doug Bishop, Steve Francisco, and Linda Respini. It's wonderful people like these who help make SSU such an amazing and collegial environment. Thanks, everyone! — Nominated by Mike Kiraly, Director of Library Operations, September 16, 2011

Ruth McDonnell, Jenifer Crist, Lynne Trainor, Mandy Bauman, Joy Sun, and Tami Connor, Contracts and Procurement

Pictured: Mandy Bauman, Jenifer Crist, Joy Sun, Lynne Trainor, Tami Connor, Ruth McDonnell

The Procurement staff receives many difficult contracts and PO requests from the Athletic department. As each new scenario is approached, discussed, reviewed and processed they always manage to obtain what we need to keep our ship sailing. We appreciate their efforts: following the state guidelines to get what we need. Thanks! — Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Athletics Business Operations Analyst, September 15, 2011

Michelle Van Fossen, Tania Crane, Raf Habtezion, Grace Herrera, Natalie Sanchez and Dusty Magallon, Accounts Payable

Pictured: Dusty Magallon, Tania Crane, Michelle Van Fossen, Raf Habtezion, Natalie Sanchez

Amid the chaos a hiring freeze can create when you have multiple retirements and maternity leaves, the Accounts Payable staff has carried a ball that most would prefer to hand off. Our department generates much work for them and with that comes many questions and problems. During the past 6 months with all their staffing shortages, not once did they ever turn me away, and at every turn they did all they could to resolve the problems. They are a major campus group of unsung heroes. I appreciate all their hard work. — Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Athletics Business Operations Analyst, September 15, 2011

Barbara Moore, IT Web Services

Barbara did a fantastic job helping move the Senate website to a more sleek and accessible format. She was extremely patient with all my questions and enthusiastic about my website redo. She pointed me to terrific resources and really made the transition smooth. I so appreciate her work!! — Nominated by Laurel Holmstrom, Office of the Provost, August 19, 2011

Paul Cotter and Linda Eichhorn, Library Administration; Doug Schiller, Workstation Security and Services; Jean Sugiyama and Mira Aceves, Network Security and Communication Services

The California State University was co-sponsor for a Moodle Moot Conference ( that took place recently in Rohnert Park. Over 325 people attended the conference, and on July 12, nearly 200 of them arrived at the SSU Schulz Information Center for preconference workshops. I coordinated the day, and could not have done it without the excellent support of a number of SSU staff members, all of whom deserve a big round of applause. Thanks go to Paul Cotter, Linda Eichhorn, Doug Schiller, Jean Sugiyama, and Mira Aceves. — Nominated by Abbe Altman, Center for Distributed Learning, July 25, 2011

Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, Landscaping

Alonso takes a lot of pride in the athletic grounds and the Soccer game field is in the best shape that it has ever been in. He communicates well and plans his work around our activities on the field. — Nominated by Marcus Ziemer, Men's Soccer Coach, July 7, 2011.

Nancy Crosat, Athletics

Nancy spends all day at her desk with a pile of papers to wade through.  Nearly everything that the coaches and administrators work on goes through her.  The more work that each of the coaches do in terms of fundraising, camps, etc., the more that Nancy's workload increases exponentially.  She is always cheerful and smiling, even when you can barely see her over the pile of papers. — Nominated by Marcus Ziemer, Men's Soccer Coach, July 7, 2011.

Erin Rock, Athletics

Erin works very hard and is even when she is stressed and bombarded with work, she is still able to keep her sense of humor and smile.  She works non-stop all day on paperwork and answering phones and deserves a big raise. — Nominated by Marcus Ziemer, Men's Soccer Coach, July 7, 2011.

Barbara Moore, Information Technology Web Services; Paul Cotter and Christine Hayes, Library Administration; Mo Llanes, Workstation Security and Services

The campus recently hosted an amazing event, the Mandala Sand Painting Exhibit. Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery painstakingly created an incredible work of art. It was amazing and, wow, what a crowd it attracted! I would like to thank the heck out of four fabulous individuals: Barbara Moore (IT), Paul Cotter (Library), Mo Llanes (IT) and Christine Hayes (Library). Thanks to them, visitors from far and wide were able to watch the creation of the mandala via webcam. And we can relive the moment due to the awesome time-lapse video and slideshow: They were helpful, efficient and everlastingly patient as they ironed out every last issue: networking, cabling, measuring, mounting, accommodating various last minute changes and etc... Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Y'all are pretty dang amazing! — Nominated by Julie Dinkins, Access Services Manager, April 27, 2011.

Rosie Schramm, Workstation Security and Services

The transition to Microsoft Exchange was scary for those of us who rely on email - and as a techno-idiot, I was lost. Fortunately, Rosie came to my rescue. She was sincerely concerned with my problem and was more than obliging, working on my laptop into her lunch break to fit my unreasonable request. When something in the program didn't work and I had to return, Rosie never for a second implied that there was something wrong with *me*, and cheerfully moved to make the fix. She has a truly customer-oriented attitude and is a fine representative of SSU. Thank you, Rosie! — Nominated by Adrian Praetzellis, Professor of Anthropology, March 30, 2011.

Scott Lance, Workstation Security and Services

There were a few hang-ups with my computer migration for my new laptop in the faculty refresh program. Scott cheerfully and competently solved all my problems and helped me understand my computer a little better. I was a little stressed at first, but this did not faze Scott one bit. Thanks for saving me! — Nominated by Elaine Newman, Professor of Mathematics, February 27, 2011.

Dan Kizirian and Bill Gardner, Housekeeping

Have you seen Building 49 lately? We have a sparkling new image thanks to Dan & Bill and the Facilities team that gave our building much-needed TLC and grooming in early January. Their work was so thorough and detailed, from power washing our exterior walls to pruning back plant growth and repairing and cleaning the walkways and decks. What a beautiful transformation! Our department staff and guests appreciate your work! — Nominated by Susan Wandling, Director Early Academic Outreach, February 1, 2011.

Scott Lance, Workstation Security and Services=

My computer failed this semester.  Scott went above and beyond to help diagnose and solve my problem.  I am so relieved and grateful! — Nominated by Elaine Newman, Professor of Mathematics, November 2, 2010

IT Help Desk Team

A huge round of applause for the IT Help Desk Team that consistently helps out the Academic Senate in stupendous ways, both for our IT and Media needs. — Nominated by Laurel Holmstrom Vega, Office of the Provost, September 30, 2010

Sandy Destiny, Director of Creative Services

Those of us working to promote the 2010 season of the Music and Theatre Arts Department are indeed grateful to Sandy Destiny this summer as she designed and produced full color posters for our upcoming performances without missing a beat. She created five posters for Music and eight for Theatre Arts under very tight deadlines with the speed and efficiency of a well-seasoned professional graphic designer, turning out incredible work the two departments are very, very excited about. For Theatre Arts, she worked to enhance the wonderful designs provided by SSU art students. Sandy was receptive to our ideas and had helpful suggestions of her own, making it easy to rely on her judgment. That kind of trust is especially important given the time frame and logistics of viewing artwork in progress. Thank you, Sandy. We appreciate all your efforts. You made a difference. — Nominated by Jean Wasp and Jessica Anderson, University Affairs; and, Ruth Wilson, Paul Draper, and Jenny Juhl, Music and Theatre Arts Department, September 20, 2010

Dr. Elaine Wellin, Sociology Lecturer

Dr. Elaine Wellin has coordinated the School of Social Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series for the last 10 years. She has done this out of the goodness of her heart and her desire to help the School share the excellent information that comes out of the scholarship in which our faculty are engaged. Her ability to coordinate the 20 presentations a year and to organize the whole event for this many years has often gone unappreciated. We want her to know that her work is honored and duly noted. We are very grateful to Dr. Elaine Wellin's work. — Nominated by Elaine Leeder, Dean, School of Social Sciences, August 30, 2010

SSU Dining Staff

I want to take a moment to thank every member of the dining services staff who worked so hard to make our breakfast and lunch on Staff Appreciation Day. I am sure the staff will join me in saying a huge THANK YOU!! We appreciate your efforts! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Administrative Coordinator, Music Department, August 26, 2010

Norma Obrador, Custodian, Facilities Services

Norma has an outstanding work ethic, and it shows in her work. She is responsible for the cleaning of the GMC Music Education Building and the GMC Performance Center. The restrooms are always sparkling, rugs vacuumed nightly, and supplies are always re-stocked. Norma has a high level of concern for these buildings, and keeps us informed of any issues. We appreciate her dedication to her job. The Music Department faculty and staff say, Bravo Norma! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Administrative Coordinator, Music Department, August 26, 2010

Kevin Martin, GMC Facilities Director

Kevin Martin deserves a big thank you for always doing his best to make time to unlock, open and show guests around the Green Music Center. No matter when I contact him, he does his best to make himself available. So many people want to see the Green Music Center at unusual times and sometimes with very little notice. Thanks for making it work Kevin. — Nominated by Susan Kashack, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, University Affairs, August 26, 2010

All Employees

It is with a joyful servant's heart that we at the SSUmmer Grille would like to extend our gratitude to the campus for allowing us to be of service to you this summer. While we try to enhance this community through our efforts, it was each of you who enhanced our experience, by bringing your families and friends to share the 'dawg days of summer' with us at the grille. Thank you for your support and hope you know that we can't wait to do it again next year! Be well. — Nominated by The SSUummer Grille Staff, August 26, 2010

Cecilia O'Brien, Events Coordinator, and Patti Sinclair, Associate Director, Dining Services

Yet another successful CANDEL Program Kick-Off Luncheon, thanks to Cecilia O'Brien and Patti Sinclair! Cecilia and Patti have been wonderful to work with - consistently professional and patient with all of my endless changes. You guys are the best! Thanks so much! — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, CANDEL Program Coordinator, August 20, 2010

Jean Sugiyama, Network Security and Communication Services

Another successful CANDEL Kick-off event, thanks to Jean for helping our students stay connected! I appreciate all you do for our program - thanks again! — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, CANDEL Program, August 3, 2010

Julie Dinkins, Paula Hammett, and Joe Marquez, SSU Library

Yet another successful CANDEL Program Library Orientation! Thank you for your hard work and incredible patience - I really appreciate all you do for our students every year. You guys are the best! — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, CANDEL Program , August 3, 2010

Christopher Dinno, Facilities Management

Christopher and his crew have been instrumental in the implementation of the Erna and Arthur Salm Holocaust and Genocide Memorial Grove, from design to completion. Now he is deeply involved in bringing the Anne Frank horsechestnut tree sapling to our campus. Without his leadership and "can do attitude" none of these feats would have been accomplished. We deeply appreciate all he has done to bring this dream to fruition. — Nominated by Elaine Leeder, Dean, School of Social Sciences, June 2, 2010

Facilities and Landscaping Staff, Facilities Management

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics applauds the Trades staff from the Facilities and Grounds Department for their outstanding work in preparing our softball facility for hosting the NCAA Division II West Regional play-offs. Their commitment to excellence in their everyday work assignments was exceptional. They installed hundreds of fence slats and a new windscreen in less than two days including painting the backstop area. They also did a tremendous job installing a new bullpen that was required for us to host this prestigious NCAA event. There are many other jobs they handled for this event too numerous to detail here. Without the fantastic effort of these individuals we would not have been in a position to keep our softball team at home to host the NCAA Regionals. On behalf of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, we applaud your efforts on our behalf. — Nominated by Bill Fusco, Senior Director for Athletics, May 11, 2010

Todd Simmons and Chuck Elliot, Operations and Engineering

Todd and Chuck always ensure Police Services vehicles are repaired and ready to serve the community. For example, recently 3 of the Police vehicles were out of service at the same time due to mechanical failures. Todd and Chuck, understanding the importance of getting the vehicles back on the road, worked tirelessly to diagnose the problem and successfully affect repairs that resulted in the vehicles quickly returning to service. Todd and Chuck's willingness to help is greatly appreciated. Their combined efforts make our jobs easier! — Nominated by Dave Dougherty, Police Officer, May 2, 2010

Joe McNiff, Laborer, and Henry Amaral, Lead Mover and Events Coordinator, Housekeeping

On April 12, Joe McNiff and Henry Amaral quickly replenished Reprographics press room hand soap dispensers for each of our three shop area sinks and replaced with new dispensers where needed. Joe and Henry's prompt and friendly response to our service request is truly appreciated. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Reprographic Process Assistant, April 20, 2010

Matt Bedford, Building Service Engineer, Operations and Engineering

During our requested maintenance service on April 12 to the two clean/fresh air ventilation systems in Reprographics press room, Matt Bedford identified the necessary critical corrections to restore the fresh air ventilation system to operational standards. Matt always responds promptly and professionally to our service requests. We appreciate and value Matt's quick attention and knowledge to Reprographics press room's building engineering needs. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Reprographic Process Assistant, April 20, 2010

Sue Bennett, Administrative Information Systems and Peter Flores, Common Management System

Sue and Peter have worked diligently for months on the Online Orientation Reservation system that will allow incoming students to sign up for Orientation using their MySSU account. Their patience, creativity, perseverance, hard work and humor have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Both the Orientation Program and all incoming students will benefit from their extra hours and dedicated work. Thanks! — Nominated by Jacqueline Holley, Coordinator for New Student Orientation and Family Programs, March 30, 2010

Jennifer O'Neil, Instructional Technology Services, Information Technology

Here, at this big institution, entropy--the natural movement from order to disorder--attacks us 24/7. Only with constant diligence do we fit the battle, and, I want the University to recognize Jen O'Neil as one in the Library who, I feel, best keeps entropy at bay. Like a good chess player, Jen can think "three moves ahead" and anticipate potential problems. Her multi-departmental knowledge helps immensely and her ability to act as a "go between" makes work easier for everyone. But her greatest quality is her love of the Library and her desire to make it work for everyone. — Nominated by Jack Ritchie, Library Assistant, March 30, 2010

Stephanie Torres, Instructional Technology Services, Information Technology

A big thank you to Stephanie (and Nate and Jeremy) for helping us realize our dream of having the Holocaust Lectures available via the internet. Stephanie and her crew have been able to post both old and new lectures on the Sonoma State You Tube channel. Thanks for helping us spread the word, Stephanie. — Nominated by Myrna Goodman, Director, March 16, 2010

Barbara Moore, Information Technology Web Services

The Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide web site was sorely in need of updating. Babs worked with me to reformat the pages and created a new "public face" for the Center. I know I am not the only "html challenged" person on this campus who is grateful for her skill and willingness to help. Thanks Babs. — Nominated by Myrna Goodman, Director, March 4, 2010

Anastacio Diaz , Facilities Services

Anastacio recently installed a computer corner desk in the Art and Art History Department Image Collection to provide more space for our digital image production process. The job required trimming back the existing counter and refinishing the edge. Anastacio fit the job into his schedule so that it could be done right away before the semester started and with his crew moved all of my work materials and equipment off of the counter and then put them back again to make the process almost invisible for my work flow. He demonstrated expert skill in workmanship and provided me with a much improved working space. Thanks again, Anastacio! — Nominated by Karen Kessel, Visual Resources Specialist, March 3, 2010

Stephen Mallory, Operations and Engineering

Stephen Mallory spent a whole morning investigating our ongoing problems with the remote control connections for the slide projectors in our art history lecture room. He took time to get them working before the next classes and worked with Media Services to have replacement parts ordered so that we will not have to keep using duct tape to make the remotes work in the future. Stephen recognized the need for maintaining our existing technology until we can complete the migration our 150,000 slide collection to digital images and obtain administration support for a digital image storage and delivery system to go with our digital projectors so that faculty can find and deliver the digital images they need for their lectures and websites. — Nominated by Karen Kessel, Visual Resources Specialist, March 3, 2010

Tai Russotti, School of Arts and Humanities

We would like to applaud Tai for her extraordinary effort and excellent work during January and February while we were in between Department AC's. Tai was responsive to our department needs and was always quick to actionand ready to help us out. We are so grateful to have had her help us out during this transition. She's the best! — Nominated by Brian S. Wilson, Music Department Chair, March 1, 2010

Brianna Kiler, Music Department Student Assistant

We would like to applaud Brianna for her amazing work recently when we were in between Department AC's. Brianna went above and beyond the call of duty. She was able to work independently on complex projects and was responsive to our department needs. Her willingness to help us out and her work ethic are indeed laudable. Way to go Brianna! — Nominated by Brian S. Wilson, Music Department Chair, March 1, 2010

Tech High Students and Staff

Tech High students and staff provide invaluable help to the custodial staff by preparing their classrooms for cleaning on an almost daily basis. Our limited resources and time would not allow us to do what we can do now were it not for this assistance. Thank you Tech High, and know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. — Nominated by Paul Clinton, Night Custodian, February 2, 2010

Barbara Moore, Information Technology Web Services

Barbara Moore's title should be the Web Angel of Sonoma State. The push to make our course websites accessible has been a challenge for those of us not well-schooled in Dreamweaver, but over break, Barbara was able to look over my webpages, critique their accessibility, and send me mini-tutorials via email to explain how to fix them. She is tremendous! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, January 29, 2010

Steve Francisco and Manual Moreno, Housekeeping

Many thanks go to the outstanding work of Steve Francisco and Manuel Moreno of the housekeeping staff. You did a great job one night early in January after I went home, and while you may be invisible to us because of your late night work schedules, the impact you have on our daily work is significant. We appreciate everything you do to keep the campus and our work areas clean and safe. Thank you for the consistently excellent job you do every day, and your commitment to Sonoma State University. — Nominated by Kathleen Spitzer, Employment Services, January 26, 2010

Katie McCormick, School of Social Sciences

We would like to applaud Katie McCormick in Social Sciences for her extraordinary effort and excellent work on the Spring 2010 contracts. Katie was receptive to the challenge of completing the task early and has set a new model for timely completion of the contracts before the end of the fall semester! Thank you Katie. — Nominated by Faculty Affairs, January 26, 2010

Steven Nank, Shipping and Receiving

Steven Nank solves all of my problems. You probably think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. He runs his shipping and receiving department like a well-oiled machine. Everything is in order and he knows where everything is placed. I know this because it seems like I am constantly calling him about one thing or another, and he is always super helpful, patient, jolly and informative. If I need to have a special mailing picked up or a package dropped off or in dire need of mailing peanuts.....he's got it all taken care of! He's the best. If there is one thing I have to complain about it would be Steven's title; it should really be 'Giving Coordinator'. Thanks! — Nominated by Holly Sautner, School of Social Sciences, January 21, 2010

Patti Sinclair, University Dining Services

Theatre Arts and Dance would like to thank Patti and the Catering team for coming to our rescue on Friday the 13th. We had planned an after show reception and suddenly were informed the food would not be available. I called Patti and within the hour we had a great menu solution. The cast and crew of the show loved it! Thanks again Patti. — Nominated by Shelley Martin, Theater Arts Department, November 16, 2009

Dacia Sandoval, Hutchins School of Liberal Arts

After years of service in the Arts and Humanities Dean's Office, Dacia Sandoval stepped into the Administrative Coordinator (AC) position in the Hutchins School last year upon the retirement of Sue Foley. Hutchins runs multiple degree and General Education options with multiple tracks, and enrolls over 500 majors in "student centered" programs, thus requiring of the AC both highly developed administrative skills along with enormous interpersonal demands to serve students, faculty, administrators, parents, and alumni. Dacia has gone above and beyond in serving the Hutchins School, providing a smooth transition and enhanced efficiency from the first day she stepped into the position. A recent illustration of her commitment to service and enhancement of the university community was her tireless work on the Hutchins 40th anniversary (Oct. 16-18), a great success for the School and for outreach to university alumni. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of applause than Dacia Sandoval. ... — Nominated by Eric McGuckin, Chair, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, October 23, 2009

Barbara Butler and Mike Kiraly, University Library; David Hartranft and Shawn Kilat, Academic Affairs; Sue Hardisty, President's Office; and Carlos Pena, Common Management Systems

Dean Barbara Butler and the above-mentioned WASC Logistics Team are deserving of an Applause Award for the exceptional work they did preparing for and overseeing the recent WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Visit. Dean Butler served as the interim Accreditation Liaision Officer during the crucial two months prior to the visit. She prepared the itinerary, dealt with last minute requests from the visiting team, and supervised the three-day visit. She took on this daunting task in addition to her role as Dean of the University Library and by all accounts did a superb job, helping immensely to make the visit a very successful one. The Logistics Team worked for many months preparing for the team visit. Their work assured that the team members were well cared for during their stay at SSU. Mike assisted in all aspects of preparing the team room and meeting rooms in the Library, while David set up all materials in the team room and made sure that the visiting team's technology requests were met. Shawn arranged hotel accommodations, dinners for the team, and ground transportation. Sue made all arrangements for the opening reception, hosted by President Arminana, and arranged luncheons for the team on campus. Carlos arranged for the rental of monitors for the virtual poster session during the opening reception and provided valuable assistance during the preparations for the visit. They are all deserving of applause for assisting making the WASC Educational Effectiveness Review visit such a success! — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Academic Affairs, October 23, 2009

Sandra Bannister, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and Kerry Gilbert, School of Extended Education

Sandra Bannister and Kerry Gilbert are deserving of the Applause Award for the extraordinary work they did creating a virtual "Poster Session" for the recent WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Team Visit. The poster session included over 105 power point slides illustrating the work done by academic departments, university-wide programs, and university divisions in support of "Educating the Whole Student." This presentation was shown to the WASC Visiting Team and SSU students, faculty, and staff at the opening reception for the WASC visit. The display, on 46" monitors, was visually stunning and reflected the exceptional work done by faculty and staff in support of SSU's mission. Sandra and Kerry designed the "posters", working with materials submitted by departments and units across campus. Their dedication to the university and the WASC accreditation went well beyond their specific duties as marketing directors of their units. To view the poster session, please visit the WASC Accreditation website at Congratulations Sandra and Kerry for your outstanding work! — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Academic Affairs, October 23, 2009

Larry Stone, Kevin Dunn, and Kevin Otten Landscaping

Kevin, Larry and Kevin went above and beyond their duty last Friday afternoon, when a student organizing a 5K run around campus the following morning called asking for a grassy area around a pathway to be cut down. It was close to 3pm and I explained that most likely it couldn't be done, but Kevin, Larry and Kevin did it, helping to the success of this event. Thank you so much! — Nominated by Cecilia O'Brien, Conferences and Events Services, October 19, 2009

John Gleazer, Information Technology

Kudos to John Gleazer of the AIS team in Information Technology. After each graduation, we transfer graduate data from PeopleSoft to the alumni database. This has been a long and intensely manual process. We asked John if he could streamline it. He took on this project with gusto and worked with us to cut the time (and errors) from 4 days to 4 hours! Working with John was great. When we had a change to make, he usually responded within a day and it worked. — Nominated by Paul Greenblatt, the Development team and the Alumni Office, October 1, 2009

Leo Alvillar, Common Management Systems

Leo Alvillar has gone above and beyond the call of duty in getting the Degree Audit system up and running. Working almost singlehandedly he has worked with all the academic departments in building their programs and then working on entering the data and the subplans. Without his dedication this project would never have been completed and he has done all this with tact, humor and a truly professional demeanor. We on the Degree Audit Task Force appreciate his leadership and honor his commitment. — Nominated by Dean Elaine Leeder for the Degree Audit Task Force, October 7, 2009

Talmadge Savage, University Dining Services

I would like to applaud Talmage Savage and his entire dining staff for the incredible job they did on the breakfast that the Facilities staff attended. Talmage and crew went out of their way, opening up at 6:30 so all could attend before work. The food was fantastic and all that attended were very pleased. Thanks again for a helping to put a smile on many faces. — Nominated by Pat Seda, Facilities Management, October 6, 2009

Vicki Irey, Facilities Management, Janet Hankes, University Development, Janet Henker, Psychology

I would like to applaud you three for all of your hard work as part of the Staff Development Committee. Thank you for reaching out by setting up all of the wonderful workshops to help keep the morale up on campus — Nominated by Dennis Goss, Office of the Provost, September 11, 2009

Housekeeping Staff

Pictured: Dee Moore, Albert Sieling, Steve Francisco, Ricky Brindle, James Williams, Tim Piller, Mark Bradley, Jose Lerma, Norma Obrador, Manuel Moreno, Kathy Cronin, Lori Palmer, Daniel Garcia, Luz Gutierrez, Linda Respini, Steve “Pops” Gould, Jared Holmgren, Kidane Tedla, Doug Bishop, Paul Clinton, JR Cervantes, Henry Amaral

Not pictured: Christopher Brown, Cliff Ratliff, Rosario Silva, Stephen Evans, Thomas Johnson, Penny Hoover, Dash Musser-Brauner, Samantha Phillips, Jose Nunes, Dan Kizirian, Bill Gardner, Joe McNiff

In recognition of the upcoming National Housekeeper’s Month of September, we would like to say thank you to the entire Housekeeping team, including the Day and Night Custodians, Laborers, and the Recycling department. This group of individuals works tirelessly around the clock to ensure that our campus community is clean and safe for all. Thank you for your continued commitment to Sonoma State University. – Nominated by Mark Bradley

Thank you from the Capitol Area North Doctorate in Educational Leadership (CANDEL) Program

On August 6, 2009, Rosembary Galten, School of Education, nominated the following employees:

Rebekah Bitterman, Parking Services- Thank you Rebekah and everyone at Parking Services for accommodating our huge list of guests. You always make it so easy for us! Thanks again!

Erin Daniels, University Library - As always, a fantastic job orienting our newest cohort to our great library! Thank you so much for your continued support, patience, and sense of humor!

Julie Dinkins, University Library - Thank you very much for all your help getting our students organized with barcodes and access to the SSU Library! Its not an easy job - thanks again, Julie!

Vanessa Franklin, Academic Scheduling - Thank you so much for your help in securing the classrooms for our program this week - it was relief to know our students and professors were comfortable!

Cecilia O'Brien, Conferences and Events Services - Thank you for all your help in making our event a big success - it was beautiful!

Patti Sinclair, University Dining Services - Thank you for all your help in making our event a big success! It was beautiful!

Liona Spring, KODA Copy Center - Thank you so much, Liona, for your help in printing not one, but two large packets of information, the second one on a moment's notice. Always efficient and great attention to detail - thanks again!

Jean Sugiyama, Information Technology - A BIG thank you to Jean for all your help with our program this week! Our students were thrilled to have the access - we could not have done this without your help! THANK YOU!!!

Dan Kizirian, Facilities Management

To meet the goal of keeping our campus always looking so nice, there are those who work tirelessly, in sometimes thankless jobs, doing their part - such as Dan Kizirian in Facilities Management. He picks up trash, debris, recyclables on campus with a good attitude and quiet demeanor. Thanks, Dan, for doing your part to keep SSU the beautiful campus that it is. — Nominated by Connie Jo Gardner, Facilities Management, August 3, 2009

Lane Olson, School of Education

Lane Olson has been the Staff Representative to the Academic Senate for the past three years. We Thank you Lane, for your commitment to the staff, and for generously giving your time, your wisdom and thoughtfulness. Staff comments include: "I have appreciated all the time and effort she took to keep us all in the loop;" "She truly does have an interest in equity and fairness for staff." "I commend Lane Olson for all her work as the Staff Representative to the Academic Senate. It's not easy to remain engaged, keep your constituents informed, and speak up when you know you have no vote in the decisions made. Lane has done so with integrity, eloquence, and grace. I looked forward to each of her Convocation addresses and felt privileged to have her representing us." — Nominated by Jean Wasp, University Affairs; Leslie Mouton, School of Education; Shelley Martin, Theater Arts; Lillian Lee, Admissions and Records; Lakin Khan, Biology; Dolores Bainter, Modern Languages and Literature, June 15, 2009

Veronica Posada, Disability Services for Students (DSS)

I would like to applaud Veronica Posada's efforts during finals week, where she worked tirelessly to coordinate the administration of up to 150 exams for 81 DSS students. This included scheduling students in 4 separate rooms over the week, including a proctored classroom; logging in and securing the exams; facilitating the administration of the exams per individual instructor instructions; proctoring the exams to ensure that cheating did not occur; and ensuring that each exam was picked up by the instructors or coordinating the delivery of the exams back to the academic departments. Finals week is obviously a very stressful time, so having these testing sessions run smoothly is greatly appreciated by the students who receive services from the Disability Services for Students office. Great job Veronica! — Nominated by Brent Boyer, Disability Services for Students, June 8, 2009

JR Cervantes, Facilities Management

During the last week of the semester and over the Graduation three day holiday weekend, JR is the person who empties all of the trash and recycling bins in the Residential Community. You can only image the amount of recycling and trash that is generated when 2000 plus people move out after a year of residency (over 22 tons, to be exact). Thanks to JR's dedication (and trusted refuse truck), all of this trash was emptied and disposed of in a timely and effective manner. Come Tuesday morning after the holiday weekend, you would have never known 2000 plus people had just moved out. — Nominated by Tim Tiemens and Nicole Hendry, Housing Services, May 28, 2009

Paul Greenblatt, University Development

June 1, 2009 marks the one-year anniversary of "going live" with Sonoma State's new constituent database called The Raiser's Edge. Paul Greenblatt is our GURU of The Raiser's Edge (RE) and we'd like to recognize his efforts that help Sonoma State build stronger relationships with the members of our community. The work Paul has done greatly enhances our relationships, makes it far easier to track appeals and gifts, and automates a variety of processes. Initially Paul worked hard to make sure the data was cleaned up to ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new. He remains ever diligent to ensure good data goes in so that good data comes out. And, he's quite adept at helping to train the team on how to use the tool which ensures operational effectiveness. Thank you, Paul! You're Awesome! — Nominated by Michelle Covington and the University Development and Alumni Relations team, May 25, 2009

Catherine Murray, Customer Services, Kamen Nikolov and John Connole, Center for Performing Arts

Customer Services received an email from a woman who had attended the State Spelling Bee held in Person Theater on May 16. When she got home she noticed that her 3/4 carat diamond was missing from her heirloom ring. Her email was hoping on a long shot that someone had found and turned in her diamond. Catherine Murray of Customer Services, met Kamen Nikolov and John Connole, Center for Performing Arts, and together they did a quick search of the Person Theater floor. Within about 10 minutes they located the missing diamond (it was very sparkly). The owner of the diamond is of course thrilled, and I think these three staff deserve applause for their assistance to this community member. I'm sure the story of her experience with "the great staff at SSU" will be repeated many times over. — Nominated by Gloria Ogg, May 21, 2009

David McCuan, Political Science

Sometimes it seems that through heat, hail, snow, sleet and the dead of night, Political Science Professor David McCuan works tirelessly to serve up political insight to the community through the media. From the local radio show and daily newspaper to the New York Times, he offers up compelling commentary to the now droves of reporters who contact him regularly for their stories. He also made sure a lucky group of students had a once-in-a- lifetime chance to witness the inauguration of Barack Obama in January. Through his energetic efforts, SSU is also brought into the limelight. I once heard a local radio show host, after speaking with "Dr. Dave," comment on his wide ranging expertise with great admiration. "We are lucky to have him," he said. I would like to echo that sentiment, too. Thanks Dr. Dave for all you do. — Nominated by Jean Wasp, University Affairs, May 21, 2009

Jessica Anderson, University Affairs

We would like to recognize Jessica for the incredible job she does with Newsbytes. Over the last few months, we have worked with Jessica weekly to include articles, announcements, and pictures for Service Awards, Excellence Awards, and Staff Appreciation Day. She maintains a professional, organized, and flexible approach to responding to our weekly needs, and is always such a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Jessica, for all of your support this spring! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from SSU! — Nominated by Jaime Russell and the Employment Services Department, May 20, 2009

Linnea Mullins, Center for Performing Arts

Linnea went above and beyond when we encountered some difficulties with a very important event. She was most helpful in finding solutions and assisting us with her expertise. At the end of the year we know how hectic things can be, so Linnea taking the time out of her day to help was greatly appreciated. — Nominated by Cecilia O'Brien and Caitlyn Hicks, Conferences and Events, May 15, 2009

Sandra Shand and Andre Bailey, Advising, Career and EOP Services

I would like to applaud both Sandra and Andre for their excellent work and incredible energy in coordinating the EOP 40th Anniversary celebration on May 3. We had a number of EOP alumni attend, as well as many of our current students, and it was a great success. Sandra and Andre put a large amount of time and energy in developing and coordinating the event, and I want to recognize their efforts. — Nominated by Bruce Peterson, Advising, Career and EOP Services, May 11, 2009

Talmadge Savage, University Dining Services

Talmadge and the entire Zinfandel Dining staff have gone over and beyond in supporting students of color for the two heritage special dinners this spring. They have worked with student clubs to plan the menu and to participate in the preparation to make the events as an authentic as possible. Talmadge always has a smile on his face and is truly interested in providing the students a quality dining experience. — Nominated by Chuck Rhodes, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, April 24, 2009

Ryan Ernst, Entrepreneurial Services

Ryan and the team at Reprographics went above and beyond the call of duty to help Police & Parking Services meet a tight deadline to distribute important materials to department employees this week. With only 24 hours, Ryan coordinated a major job with great service, no complaints and great quality (and ahead of schedule)! — Nominated by Missy Brunetta, Police and Parking Services, April 20, 2009

Sophie Summers, Leo Alvillar, and Amanda McGowan, Common Management Systems; Carey King, Information Technology; Pat Jackson, Departments of Criminology and Criminal Justice

I would like to nominate Amanda, Sophie, Leo, Carey, and Pat for all of the work they have done to create a new advising tool for our transfer students. The Initial Evaluation of Transfer Credit is a much more user friendly document that helps both students and their faculty advisors understand how course work from other institutions meets SSU requirements. Their creativity, patience, dedication and talent will support our new students and help them make a successful transition to our University. I am sure others were involved in this process as well, and kudos go out to you too. Thank you! — Nominated by Jacqueline Holley, Student Affairs, April 16, 2009

Sandy Destiny, University Affairs

When I was having "technical details" with last's week issue of NewsBytes, Sandy dropped what she was doing and offered help. She made all the necessary repairs in time for us to meet our distribution deadline of Friday at noon. Thanks very much Sandy!! — Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs, March 27, 2009

Todd Wright, Telecommunication Services

I would like to thank Todd Wright for the wonderful job that he did for the Office of Admissions and Records recently, when he had the very daunting task of sorting through all of the Admissions and Records voicemail applications and then re-recording all the messages. Todd is always so friendly and helpful and does a great job for us, no matter what the task is, and we want him to know how much we appreciate him. — Nominated by Vicki Johnson, Admissions and Records, March 20, 2009

Melinda Barnard, Academic Affairs

I would like to thank Melinda for speaking at the 13th annual Woman Student Leader of the Year Award reception. Her message to this amazing group of student leaders was spot-on as was her authenticity, humor and passion. In the midst of our incredibly busy lives, I really appreciate Melinda for taking the time out to share last Monday evening and know the students share with me the same sentiment. — Nominated by Heather Howard, Center for Student Leadership, Involvement & Service, March 20, 2009

Ryan Ernst, Brittany Bouchard, and Alex Reveles, Entrepreneurial Services

Ryan and his capable student assistants, Brittany Bouchard and Alex Reveles, deserve sustained applause for the outstanding job they did with the Hillside Village Open House the week of March 2 through 5. This Open House provided the SSU Community the opportunity to tour townhomes and apartments in the Tuscany & Beaujolais Villages. Ryan went the extra mile in making sure the four day event was well publicized, supplied with food and snacks, and very exciting with complimentary t-shirts, cups, and raffle prizes for those who attended. Ryan and his students also did almost all the work, themselves, keeping the costs to provide the Open House as low as possible. Thank you, Ryan, Brittany, and Alex! — Nominated by Nicole Hendry and Tim Tiemens, Housing Services, March 10, 2009

Chuck Elliot and Todd Simmons, Facilities Management

In the process of our daily lives we utilize carts on campus to assist with our work. When those carts stop functioning we call Chuck and Todd! These guys are not only experts in their fields, they reuse parts and equipment in order to help keep costs down on this campus. I appreciate all you do for me as well as the rest of campus. Thanks! — Nominated by Andrew Heller, Conferences and Events, March 5, 2009

Mike Nelson, Information Technology

Mike Nelson supports our office on a constant basis. I would like to formally say thank you for keeping our computers up and running, our copier copying, and our laughter flowing. Thanks Mike! — Nominated by Andrew Heller, Conferences and Events, March 5, 2009

Henry Amaral, Jay Hubbard, Joseph Mcniff, Jared Holmgren, John Goelz, Willie Lee, Herb Dickerson, Bruce Lindsley, Tommy Stokes, Ira Mckern, Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, and Frank Nides

Kinesiology and Athletics have many to thank for helping them reorganize and bring in the new equipment. Because of the efforts of these individuals we were able to safely move this equipment. The entire team provided great assistance on such a large and daunting task making the entire process effortless. Thanks to Henry Amaral and his crew Jay Hubbard, Joseph Mcniff, Jared Holmgren, the equipment practically moved itself. Thanks to Coach John Goelz for lending us his muscles Morgan Rodriquez,Troy Brown, Jeremy Brown, Cory Sunday, Jonathan Flynn, Eric Cammal, and Garrett Gooselaw. Many others were vital to this move including Willie Lee who lent his truck, and his emotional support. We would also like to thank Herb Dickerson, Bruce Lindsley, Tommy Stokes, Ira Mckern, Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, and Frank Nides in facilities for their contributions with modifying, repairing, and creating a new look and feel for the weight room. Thank you for a job well done! — Nominated by Gloria Allen, Kinesiology, February 2, 2009

Matt Benney, Jean Wasp, Laurie Ogg, Sara Young, and Robin Draper

University Development would like to recognize the collaborative efforts of Matt Benney, Jean Wasp, Laurie Ogg, Sara Young and Robin Draper that resulted in a recent gift commitment of more than $40,000 from Judy & Joe Gappa. The Gappas first became engaged with Sonoma State through a donation to the Green Music Center. Because of their passion for education, they wanted to be further involved and have established the Yes, We Can! Scholarship Fund to assist low-income students. To learn more about this scholarship visit: Without the teamwork of Matt, Jean, Laurie, Sara and Robin this gift would not have been possible. Please join us with some big high-fives for these five awesome SSU staff members! — Nominated by Patricia McNeill, Vice President for University Development, February 2, 2009

Janet Swing, Andre Bailey, Edie Brown, Sandra Shand, and Luis Vega

We want to recognize the entire advising staff for their outstanding work during the December registration period. This was the most stressful registration we have ever experienced - with too many students and too few classes. The entire team went above and beyond their usual excellent work, and provided great assistance and comfort for many stressed out students. Kudos to the entire team. — Nominated by Joyce Chong and Bruce Peterson, January 23, 2009

SSU Electricians Team, Facilities

On Friday 10/24 the Athletic Dept. main office in the South Field House experienced a partial power outage affecting some offices, the printer, fax and copier. The electricians (Janet, Tom, Frank, and Ira) were on sight immediately, diagnosed the program and advised us of the solution. We would need a replacement part that would not arrive until late Monday. We could plan to be up by 10am Tuesday. Through their commitment to provide the best quality service I was here at 7:40 on Tuesday and we were up and running. Their tireless efforts to serve us was astounding really. Better yet, Facility Operations (Mike Annala) were constantly keeping us informed of the progress. Everything just fell into place thus minimizing our inconvenience. What a great team! — Nominated by South Field House Athletics, October 28, 2008

Anne Biasi, Alumni Relations, Alumni Coordinator

I want to acknowledge Anne Biasi's strong contribution to this year's Distinguished Alumni awards banquet. She worked tirelessly to finalize the video that highlighted each awardee's accomplishments and coordinated so many of the parts of pieces of this memorable event. The evening came off without a hitch thanks in great part to Anne's professionalism and commitment to Sonoma State and its alumni and friends. — Nominated by Patricia McNeill, Vice President for Development, October 27, 2008

Todd Wright, Network Security and Communication Services, Telecommunications Analyst

Three cheers for Todd Wright who was able to complete about 5 phone moves, including some that involved the complexities of the Financial Aid queue phone, with 2 days notice and without causing any significant interruption to our service to students. Thank you, Todd, for first-rate customer service and flexibility. — Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, Director of Financial Aid; Julia Ibanez, Program Coordinator; Kyle Bishop-Gabriel, Systems Assistant; Carmen Diaz Misa, Financial Aid Representative, October 17, 2008

Mack Olson, Student Affairs, Interim Director of Judicial Affairs

Mack took time on this past Saturday (9/27/08) to facilitate a diversity workshop at our annual emerging leadership retreat. Not only do we appreciate his time, energy and passion for the topic, the students really were engaged and challenged which was wonderful to be a part of. Thanks for the team spirit and willingness to share. We appreciate you!! — Nominated by Heather Howard & the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement & Service leadership team, September 30, 2008

Jim Christmann, Department of Biology

During the un-expected power outage of Jan 4th and the planned power outage Jan 21st, 2008, Dr. Jim Christmann came in several times a day over both weekends to ensure that all the refrigerators and sub-zero freezers holding specimens and materials for the Department of Biology were kept at appropriate temperatures. He drove to suppliers daily for dry ice to hold the temps down, and went out of his way to purchase dry ice from other vendors after the usual supplier was depleted. He came to campus repeatedly to check that temps were within acceptable ranges. If he had not done so and the equipment went above temperature, not only would extremely expensive material have been lost and not easily replaced, but experiments, many of them funded by outside agencies (NSF, etc) would have been ruined and the projects compromised. For maintaining the integrity of the materials and experiments (and saving the department and university mucho, mucho dinero) and for responding to his department’s needs above and beyond the call of duty, we would like to offer this Applause Award and our sincerest thanks. — Nominated by Lakin Khan, Kathleen Hardy, Stephanie Thibault, Murali Pillai, Nick Geist, Michael Cohen, Frederick Griffin, Dan Crocker, Richard Whitkus, Eileen Thatcher, Derek Girman, Faculty and Staff of the Department of Biology, September 19, 2008

Moe Calvez, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

Why is it that when there is a deadline pending my computer always starts to sizzle and fail? Why, when my desk is covered in projects that are ALL a priority, does my password decide it doesn't want to work anymore and I cannot email anyone or look up the number to call someone to my aid? These are the questions floating around in the IT universe. Questions that have only one answer: Moe Calvez. First of all, he answers his phone and returns my calls every time and in a timely manner. (MUCH appreciated) Secondly, he either walks me through my debacle over the phone or he has an easy solution or he makes an effort to drop by and uses a fire extinguisher or whatever other tool needed to fix my computer issue. He is the best. He is MUCH appreciated and he most definitely goes the extra mile. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Thank you, Moe. You're the best! — Nominated by Holly Sautner, Assistant to the Dean of Social Sciences, September 10, 2008

Michael Hazen, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

Reason for nomination: Michael Hazen more than deserves an Applause for all he does for me. Whenever I have a problem, he is always there to fix it. He is efficient, available, always friendly, and makes sure I am able to do my job at all times. Michael is the kind of guy that if he's helping someone else in my office and I need assistance, he takes the time to stop and help. I can't imagine a work day without Michael Hazen in it. I couldn't do my job without him. Thanks, Michael, for all you do!!! — Nominated by Lisa Noto, Admissions and Records, September 8, 2008

Brian Biggs, Programmer/Analyst, Information Technology

On Sunday, July 20, Brian replaced the brains of IT's identity management system with a new one that will allow us to better control the security of and access to the many systems that IT manages. The new system, affectionately known as "The Registry," is the result of years of planning by IT and over a year of programming work by Brian. I applaud Brian for his skill in creating the registry, for his uneventful deployment of the registry due to his excellent and thorough testing beforehand, and for his professionalism in supporting the registry after deployment. I also applaud Brian for having the tenacity to see the project through even when it seemed like it may never happen due to multi-year delays caused by other demands on our resources. Thanks largely to Brian, this massive project has mostly achieved the highest level of success to which this sort of IT effort can aspire: Going Unnoticed. — Nominated by Andru Luvisi, Information Technology, August 22, 2008

Steve Mallory, Ira McKern, Tommy Stokes, Electricians

Steve, Ira, and Tommy have worked with Information Technology to upgrade parts of our electrical supply so that we may provide continued services to the campus community. They have been wonderful people to work with, arranging their schedules around our needs and the needs of Information Technology customers across the campus. They have performed impeccable work, in a reliable fashion, and have even taken the time to educate us about the electrical needs of our equipment. I applaud them all! — Nominated by Brian Biggs, Information Technology Data Center Manager, August 14, 2008

Laurence Furukawa-Schlereth (Vice President for Administration and Finance) and Staff

Larry Schlereth has been a continuous supporter to diversity efforts on-campus. This applause is to acknowledge not only Larry but his wife Karen and the management team in Administration and Finance for both their financial support and their active participation by marching with the students of the Sonoma State Queer Straight Alliance in the 38th Annual San Francisco LGBT Freedom Day Parade in June. —Nominated by Chuck Rhodes, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, July 29, 2008

Julie Greathouse, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Julie Greathouse as advisor to the Queer-Straight Alliance has spent endless energy working with our gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning and trans students. This applause is for again working with members of QSA and the campus who represented Sonoma State in the 38th annual San Francisco LGBT Pride in June. — Nominated by Chuck Rhodes, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, July 29, 2008

Kevin Davis, Lead Plumber

I would like to send an applause award to Kevin Davis. While working in the residence halls I frequently find myself needing to call on the plumbing professionals of SSU to help with needed work and/or maintenance. Not only does Kevin quickly and accurately diagnose problems with the plumbing on campus, but he repeatedly does this in a manner that we could all try to emulate. He is intelligent, courteous, and explains what needs to be done in a realistic time-frame. Thank You Kevin. — Nominated by Andrew Heller Operations Coordinator CEC, July 16, 2008

Lori Heffernon, Administration & Finance, Assistant Controller

Lori Heffernon should be paid double, as both a controller and a therapist. For those of us who have directed many grants over many years, she is the one person who manages to keep us both solvent and sane. In the accounting realm, she is up-to-date knowledgeable, highly competent, a quick study, and an excellent problem solver. As for our mental health, her cheerful demeanor coupled with her sympathetic awareness of our frequent frustrations over bureaucratic and fiscal detail inevitably result in our leaving her office much happier than when we arrived. I've spoken with numerous principal investigators around campus, and I'm confident that this “Hurrah!” represents us all. As of June 1, Lori is moving up into Katie Pierce's (“Yea! to Katie too) position, a well deserved promotion. But I'm glad she waited until my retirement to do it! Many thanks to Lori, on behalf of all of us, for your help, your support, and your friendship. — Nominated by Rick Marks, Professor, Education and Mathematics, June 23, 2008

Steven Nank, Receiving Coordinator, Mail and Receiving

Every semester we have to archive credential files in order to preserve office space. Some of the files are for students who have started but not completed our teacher education program. And then suddenly, after some years, some of these students show up! Steven has been wonderful retrieving files from archived boxes. This saves us time and the student time and money. Thank you for your patience and good humor, Steven. From all of us in the School of Education. — Nominated by Lane Olson, Senior Credential Analyst, June 20, 2008

Paul Cotter, Lead Information Technology Consultant

When the student time clock broke early one busy morning, the prospects for repair looked grim. The repair guy is very pricey and a long weekend was looming. "We're Doomed", I thought. But just then co-worker Paul Cotter walked in, and being the great helper filled with alacrity and patience, he fixed the broken time clock and saved the Library countless hours of hassle and piles of money. It's people like Paul who really float this Large boat! — Nominated by Jack Ritchie, Circulation Day Supervisor, May 22, 2008

Scott Lance, IT Workstation Consultant

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Scott Lance in the IT Department. My computer blew out its electrical supply late on a Friday afternoon, he came to check it out, ordered the part and replaced it all before noon on the following Monday. Great job, Scott. Thank you! — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, CANDEL Program Coordinator, School of Education, May 12, 2008

Mo Llanes and Bill Bayley, Instructional Technology Services

BIG THANKS to Bill and Mo for your help in making our video/phone conference between SSU, UC Davis, Humboldt State and Chico State a great success!! — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, Program Coordinator, CANDEL, School of Education, April 28, 2008

Lori Balestrieri, Post Office, Mail Clerk

Lori Balestrieri is an exemplary employee who always has a friendly smile and a helpful attitude toward her postal customers. She has a strong work ethic, keeps us organized and helps our department function smoothly and efficiently. She thinks "outside of the box" with innovative ideas and suggestions to make our jobs easier. Lori is a pleasure to work and deserves special recognition for her ongoing contributions to our department and to Sonoma State. — Nominated by Lisa Johnson, Post Office Mail Clerk, April 27, 2008

Henry Amaral, Jared Holmgren and Jay Hobard, Facilities

Henry and The Movers have gone above and beyond the call of duty, helping Physics and Astronomy bring in some large equipment to Darwin, a super conducting magnet and optical table. Vicki Irey and Mark Bradley got them out to help us on very short notice and they did fantastic work on two heavy, yet delicate scientific instruments. Our two new faculty members really appreciate this assistance. THANKS GUYS. You are the Mighty Movers! — Nominated by Steve Anderson, ETIII, April 11, 2008

School of Extended Education, School of Arts/Humanities; Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, Scheduling, Employment Services, Library, IT, Admissions, Financial Aid

On behalf of the New College students stranded by WASC's decision to pull its accreditation as of June 30th, I would like to thank the staff and management of the above departments for their assistance in helping to create a teach-out plan that will allow them to complete their degrees. I have appreciated the willingness of everyone to move this plan through the many complicated steps so quickly. We have a truly marvelous team on this campus. Thank you!! — Nominated by Beth Warner, Administrative Coordinator/Advisor, Liberal Studies Special Sessions, April 4, 2008

Mo Llanes, Instructional Technology Services & Paul Cotter, Library Administration

The CSU Community of Academic Technology Staff (CATS) held its eleventh conference at SSU March 26 through March 28. Moe and Paul were indispensable in the entire operation. With their leadership, guidance, and support, the technology-laden conference sessions were successfully produced for over 200 attendees from around the CSU system and beyond. They anticipated needs and were present and prepared whenever they were needed. Big thanks to Moe and Paul for helping make CATS 2008 a huge success! — Nominated by Abbe Altman, CATS Program Manager, April 1, 2008

Moe Calvez, GeoTeam Consultant

Moe has been exceptional as a person I can contact regarding any computer challenges. He is quick to respond and always able to fix the problem. He is always so patient and kind. My computer was refreshed and with that came little glitches which Moe handled quickly and most of all with a smile. Thank you very much, Moe. — Nominated by Karen Fischer, Psychology Masters Graduate Administrative Specialist, March 28, 2008

Ron Hunt, Kinesiology, SCUBA Diving Instructor

Bravo to Ron Hunt, SSU's uncelebrated volunteer SCUBA diving instructor. For over 39 semesters now, Ron has patiently taught generations of students on our campus and in our community the art and science of SCUBA diving right here in our campus pool. Ron has passed on his vast knowledge and experience to prepare hundreds of students to enter, inhabit, learn about, enjoy and appreciate the underwater world free of charge. His contributions of time, energy and resources are immeasurable, and he has brought the love of the aquatic world to many in our campus community. If you'd like to see him in action this spring, he can be found every Tuesday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., donned in a neoprene wetsuit, blowing bubbles in the deep end with his students. — Nominated by Kristin Berger, Office of Development, March 28, 2008

Mark Bradley, Director of Housekeeping; Rose Bruce, Associate Vice President of Analytical Studies of Institutional Research; Barbara Butler, Dean, Library; Paul Cotter, Information Technology Consultant; Brandon Dudley,Director of Library Technology; Sue Hardisty, Presidential Aide; David Hartranft, Administrative Support Coordinator; Kent Hayden, Information Technology Consultant; Cynthia Jowers, Confidential Office Support; Mike Kiraly, Director of Library Operations; and Doug Schiller, Information Technology Consultant

I wish to publicly thank all of you for the incredible work you have done to help make the WASC Accreditation Team Visit a success. As one of the WASC Visiting Team members stated, "This has been flawless." But in order to make such a visit flawless, it takes incredible extra effort and work behind the scenes by so many people. Thank you to the logistics team of Rose Bruce, Sue Hardisty, David Hartranft, and Cynthia Jowers for making sure that the team was well fed, well housed, well guided, and well taken care of throughout their visit. A special thank you to the Library staff, Michael Bradley, Barbara Butler, Paul Cotter, Brandon Dudley, Kent Hayden, and Mike Kiraly, for graciously offering your beautiful space for the team room and meetings, for addressing all of the teams' technology needs, and for keeping the space clean and pristine. Thank you to Doug Schiller for being on call from IT for any issues or questions regarding their computer platforms and connectivity! I give a resounding applause to all of you. You took on these added tasks and made a real difference for the University. Our visitors had a wonderful SSU visit because of you. — Nominated by Elaine Sundberg, Accreditation Liaison Officer, March 14, 2008

Rosanna Toews, Academic Records Specialist

We extend our appreciation to Rosanna Toews, Academic Records Specialist for Admissions and Records for her outstanding work and support to the students and staff at the School of Education. Rosanna goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer service, efficiency, and promptness. Thanks Rosanna, for all your great work and patience! — Nominated by Mary Gendernalik-Cooper, Dean of the School of Education, March 14, 2008

Janet Henker, Institutional Research, Data Coordinator

I nominate Janet Henker for her outstanding work to integrate the Academic Planning Data Base into Peoplesoft. She has had to delve deeply into the Peoplesoft processes to find out how APDB relates to Scheduling and Faculty Affairs. There is no manual on this and she has had to determine it herself. She also has done an excellent job of training others on these changes. — Nominated by Rose Bruce, Associate Vice President, February 26, 2008

Herb Dickerson, Maintenance Mechanic; Henry Amaral, Skilled Laborer; Selas Neguse, Building Maintenance Worker; Bruce Lindsley, Painter; Ira McKern, Electrician; Dawn Owens, Kinesiology Administrative Analyst; Gloria Allen, Equipment Technician; Todd Wright, Telecom Analyst; Vicki Irey, Facilities Services; The Custodial Staff, IT, Customer Service and Telecommunications, et al.

The Athletic Department moved their main office from PE 14 to the South Field House. Additionally, we moved five program offices as well. Without the assistance of everyone mentioned — and those of you who I forgot, my apologies — we would still be moving things. We have on campus an amazing group of work horses whose response time to our numerous work orders — and thanks to Customer Services for logging them all — was astounding. This was a highly choreographed move and your attention to us during this huge transition was appreciated. We got it all done in less than 3 weeks! THANK YOU!!! SSU ATHLETICS — Nominated by Nancy Crosat, Administrative Analyst, February 25, 2008

Claudia Bettinelli, Dee Pettis, Lori Balestrieri & Lisa Johnson (Post Office Angels), and Entrepreneurial Activities

I would like to nominate the four lovely angels at the Post Office for their tremendous help in helping me to process and send out my journal French 17 to 300 subscribers in eleven different countries. Everything was processed within minutes of my arrival. They even pre-arranged for all of the mailing envelopes before I even asked for them, and were always kind and patient with my many boxes and envelopes. They are the very best secret on campus! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, February 22, 2008

Dining Services Staff: Lisa Andresen, Dan O'Brien, Talmadge Savage, Eric Malvestiti, Tracy Ramsdell, Holly Galbraith, Maryann Plourde, Robert Coe, Rhonda Nilsson, Robert Kubacek, Phyllis Mitchell, Don Duvall, Raul Ramirez, Colleen Kubacek, Jessica Curry, Julianne Callan, Joe Shankles, Tiffany Perry, Dennis Dunn, Sarah Anderson, Steve Joiner, Victoria Chavez, Maria Villa, Silvia Guerrero, Jan Owen, Jessica Gardener, Tarik Kanaana, Danny Fox, and Kindra Kautz.

In recognition of all Dining Services employees for their continued excellent professional service and food preparation for the SSU community. Dining Services employees' quality of accomplishments were especially evident on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at our annual Staff Appreciation Day. All employees attending the event were provided with a high dining service standard helping to make the day a pleasure for all. Thank you to all Dining Services Employees. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Reproduction Processes Assistant, General Services, February 22, 2008

Walter Leonard, Director of General Services & His Staff

I would like to thank Walt Leonard and his Staff for their beautiful work producing this year's volume of French 17. They did a fabulous printing job! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Professor of French, February 22, 2008

Bruce Carpe, Director, Instructional Technology Services & Mo Llanes, Information Technology Consultant

The School of Extended Education recently started a Legal Court Interpreter Program, designed to train interpreters for translation work in the courts. The curriculum relies heavily on our vintage language lab in Stevenson 1028. Late last semester, the functionality of the lab seemed to vanish, leaving the program literally speechless. Through the efforts of Bruce and Mo, the trouble was identified, corrected and the instructor was re-trained within a very short time period. The response was swift, the diagnosis was right on target and the lab has made a full recovery. Our heartfelt thanks go to Bruce and Mo for responding so quickly and enabling our program to go forward for Spring 2008. — Nominated by Robert Rosen, Business Manager, February 7, 2008

Henry Amaral and His Moving Crew, Facilities

For the awesome job they did moving our three offices (Carson, South Fieldhouse and Stevenson) into one (CIHS Building 49) within 7 days. Thanks for your patience, willingness and extra efforts. — Nominated by Eshawn Zuniga, Data Technology Coordinator, January 29, 2008

IT Network and Phone Staff

For the awesome job they did moving our phones and network connections from our three offices into one within three days. Thanks for your speed and efficiency. — Nominated by Eshawn Zuniga, Data Technology Coordinator, January 29, 2008

The Entire SSU Electrical Staff

For their tireless dedication during the recent power outage and subsequent fall-out after the storms. They should all be commended for their efforts. — Nominated by Todd Wright, Telecommunications Analyst, January 16, 2008

Andre Bailey, Career Services; Brent Bynum & Luis Vega, EOP

These three gentlemen worked hard together and played essential roles in putting on the EOP BBQ at Spring Lake on October 27th. It was a successful event with a great turnout. Those students and staff who came out ended up staying for the duration of the festivities. A fantastic production made possible by the extra efforts from individuals like Andre, Brent, and Luis. — Anonymous Nomination

Biology Undergraduate Students, The Biology Club

While the nominee is not an individual, I think it is appropriate that the Biology Club be considered for the SSU Applause Award for meritorious service to the community and University. In response to the fuel spill in the San Francisco Bay, many members of the SSU Biology Club chose to forgo a planned weekend camping trip in order to travel to the Oiled Wildlife Care Network in Fairfield. They received required training in handling and de-oiling affected birds and other wildlife as a result of the spill. Members spent long hours throughout the 3-day weekend assisting in all aspects of the emergency response, from making pens for animals, feeding injured wildlife, transcribing information from veterinarians, etc. This selfless action reflects well on our undergraduates and the University as a whole, and any acknowledgement from SSU would be welcome and appropriate. Thank you for your consideration! — Nominated by Nick Geist, Associate Professor of Biology

Carol Baker, Ken Baker, Scott Lance, Doug Schiller, Vaughn Bellwood, Moe Calvez, Jose Sanchez, Rosie Schramm, Mike Nelson, Robin Marshall, and Michael Hazen of Workstation Security and Services and Todd Wright of Network Security and Communications Services

I would like to express a huge thank you to all of the IT staff who, over the past week and a half, assisted in the coordination and moving of a lot of workstations. You all worked so efficiently and your positive attitudes about the situation made things all the better. Thank you for everything! — Nominated by Peter Flores, CMS Security Administrator

Cecilia O'Brien, Events; Dan O'Brien , Tracy Ramsdell-Ray , Alan Espinosa of Dining Services; Mo Llandes and Nick Arnold of Media Services; Katie Pierce and Cindy Piccinini of Faculty Affairs

A thousand thanks and much applause to all the people who helped this year with Convocation and the Faculty Retreat. Everything ran so smoothly and all these folks were terrific to work with. I was, and continue to be, so grateful for the cooperative spirit of my co-workers.— Nominated by Laurel Holmstrom, Academic Senate Analyst

Dawn Owens, Faculty Analyst, Faculty Affairs

Dawn recently had knee surgery and is home recovering. With the exception of the day of her surgery, Dawn hasn't missed a beat. She has her laptop and is doing an "over the top" job, working at home while she is recuperating. She raises the bar for excellence! —Nominated by Cindy Piccinini, Faculty Affairs

Deserie Meyers, CMS Functional Lead

Those of us in ACE Services want to recognize Deserie for her many years of hard work, dedication and service to our students. As she moves into a new career in CMS we wish her the best and want her to know that she has made an important difference in the lives of our students. — Nominated by Bruce Peterson, Senior Program Specialist

Dolores Bainter, Modern Languages & Literatures Administrative Coordinator

During all of the seven months of preparation for the Department's Fifth Annual Language Festival, Dolores held things together for everyone: faculty, student clubs, local high school teachers, parents... the works! She was on top of University policies about events, and when she needed information, she did the research and always came back with the details. She was full of good ideas, practical ideas, and creative ideas. She managed multiple budgets with ease. We couldn't have done this without her hard work and infinite patience with all of us. Thank you, Dolores! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Associate Professor of French

Don Duvall, Cook I

The ability to take care of multiple requests at once. Making sure all of his clients are happy. Always has a great attitude and never gets flustered. — Nominated by Carol Baker Information Technology Consultant and Rosie Schramm Information Technology Consultant

Elisa Velasquez, Professor, Psychology Department

Professor Elisa Velasquez started a collaborative project to support high school Latino students to bridge from high school to college. She worked with Sonoma Valley High School and two of her own classes at SSU as well as two community groups, Saint Joseph Health Systems-Sonoma County, Nuestra Voz Community Group of Sonoma, as well as the admissions office of SSU to conduct presentations to more than 150 students. This spring the CBC (Community Bridge to College) had a seven week mentoring program with 55 students from two SVHS students in which they held a campus visit (funded by the School of Social Sciences) to help the students overcome the main barriers to receiving a college education. Dr. Velasquez was the innovator and coordinator of the entire project. — Nominated by Dr. Elaine Leeder, Dean, School of Social Science

Eileen O'Brien, Administrative Support Coordinator

Eileen has been the Administrative Support Coordinator II in the Nursing Department since December of 2007. Eileen is truly a godsend to the department. She is technologically competent and handles any task given her expertly. I am constantly asking questions and always greeted with a smile from Eileen. She shows me every little detail from where are the paper clips to WebCT navigation. Her warm, friendly and patient attitude has set the standard for others at SSU. In just eight months Eileen has acclimated to her role and is the "go to" person for questions regarding WebCT and all around help for any aspect involving the department. It is a pleasure to have Eileen O'Brien as a member of the nursing team. — Nominated by Becky Cohen, Dr. Debra Roberts & Dr. Carole Heath, The Nursing Department

Information Technology, Computer Operations System Administrators: Eric Eisenhart, Jack Ziegler, Dustin Mollo and Larry Tenorio

Probably the worst thing that can happen in the IT Web Office did last week. A WebCT course with 150 students and a half semester of work disappeared mysteriously. To make things worse "a course backup was not available". Our system administrators dropped everything and performed a near miracle to restore the course. They were able to locate and re-purpose hardware, then restore the entire WebCT application, system and database from tape backups in less than 24 hours. This amazing feat allowed us to make a backup of the course and restore it to the production server. The 150 students experienced only a few days of WebCT downtime for their course, and no loss of student or instructor work. I feel incredibly lucky to work with such skilled, responsive and resourceful professionals. Thank you Eric, Jack, Dustin and Larry! — Nominated by Barbara Moore, Web Services Director

Ginny Winter, Costume Shop

I would like to nominate Ginny and the folks at the Costume Shop for their assistance in the repair of vandalized seating in the Salazar break room. Seat cushions had been slashed open by vandals and Ginny took itupon herself to come up with a solution that was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional while saving the State the expense of sending the job out for repair. Thanks!!!! — Nominated by Alan Snyder, Facilities Services

Gloria Ogg, Senior Director for University Business Services

I would like to thank Gloria for letting me use a room in Customer Services to take photos for the faculty. Gloria always has such a great attitude and really cares about SSU. Just this one act of kindness will make a huge difference in my ability to accomplish this assignment. Many thanks! — Nominated by Linnea Mullins, University Photographer

Jaime Rivas-Lugo, Landscaping

Jaime is the landscaper for Sauvignon Village East. His hard work and dedication keeps the lawns, hedges, flower beds, and walkways looking absolutely beautiful. Additionally, his friendly smile and demeanor help to create a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere for our students. — Nominated by Heather French, Residential Life Coordinator

Jessica Way, Events Director

It was Friday at 5 p.m. I had an unusual event to coordinate for important visitors on short notice and I, as a very new staff member at SSU, needed extra help. So I called Jessica, expecting to get her voice mail; I did. As I was leaving her a detailed message a call came into my office. My coworker answered the phone. It was Jessica! The call was forwarded to me and I explained the situation. She assured me everything would be fine, that she would give thought to it over the weekend and that she would be in touch with me on Monday. I felt like I could have a worry-free weekend and was confident that everything would be taken care of efficiently. I was so impressed with her high level of customer service I shared the story with everyone in the office and my husband...and now with APPLAUSE. — Nominated by Michelle Covington, Assistant to the VP of Development

Jessica Way, Chris Hendry and Patti Sinclair of Conferences & Events; Modesto Llannes and Nancee Fox of IT; Erin Bower and Raye Lynn Thomas of Library Services

Last week, our program hosted thirty-five doctoral students for our annual CANDEL Kick-Off Event (CANDEL is the SSU-UC Davis joint doctorate program). It was a very successful event, and the students truly enjoyed their stay here at SSU. I would like to thank everyone in the Conferences, Events and Catering Office, including the 24-Hour Service Desk, for wonderful and professional service. Also, big thanks to Raye Lynn and Erin in Library Services for getting the students acquainted with our beautiful library. Lastly, the people in IT; who came to my rescue the day before our event started, Modesto and Nancee. Thank you both! Let's do it again next year... — Nominated by Rosemary Galten, CANDEL Program Assistant

Residential Life Coordinators: Julie Bulow, Heather French, Michael Stark, Andrea Melrose, Josh Skillman, and Stacey Murray

I am not sure that anyone on campus can fully understand the role of the Residential Life Coordinator without actually being in it, but for the last 10 weeks the RLC's in the Resident halls have been working tirelessly to prepare for the training of our CSA's(RA's ), make sure that their living area (villages) are ready for the arrival of the 2,500 students who live in the halls, welcoming those students and their parents and dealing with the day to day happenings in the Resident Halls. Many of them have meetings back to back from 8:00 a.m. to at least 5:00 p.m. and some go into the evening to meet with students who are challenging policies, having roommate concerns, having emotional issues, transition issues, or talking with their parents and trying to help them adjust to their student being away from home. There are many people in Student Affairs who work endless hours to help our students outside of the classroom. These are a few of the ones that I am in awe of every day. I am so proud of you all and appreciative of all you have done thus far this year! You are making a difference EVERYDAY! — Nominated by Mo Phillips, Associate Director of Student Development

Julie Greathouse, Mo Phillips, Heather Howard, Rose Bruce, Cyndie Morozumi, Dean Elaine Leeder, Talmadge Savage, Jessica Way, Larry Schlereth, and Henry Amaral

Julie Greathouse, Educational Mentoring Teams who carry the ball and coordinating the implementation. Mo Phillips, Residential Life Programs, Heather Howard, Office of Campus Life, Rose Bruce, Institutional Research and Cyndie Morozumi, Residential Life Programs who were a part of the committee and did amazing work making the details happen. Dean Elaine Leeder, Office of the Dean Social Science, who coordinated the New Student Convocation and recruited the faculty. Talmadge Savage, Central Campus Dining Services and the fantastic crew from Dining Services that provided the lunch. Jessica Way, Events and members of Campus Events Committee who was involved in many of the details. Larry Schlereth, Office of the Vice President Administration and Finance for his generously financial support so that we could feed faculty and students that are not on the meal plan. Henry Amaral, Housekeeping and his crew for all of the set-up work. The managers and employees in Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The academic faculty who participated in the New Student Convocation. Thank You for those who madefirst day a success. I would like to thank all of those who made First Day an overwhelming success in our very first effort. This all started with a vision a few months ago and to see the gathering of about 1,500 new students who just incredible. I would like to acknowledge the following members of the Sonoma State University community; we are already planning a big and better event for 2008. Thank you all and also those who I may have missed. — Nominated by Chuck Rhodes, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Kathleen Hardy, Desktop Yoga Instructor

Kathleen is the most dedicated and patient Yoga teacher most of her students have had. She modifies her program each class to accommodate for the diversity of her student population on a given day. Kathleen is always pleasant and encouraging to all her students. The entire class appreciates the time and effort she puts into helping us stay healthy and happy. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher and a great person. Thank you Kathleen! — Nominated by Desktop Yoga Students

Kathy Anderson, Manager, Employee Relations and Diversity

Kathy Anderson assisted with some special services needed on April 27 and April 28, 2007 during our campus organization's two day training. Her time and friendly assistance was appreciated. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Executive Board Officer, CSUEU Chapter 304

Lisa Lozano, Lead Accountant

I am very grateful to work with Lisa Lozano. Lisa is responsible for, among other things, applying scholarship funds to individual student accounts. As you can imagine some scholarships are not as straight forward as they may seem and Lisa is flexible, communicative and competent in dealing with these issues. She is integral in the reconciliation process and she greatly enhances the job that I can do as Scholarship Coordinator. I truly appreciate working with Lisa and am thankful every day that she makes the scholarship process as successful as it is. — Nominated by Laurie Ogg, Scholarship Coordinator

Marian Van Horn, Residential Life Fiscal Coordinator

Marian Van Horn so deserves a huge applause. She took it upon herself to contact the Rohnert Park Director of Public Works/City engineer about the extremely dangerous intersection of Bodway and Vine by Taco Bell. The changes are already being made so that there will be no more conflicts between motorists and pedestrians. I have already noticed a difference; you can now cross both on foot and in a car safely. Marian's efforts made life a little safer for the SSU community. — Nominated by Vicki Irey, System Administrator

Merle Williams, English, Administrative Coordinator

While Merle is an invaluable contributor to our department every day of the year, it is during the hectic first few weeks of the semester that she is most impressive and her contributions are most obvious. With more than 20 adjunct faculty, 14 full-time faculty, and close to 50 sections of freshman composition alone, the task of hiring, scheduling, enrolling and trouble-shooting for all is daunting indeed. Merle can soothe a frazzled professor, advise a frustrated student, move classrooms, juggle students and answer the phones, all with good nature and poise. We feel lucky to have her! — Nominated by Greta Vollmer, Chair & Kim Hester-Williams, Vice Chair

Mira Aceves, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

Mira never hesitates to come to my rescue whenever I need her be it large or small. I know I can count on her and always with a smile on her face. Recently my computer had to be upgraded and she took it from my office on a day that I would be away from my desk and brought it back the day I returned. She made sure everything was running correctly. — Nominated by Karen Fischer, Graduate Administrative Analyst

Missy Wynes, Manager, Parking Services

Missy Wynes handled the necessary campus parking pass details for our off campus participants during a two day training hosted by our campus organization on April 27 and April 28, 2007. Her patience and attention to the variety of parking needs was appreciated. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Executive Board Office, CSUEU Chapter 304

Conferences, Events & Catering: Patti Sinclair, Associate Director; Jessica Way, Director

Patti Sinclair and Jessica Way have provided excellent services to accommodate the meeting location scheduling for our campus organization. On April 27 and April 28, 2007, our campus organization hosted a two day training that included off campus participants. The successful quality of coordinating details, including the menu planning and catered food delivery from Dining Services was acknowledged and appreciated by all participants. Conferences, Events & Catering give five star service every time. — Nominated by Liona Spring, Executive Board Officer, CSUEU Chapter 304

Sam Youney, Director of Landscaping & the Landscaping Staff

The new installation of a beautiful stone walkway at the corner of Stevenson Hall is a great improvement to that area, along with the newly planted area at the loading dock. How convenient for those students who park their bikes at that end of the building to have a path to the rest of the campus! It is another creative solution from this department. Thanks to you all for making one more pretty space. — Nominated by Joni Boucher, Program Coordinator

Samantha "Sam" Phillips, Housekeeping, Custodian

We work around the clock and our area can become quite a challenge to clean. Samantha "Sam" Phillips has been assigned to our area and has not only exceeded every expectation, doing those little things that really make a difference, but she always brings a smile and a cheerful word with her. She brightens every day at work with her happy attitude and her great job performance. — Nominated by John Mentz, Sergeant

Stephanie Torres, HR Assistant

A few weeks ago we had a request from Stephanie to change some phone extensions that was fairly complicated and involved two different departments. I applaud Stephanie's patience while we took the extra time to test a new feature for her team. She went the extra mile in being our "guinea pig" and was always prompt in responding to our many questions. It saved us a lot of time having her as a single point of contact. — Nominated by Lisa Revere, Network Analyst

Housekeeping: Steve Francisco, Manuel Moreno, Ricki Brindle and James Williams

This year the Gymnasium underwent a transformation. The paint shop painted over sound board that were the original color from the 1960 burnt orange. It is now beautiful. They painted it with Sonoma State school colors. It feels light and airy. It made this whole area look remodeled. The custodian crew then came in and striped the gymnasium floor. They made a special effort and researched and brought a new sealer so that after the paint crew refinished the lines the sealer made the floor shine with vitality. It really looks great. We are so excited with our new look we like everyone to come over and have a look. Thank You Paint Crew and Custodians. You make us feel special. —Nominated by Gloria Allen, Kinesiology

Sue Bennett, AIS Systems Analyst

Sonoma State University utilizes a high level of technology with it's on line student information system and the need to pull data for it for reporting and statistical purposes. As with all computer systems, things go awry. Sue Bennett has been a huge support to the Registrar's Office, often fixing things at the 11th hour so that neither students, faculty nor staff ever know there was a problem. She is always available to help, has an amazing ability to research problems and fix them. As University Registrar, I don't know where I'd be without Sue. She's been our saving grace more times than I can count. Thanks, Sue, for all you do for us! — Nominated by Lisa Noto, University Registrar

Tom Daly, Operations and Engineering

Special thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty to make a custom safety cover for my cords. Now no one will trip over the cords. Plus, he has such a great attitude. — Nominated by Linnea Mullins, University Photographer

Vaughn Bellwood, Desktop Support Representative

Thank you for your quick work in setting up our new printer. With Staff Appreciation Day fast approaching, we were grateful for your commitment to getting us access so we could print necessary handouts and other documents. As always, we enjoy working with you and know that if you're on it, the problem will get solved! — Nominated by Employment Services Team

Vicki Irey of Facilities Administration; Dan Parker and Mike Zito of Operations & Engineering

I would like to thank Vicki Irey, Dan Parker, and Mike Zito for their invaluable assistance with my End of the Year dispute process. You are all impeccable in your detail, swift in your response, and generally enjoyable to work with. You make this aspect of my job a breeze, so thank you very much! — Nominated by Katie Gordon, Data Coordinator for Housing Services

Adrianne Price, Registration Assistant/Student Records

Many departmental staff members work with Adrianne regarding contract courses and faculty add/drop forms and many feel that she is a wonderful addition to Admissions and Records. Her organizational skills and attention to detail have made the contract course procedure much smoother and efficient. One administrative coordinator wrote, "She is efficient and timely in processing my paperwork. Whenever I work with Adrianne, I am confident the assignment will be completed in a timely and accurate manner." Another AC commented, "She handles the faculty drops in a very efficient and timely manner as well as sending out forms when needed. Adrianne is wonderful to work with and deserves all the "applause" she gets. " Adrianne is known as a positive person, always willing to help to the best of her ability, always willing to listen and sort things out when issues get cloudy and confusing. To sum it up, an AC says it best, "Adrianne is a champ! She has been and is a true asset not only to A & R but the entire University. She keeps the gears running smoothly." —Nominated by Lakin Khan, Sue Foley, Connie Lewsadder, Leslie Mouton, Kathleen Piro, and Jo-Ann Smith

Computer Operations: Andru Luvisi, Larry Tenorio and Dustin Mollo

I would like to applaud Andru Luvisi in ITs Computer Operations group for the service he provided the Center for Distributed Learning on Dec 15, when the power to the machine room and the co-location facility our servers are housed in had to be turned off. After Larry Tenorio and Dustin Mollo contacted me at home to apprise me of the current situation and impending power outage I determined that I did not have remote access to the servers since SSU's network was already down. Andru then got on the phone and he worked with me to shut down our seven servers gracefully and then turned them back on once power was restored 3 hour later (approxmatelly 8pm). I really appreciated not having to drive in to handle the task myself as I was home sick with a nasty flu. By contacting me and going the extra mile to restart my servers they saved me a lot of worry, and helped CDL continue to provide services to the communities we serve. Thanks Andru, Larry and Dustin! — Nominated by Susan Baur, Systems Administrator

Becky Cohen, Nursing, Administrative Assistant

Becky Cohen has been instrumental in the renewed start up of the Leadership and Management Masters program at Sonoma State. She has assisted in procuring contracts for placement of nursing students from the Oregon border to San Diego. She is always friendly, courteous, and helpful and she is smart! Because of her, we can teach and know the behind the scenes work is there to provide us structure. Due to Becky's diligence and efficiency, the job of every faculty member in the nursing department is much easier. — Nominated by Anita Catlin, Associate Professor of Nursing

Bill Bayley, Media Specialist

Bill is always courteous and prompt in meeting the videotaping needs of the Family Nurse Practioner program. He digitally records lectures by health care experts and FNP nursing faculty on a wide range of topics that are later streamed on the web. His participation and expertise makes it possible for our students at distance sites to avoid 3-5 hour drives both ways to attend on-campus content. He takes the time and initiative to develop attractive introductions to each web streaming lecture going the extra mile to get the lecturers name and title thereby producing an extremely professional product. In addition, Bill was a co-producer with Dr. Carole Heath of an instructional audio and video program on the subject of immunization clinics in Zimbabwe. Bill was a true expert to work with and as a result, the outcome was a visually stimulating and educational program which is showcased on the Department of Nursing homepage. We applaud his effort of going the extra mile in his assistance with the Department of Nursing. — Nominated by Dr. Wendy Smith and Dr. Carole Heath, Nursing Department

Bruce Lindsley, Trymon Hunter, Kevin Dahlstedt, Sarah Alvarez, Paint Shop

The paint shop went above and beyond expectations, painting the weight room which is shared by student athletes, faculty and staff. The room had not been painted since 1993. Bruce spearheaded the painting project with support from Trymon, his supervisor. During July, they transformed the weight room from a dingy Pepto Bismol color to a clean, crisp, bright white. I hear constant praise at what a simple coat of paint can achieve. It has raised the morale and pride of those who use it. Upon completion of the main painting, the crew added a bit of flair with a touch of faux finish at the entrance desk. They even came back and helped with the cleaning and reinstallation of the equipment. Hats off for a job well done! — Nominated by Gloria Allen, Kinesiology

Deanna Wilson and Susan Zito, Payroll and Benefits

Deanna Wilson and Susan Zito in Payroll and Benefits deserve a "round of applause." They really put out prompt and very helpful assistance with a payroll-related, personal difficulty and got results within one day, actually less. I told Deanna the problem one recent afternoon and it was resolved, with Susan's help as well, before noon the next day!! Deanna was also very good about communicating actions taken and results obtained. — Nominated by Gregg Sheehan, Sponsored Programs Accountant, Financial Services

SSU Post Office Staff: Dee Pettis, Lisa Johnson, Lori Balestrieri, Claudia Bettinelli and Art Jahnsen

Once again the campus post office staff have been amazing in their efforts to help me mail hundreds of copies of a journal all over the world. Anticipating my request, Art ably ordered priority and global priority envelopes in advance. Dee, Lisa, Lori and Claudia managed twenty xerox boxes full of envelopes destined for countries from Norway to New Zealand, plus heavy boxes heading for distributors across the United States. They were always gracious and helpful, and I applaud their fine service and kind help! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Chair, Modern Languages and Literature

Diana Carll, Dining Services, Toast Employee

I find faith in the future of the world again when I get my morning coffee at Toast and Diana Carll doesn't just look at the register and dump my change in my hand, but actually counts it back to me, in the way people used to do all the time before computers took over our lives. Thanks Diana. And you're always smiling too, which is a great way to start a day. — Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs

Henry Amaral and Crew, Facilities

Henry Amaral and his crew went above and beyond for the Student Ambassadors and Alumni Association during setup and preparations for Senior Send-Off on May 11. Some of the setup arrangements had to be modified at the last moment and Henry and the other setup staffers changed direction mid-stream and made it happen quickly and efficiently. Often events setup staff are not acknowledged for doing a good job at something that is so important, yet often thankless. So, to Henry and his crew: A huge THANK YOU to all of you for your part in making the day a resounding success. You ARE appreciated! — Nominated by Donna Francis, Alumni Coordinator

Janice Wright, Administrative Support Assistant, English Department

Janice Wright has worked in the English Department for over four years and has proven herself to be a stellar role model for other staff members seeking to improve their customer service skills. Janice always goes the extra mile to assist students coming to the English Department office. She personally arranged transportation for a disabled English Major who lived off campus and had difficulty getting to her classes because she could not afford an electric wheelchair. Janice is a fount of innovative ideas and recently came up with a novel way to electronically paginate a massive hard copy report. She recently worked successfully with several different departments across campus in order to determine how to apply new tax rates to invoices for two English Department publications. She also worked closely with the School of Arts & Humanities and Customer Services to successfully complete a very complicated travel claim for a faculty member who had traveled abroad. The English Department faculty and staff are very grateful to Janice for all she does, her can-do attitude, her unwavering kindness and her gracious demeanor. — Nominated by Merle Williams, Administrative Coordinator, Department of English

Karen Brodsky, Barbara Butler, Perry Marker, Elaine Sundberg, Constitution Day Committee

I am so impressed by the program put together by the Constitution Day Committee, including the Web page and links. Last year legislation was enacted that required educational institutions that received federal funds to hold a program to recognize Constitution Day each year, and Barbara Butler and her committee rose to the occasion and went beyond the call of duty to honor the spirit of the law. — Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, Director, Financial Aid

Katie Dahlstedt, Assistant to the Dean, Arts & Humanities

Katie has stepped into the vacuum created by our lack of an Administrative Manager in the school office. Although her job description indicates she substitutes for the Administrative Manager, she has gone far beyond that substitute role. She has come to fully understand the School budget and has found efficiencies to improve our situation. Her knowledge has been responsible for keeping us in the black this difficult year. She has attended all meetings where an Administrative Manager would be required while continuing to handle scheduling and assist students and parents in search of classes while training our newly hired Coordinator. Because of her, the school office has operated smoothly and efficiently and has been able to provide support to the departments. — Nominated by William Babula, Dean, School of Arts & Humanities

Kito DeBrito and Roosevelt Boyd, Police and Parking Services

We would like to commend Roosevelt Boyd and Kito DeBrito for their relentless hard work in the cold rain, and a job well done. Last Thursday after work, my friend's BMW, parked in the reserved lot by Schulz, shorted out apparently due to moisture and the result was her key wouldn't work. The locks wouldn't pop up. She didn't have road service, she lives in Calistoga, and she had horses and other animals to feed. After countless attempts in the pouring rain, these two young men finally succeeded in getting into her car. Then we realized the battery was dead, so there was more work to do. They kept their spirits up the whole time, were courteous, friendly, cheerful and, of course, enormously helpful. My friend, Kerry Gilbert and I, both work at SSU, and, believe me, it is nice to know that someone is looking out for our welfare. Job well done! — Nominated by Sandra Bannister and Roseann Richard

Lisa Andresen, Talmadge Savage and their crew, Dining Services

Hutchins lower division students recently had a field trip for 74 students to Ukiah and the Clear Lake area. Lisa Andresen and Talmadge Savage really went above and beyond in helping us with the lunch orders, sorting out those with meal plans, loading the box lunches and drinks into boxes and onto hand trucks, and finding a large cooler and ice to keep everything cool. And all of their gracious help happened before 8:30 a.m.! Thanks again for helping our field trip to be a success! — Nominated by Heidi LaMoreaux and Sue Foley, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Lisa Gregori, Information Specialist, Financial Aid Office

During our fall rush in the Financial Aid Office Lisa went above and beyond the call of duty to assist a student who was at risk of being disenrolled from his courses. Lisa's quick action and ability to get the necessary paperwork ready for the student to complete was crucial in preventing him from being dropped from his classes. The student applied for financial aid extremely late (08/23/2006) and by the time disenrollment was going to occur he still owed the University the full balance for his tuition and fees. The action took place on 09/14/2006. As a result, the student was not disenrolled from classes and he was able to receive his financial aid. This example is just one of many that I've witnessed Lisa perform in her role as an Information Specialist for the Financial Aid Office here at Sonoma State University. I feel that Lisa should be recognized for the high caliber of customer service that she gives to the students and parents, staff and faculty at SSU. — Nominated by Carson Williams, Financial Aid Office

Lorraine Tang, Administrative Manager, School of Business and Economics

A standing ovation, three cheers and a bravo for Lorraine Tang. She orchestrated the entire AACSB visit right down to the very smallest detail. Lorraine's work is done quietly, behind the scenes. She has a keen eye, our SER reports look professional, the room the team used was transformed, each and every detail was thought out. She didn't miss one. Along with her planning and organizational skills, Lorraine was able to solve problematic situations under pressure and come up with creative solutions. She rallied the staffto work as a cooperative and dedicated team. Thanks to her efforts and attention to detail, the very best of our School was apparent to the accreditation team. Thanks, Lorraine, for all of your hard work! — Nominated by Barbara Dietrich, Rhiannon Isham, Sheila Mackintosh-Sims, Tracy Navas, School of Business and Economics

Maricela Ibarra, School of Education, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator

We extend our appreciation to Maricela Ibarra, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator for the School of Education for her outstanding work in the Credentials Office. Maricela goes above and beyond the call of duty to help support staff and students. Her attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot keeps our day-to-day operations running smoothly. She's done an excellent of adjusting to new admission timelines and maintaining our candidate database. She is quick to adapt to new situations and jump in whenever her help is needed. Thank you for your hard work, flexibility and incredible attention to detail. — Nominated by Monica Flores, Student Services Coordinator, School of Education

Michael Zito, Facilities Gardener Specialist

On Halloween, I was walking next to the Duck Pond, on my way to the SSALI office, when my pumpkin (which I needed that morning to carve with students) rolled off my bag and, slowly but surely, into the Duck Pond! I stood there for a moment watching it float, when I saw one of the small white cars (that the facilities people use) go by on another path. I shouted to the man inside, "Excuse me? Do you have something on your car that could help me retrieve my pumpkin?" He promptly came down to where I was, got a ladder off his roof, moved the pumpkin closer, and then stuck the ladder into the pond, climbed down and retrieved the pumpkin! What kindness! I believe that Michael Zito went beyond the call of duty and I just want to say thank you for saving my pumpkin and my lesson that day! — Nominated by Daniela Kingwill, Instructor, SSALI

Mira Aceves, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

Mira is extremely knowledgeable in her field (and beyond — ask her about tropical fish!), personable, kind, interesting and interested in whatever problem you are having with your computer. She really went beyond the call of duty to get me up and running on a new computer and answered problems that I had had for months but was unable to figure out. She is a pleasure to work with and a great member of the SSU team! — Nominated by Robert Girling , Department of Business Administration

Mira Aceves, GeoTeam Consultant, Information Technology

The School of Business and Economics extends their sincerest appreciation to Mira Aceves for her contributions toward the School's accreditation efforts. Mira has always displayed a "can-do" attitude as the School's GeoTeam consultant, but her patience was put to the test during the School's recent accreditation visit. Mira spent a lot of time with the School in the weeks prior to the accreditation visit to anticipate and configure the visiting team's technological equipment. Mira worked effortlessly to ensure the University's equipment functioned at dual locations, between the University and the hotel, network and wireless, etc. She established quick links on each laptop to the School's programs and academic information, she installed back-up printers, she anticipated all potential issues. But she didn't miss a beat when the accreditation team surprised her on the day of its visit. They changed their minds and conveyed a preference to work on their own equipment. Mira responded without hesitation and with her usual "can-do" attitude. She configured equipment, installed printers, etc. Mira's resourcefulness and contributions added value to the School's accreditation visit. Thank you, Mira! — Nominated by The School of Business and Economics

Modesto Llanes, IT Media Services Coordinator

Mo is always willing to lend a hand and help out at a last minute crisis. Recently at the Holocaust Lecture Series, Mo dropped what he was doing to come over and help troubleshoot a technical issue. He helped fix the problem and as always had a good attitude. Thanks, Mo. — Nominated by William Bayley, Digital Media Specialist

Nels Worden, Chemistry; Zeke Voight, Facilities; Alan Snyder, Operations and Engineering; and Herb Dickerson, Facilities

The white boards in CH68 did not clean up well and left a smeary haze on the surface from regular usage - ghosts. Nels Worden had some white boards that were removed from Darwin and suggested that we use them in CH68. Zeke Voight, Al Snyder and Herb Dickerson came in extra early to replace the white boards before the 8 a.m. class began. All of us who use CH68 are extremely happy to have usable boards for this semester's classes. I love working with people like Nels, Zeke, Al, and Herb who will listen to your problem and help you solve it. Nels, Zeke, Al and Herb, you are all the best! — Nominated by Sue Foley, Administrative Coordinator, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Housing Services: Nikki Anderson, Elizabeth Chelini, Michelle Kelly, and Katie Gordon

We would like to commend Housing Services staff Nikki Anderson, Elizabeth Chelini, Michelle Kelly and Katie Gordon for their excellent customer service to our current and prospective residents. Over the past few months, they have been assisting residents with the campus housing contracting process for next year. Since demand is exceeding supply, this process is much more competitive and emotionally volatile than it has been for the past few years. Through out it all, no matter how many times they have been asked the same questions and peppered with untrue accusations, they listened patiently and compassionately. They provided clarity, understanding, encouragement and displayed incredible tact and professionalism. The personal service they provide to our residents and parents on a daily basis continues to be exceptional. — Nominated by Tim Tiemens and Nicole Hendry, Housing Services

Pat Seda, Facilities Administration/Lead Carpenter

For his outstanding contributions to the University, his attitude and his ability to get along with everyone on his team. — Nominated by Ray Brown, Facilities

Peter Flores, Conference Events & Catering; Jennifer Langhals, Summer Conference Office; Kelley Kaslar, Conference Events & Catering; Ethan Lamoureaux, Conference Events & Catering; Ryan Adamson, Conference Events & Catering; Craig Smith, Conference Events & Catering; Courtney Best, Bookstore; and Mike Hearty, Geography

I would like to thank the staff in Conference Events & Catering, the Summer Conference Office, Dining Services, and the Bookstore for their help in making the 50th annual conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (July 9-15) such a smashing success. Participants left with a very positive impression of Sonoma State. In particular, I want to acknowledge Peter Flores for coordinating housing and overall organizational support; Kelley Kaslar for assistance with catering; Ethan Lamoreaux, Ryan Adamson and Craig Smith for their help with technology in the Cooperage and the Commons; Jennifer Langhals, for coordinating the banquet (which went far too late into the evening); and Courtney Best for setting up an excellent book tent in the midst of the bookstore transition. And many others from these divisions went beyond the call of duty to help in many ways. Thanks also to Mike Hearty, Geography, for his help in printing copies of a large historical mural. I really appreciated the overall generosity and enthusiasm of everyone who helped out. — Nominated by Debora Hammond, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Rebecca Tiemens, ACE/EOP, Administrative Coordinator

Rebecca and her student staff coordinated the Job Fair on campus for Summer Bridge students the end of June 2006. The location was great (Cooperage) and the set up allowed the students to get a very good idea of positions and departments hiring. My department received 10 applications from the fair; very good applicants with transferable skills. Thanks to Rebecca I won't be scrambling looking for applicants. Job well done, Rebecca! — Nominated by Aurelia Melgar, Support Services Coordinator

Sheila Mackintosh-Sims, Barbara Dietrich, Rhiannon Isham, Tracy Navas, School of Business and Economics

Kudos to the School of Business and Economics staff for its ongoing dedication and commitment and, most recently, for the seamless execution of the AACSB accreditation visit. The SBE staff worked collaboratively and tirelessly with the dean, department chair, AACSB coordinator and administrative manager in the months prior to the visit to compile and report data and, in the weeks prior to the visit, worked effortlessly to ensure every detail of the accreditation visit was addressed. The SBE staff identified and transformed existing space to accommodate the visiting team workstation requirements and created a comfortable and inviting environment for the team to work in. The SBE staff dedicated its weekend and lengthened workdays to extend every courtesy available to the visiting accreditation team. The staff members also made numerous visits to the hotel the accreditation team stayed at to insure the same courtesy was met off campus. They are a huge asset to the School, faculty and students and their contributions are appreciated. Thank you and keep up the great work! — Nominated by Lorraine Tang, Administrative Manager, School of Business and Economics

Scott Brown, Ron Titus, Steve Klein (Grounds), Tom Daly, Ray Brown (Carpenter Shop), Gregory Flick, Tom Stokes, Frank Nides and Dick Ogg (Electrical Shop)

I would like to give an applause award for the incredible job that Scott, Ron, Steve, Tom, Ray, Gregory, Tom, Frank and Dick did on installing lighting on the pathway from the Cooperage to the main part of campus. Numerous students have commented on how much safer they feel traveling back and forth at night to class. Great job, guys. — Nominated by Pat Seda, Facilities

Scott Mathemeier, Information Technology, Windows System Administrator

When a main campus file server (SSU-5) was diagnosed with problems, it was determined the server needed to be replaced very soon. Scott Mathemeier took it upon himself to coordinate the security group assignments. This meant standardizing on 986 security groups governing over 32,000 folders. Scott worked diligently and molded the existing fractured structure into a standardized consistent model; and he did it all in just 4 days. Thanks to his efforts the entire project went very smoothly and we now have a more secure and better documented environment for people to work on. — Nominated by Barry Blackburn, Director of Computer Operations

Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Diana Carll, Natasha Thomas, Daniel Fox, Victoria Chavez and Maria Villa

Thanks to the awesome staff at CB's and the Summer Grille for always being cheerful and helpful. You give us a safe haven with good food, no matter what time of year, and we appreciate Tracy and staff and the great atmosphere they create for us. — Nominated by Martha Ezell, Information Technology Department

Tom Daly and Pat Seda, Facilities

I would like to thank Tom and Pat for the very personal, timely and attentive care that they offer to us at CBC and TOAST. These two operations get worked over, and without the efforts of Tom and Pat, those working-overs would show! I value the relationships I have with both of these gentlemen, and I honor the sense of community they try to maintain on this campus. — Nominated by Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Operations Manager, Charlie Brown's Cafe & TOAST

Alan Snyder, Facilities

On behalf of all of us here in Admissions and Records, I would like to thank and commend Alan Snyder for the beautiful job he did constructing our new security door. He built exactly what we asked for and the end result even exceeded our expectations. Great job, Alan! I would also like to thank the following people for their work on this project. They not only helped to make the door very functional and look great, but they also made sure that the work was done in a timely manner, which we really appreciate! Thank you to Kevin Martin, Paul Lange, Kevin Dahlstedt, Dustin Mollo, Harvey Delorm and Rich Marker. You guys are the best!! — Nominated by Vicki Johnson, Administrative Coordinator

Bill Pfeffer, IT, AIS Analyst Programmer

Bill has done a fantastic job of stepping up to the plate and assuming primary responsibility for the security of our PeopleSoft HRSA database. He quickly learned and accepted this new job while doing all of the other assignments required of him. Thank you Bill for taking on this extremely important role while maintaining a positive and professional attitude and handling all of your other very important responsibilities!— Nominated by Edna Nakamoto, Sr. Director, Employment Services

Bo Owens, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Bo Owens deserves a giant round of applause for creating a system that has ironed out the confusion of seeing so many patients for their sports physicals here at the Student Health Center. Up to now this has been such a hectic ordeal. Bo approached this with a lot of thought, patience and a sense of humor. We appreciate you Bo for making our jobs here easier! — Nominated by Karyn Lobley, Clinical Support Student Health Center

B. Scott Brown, Equipment Operator

I would like to thank Scott for his hard work on restoring the practice fields. He worked tirelessly on getting these back into shape for our kinesiology courses, athletic practices and student use. — Nominated by Jessica Way, Conference, Events and Catering

B. Scott Brown, Equipment Operator

Scott worked on the irrigation damages from the Eagles concert continuously. He handles his equipment operations as well. He repaired the main lines, replaced many damaged swing joints leading to the heads and set all of the sprinklers to grade. He ran the large roller to help level the field, aerated and assisted filling low spots with soil. He helped seed and spread top dressing over the entire field. Scott went out of his way to fix each issue and try to bring the field back to playable condition.— Nominated by Samuel Youney, Director of Landscaping

Cathy Stuckey, Communication Studies, Department Coordinator

Cathy Stuckey has helped me, our department, and SSU students in countless ways. She consistently assists others making the job seem easy when clearly it is not. She provides endless support offering expertise on detail after detail. Her cheerfulness is a great comfort and I would not enjoy SSU life as much without her wonderful insights and hard work! — Nominated by Elizabeth Burch, Associate Professor, Communications

Cindy Chong, Mark Utarid, Armagh Ocegura and Facilities Services

At the conclusion of the Service Awards ceremony on November 16, Employee Relations was left with 8 large boxes containing chairs awarded to 35-year service award recipients who were unable to attend the ceremony. An urgent call went out to Cindy Chong to see if a truck and driver was available to transport us and the chairs to several campus locations. Not only did Cindy respond quickly, but she dispatched two of the nicest and most accommodating employees we have met. Mark and Armagh arrived with smiles and winning attitudes. They not only saved us the work of trying to get the chairs around individually, they told us to relax and let them do all the delivering themselves. After a busy morning, that kind of customer service was the best thing that could have happened to us. Thanks again to Cindy, Mark, and Armagh! — Nominated by Employee Relations and Compliance Services

Connie Lewsadder, School of Social Sciences, Assistant to the Dean

Connie Lewsadder deserves the highest praise and a standing ovation! She has helped in more ways than can be counted and always does so with a smile and a positive attitude. It is so rare to find someone like Connie because she is always so happy to help me problem-solve. She relishes all the challenges to understanding the various aspects of form handling and reimbursement I present to her and always has a cheerful word when asked for help. She is a true partner in my work. Connie always has a "can do" attitude. Because of Connie, I can concentrate on the educational and academic activities of the Center for the Study of the Holocaust. — Nominated by Myrna Goodman, Director, Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide

Connie Lewsadder, School of Social Sciences, Assistant to the Dean

Connie is one of the most well-rounded co-workers I have ever worked with. She is multi-talented and her repertoire includes not only the myriad of high-level administrative skills, but wonderful personal attributes as well. She is extremely bright, artistic, diplomatic, honest, straightforward and merry. I do not know of another person on this campus who I would rather work with. She always adds color to any room and her smile is contagious. More than anything else, Connie is the epitome of integrity. She is a role model for all workers in the world. — Nominated by Sandra Feldman, Program Coordinator, Liberal Studies Ukiah

Connie Lewsadder, School of Social Sciences, Assistant to the Dean

Connie is always friendly and helpful. In particular, she extends the effort to attend to the kind of details that just make the day more special...the stickers on the CDC agendas really do make a difference! The baked goods and other gestures of kindness that are unexpected and just make one stop and smile for a minute in the middle of a busy day. She was also really helpful and attentive when our administrative coordinator was out for an extended period of time. — Nominated by Maureen Buckley, Chair, Counseling Department

Connie Lewsadder, School of Social Sciences, Assistant to the Dean

Connie is extremely helpful. She shows initiative and dedication by constantly and consistently operating with a pro-active approach. Furthermore, Connie is always effective at reducing friction and confusion during those inevitable difficult or problematic situations. She clarifies and focuses on the relevant aspects. In addition, she is extremely professional while always remaining personable, especially when having to be particularly discreet with issues of confidentiality or interpersonal conflict. — Nominated by Richard Senghas, Chair, Anthropology Department

Customer Services Staff

I wanted to recognize the wonderful customer service provided by our very own stellar Customer Services Staff. No matter what issues or service is required all the ladies in the office, front line, support staff and management, continue to impress and at times awe me with their professional calm, cool, and collected attitude. Due to the high level of confidentiality of many issues that have been resolved, I would like to generally recognize their entire body of work. Any time anybody has any questions, any fees or payments, registration questions and/or problems, and any issues or challenges with all aspects of University Life, these Customer Service Queens rise to the occasion. I have worked in customer service in a variety of intense environments, yet I have never worked with this advanced level of excellence. Thank you for inspiring me to be excited about my job every day I enter 1000 Salazar.

Diana Carll, Food Services

Diana is yet another of an amazing crew that not only supports, but develops Charlie Brown's Cafe and TOAST. Customers at TOAST know about one of dining services best kept secrets, but it's time those of you who don't frequent the shack learn of Diana. Diana is one of the most calm, funny, genuinely nice people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, and to have her to work with makes me more willing to come in and do my part each day. Diana makes more money per square foot than any other venue on campus; but we like her anyway! Diana runs TOAST, and I am proud to be able to support her in any way I am able. Thank you Diana, thank you. — Nominated by Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Operations Mgr., Charlie Brown's Cafe & TOAST

Dolores Bainter, Administrative Coordinator, Modern Languages & Literatures

Upon the departure of Kelly Mackura from the office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities, Dolores Bainter took on all of Kelly's duties related to the Arts & Humanities Research & Creative Works Forum, including arranging rooms and organizing equipment for talks, often at the last minute. She has gone far beyond the call of duty in her patience with last minute requests and has even lugged equipment into place and helped set it up when necessary. The Forum couldn't have happened this semester without her, and I would like to thank her for all of her help! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Chair, Modern Languages and Literature

Dolores Bainter, Administrative Coordinator, Modern Languages, and Barbara Moore, IT Specialist

I would like to nominate Dolores Bainter and Barbara Moore for this Applause! award for their hard work and collaboration on a Modern Languages and Literatures Alumni Survey. Their efforts will allow the department to receive invaluable information from 40 years of ML&L alumni. While Barbara was in charge of the technical aspects, Dolores worked hand in hand with her on design aspects and spent hours putting together eye-catching postcards to contact our grads. The final version, currently being implemented, is a beautiful piece of work. Our thanks to both of you! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Chair, Modern Languages and Literature

Doug Bishop, Custodial Supervisor, Facilities Services

The custodial crew work on campus while most of us are home asleep. For this reason, it is challenging to communicate effectively at times. However, this is not true when communicating with Doug Bishop. The first time I needed to communicate with Doug he was so responsive that he stayed late in order to discuss the issue in person, enabling us to come up with a solution in a short amount of time. Recently there was an unfortunate miscommunication with a student and, once Doug became aware of it, he not only explained to the student "what and why" it happened but also took her advice and enacted a policy to thwart similar problems in the future. He and his staff went way beyond the call of duty so this student did not suffer a loss due to the miscommunication. Doug is a thoughtful and caring person, and an exceptional asset to SSU. I hope you get to meet Doug eventually, but you'll need to be on campus in the wee hours in order to do so!

Henry Amaral, Facilities; Steve Anderson, Physics and Astronomy; Ron Bartholomew, Center for Performing Arts; Bill Bayley, IT; Geri Beam, Friend of SSU; John Connole, Center for Performing Arts; George Ellington, Police & Parking Services; Dave Fichera, IT; Ken Fichera, Friend of SSU; Tracy Goodman, Customer Services; Kent Hayden, Library Systems; Colleen Hendon, Financial Services; Nate Johnson, Police & Parking Services; Rick Minervini (Jake), Friend of SSU; Steven Nank (Elwood), General Services; Lori O'Hara, Customer Services; Liam Robertson, SSU Music Student; Gregg Sheehan, Financial Services; Jerry Uhlig, Student Union; Bob Williams, Student Union; and Brian Wilson, Music

To all the organizers and performers of Halloween Party 2005 - WHAT A SHOW! You managed to grab our attention from the very start with that outrageous police motorcycle entry, and then hold our attention with a steady parade of original songs and acts and contest judging, all the way to the final delight of witnessing the band about to be arrested by our very own police! Who knew we had so many hams in our midst? Clearly, a lot of people put in a lot of time and effort to create and coordinate this special show, and I want to express my appreciation for that. It was a huge success! Thanks for going beyond the call of duty to entertain us! — Nominated by Edna Nakamoto, Senior Director, Employment Services

Henry Amaral, Barry Blackburn, Alisandra Brewer, Ray Brown, Scott Brown, Chris Colebank, Tom Daly, Craig Dawson, Harvey DeLorm, Dave Dougherty, Eric Eisenhart, Nancee Fox, Steve Francisco, Mike Gaal, Steve Gould, Michael Hagen, Lesley Hunton, Nate Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Clarence Jones, Susan Kashack, Scott Lance, Nancy Lyons, Tony Machado, Neil MacKenzie, Rich Marker, Robin Marshall, Shelley Martin, Judy Mefferd, John Mentz, Linda Mikowicz, Dustin Mollo, Kamen Nikolov, Jim Noonan, Maggy Nunes, Kevin Otten, George Petru, Roseann Richard, Jaime Rivas, Bernie Rodriguez, Mary Rogers, Floyd Ross, Sam Scalise, Pat Seda, Jim Silva, Larry Stone, Jim Swan, Lee Swicegood, Ron Titus, Nic Werner, and Bob Worth

There were dozens of employees who took time from their holiday break to help the University recover from the devastating flood that hit campus on Dec. 31. These employees worked tirelessly and selflessly throughout the day and nights following the floods that swamped not only SSU, but the North Bay and other areas. Despite the very best efforts of all, almost $1 million in damage was sustained by the University, primarily in the Information Technology area. Every effort has been made by managers to identify those who contributed to the campus recovery. We apologize for any missed names. The work of all employees involved in this campus emergency is sincerely appreciated.

Holly Galbraith, Dining Services, Food Service Worker 1, Lead

Holly is the right hand of Charlie Brown's Cafe, and she straight-up rocks! Holly works every day to improve the quality of service not only to our customers, but to the students we employ as well. Holly holds firm to the high standards of quality to which the Charlie Brown Cafe subscribes, while being an empathetic leader. Holly is always so rock solid in her performance, that she inspires me to dig deeper, rise higher and try to go further than ever before in development and sales. I don't kid myself, without Holly, CBC would not be what it is today. Thank you Hollyanna, thank you. — Nominated by Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Manager, Charlie Brown's Cafe

Jack Ritchie, Library Assistant

A standing ovation for Jack Ritchie! Jack makes my use of the Schultz Library productive and relatively effortless. As my contact person with the E-Reserve system, Jack always helps me make certain that my use of the resource is efficient. A natural teacher, he explains all aspects of the library's systems in a calm and understandable manner. Jack is a gentle, literate helper. This round of applause is a thank you to Jack for all the consistently friendly help he has given me over the years. — Nominated by Myrna Goodman, Sociology

Jack Ritchie, University Library

When I show visitors around the campus, I always make the University Library one of my first stops. To impress these people, I like to have them see the Automated Retrieval System in action but I can't do that without experienced Library staff. I've made it my habit to look for Jack Ritchie to gives the ARS tour. He always finds a way to make himself available, even if I walk in with the visitors and ask him on the spot. Jack's tours are entertaining and informative and our visitors never fail to leave impressed. So, thanks Jack for understanding how important it is to give our guests this important look at the outstanding University Library and ARS. — Nominated by Susan Kashack, University Affairs

Jaime Russell, Human Resources Generalist, Employment Services

Conducting a successful recruiting campaign for graveyard shift custodians can be an exhausting, very time-consuming process to locate just the right candidates for our open positions. Jaime has worked tirelessly on supporting our needs in this area for the past year and has really gone the extra mile to assist in scheduling candidates for early morning interviews. She sacrificed her own personal sleep to arrive as early as 6:30 a.m. to meet and interview prospective employees. She is a very valuable asset to the University and a strong partner for supervisors to have when going through the recruitment process! — Nominated by Doug Bishop, Custodial Supervisor, Facilities Services

Jean Wasp, Media Relations Coordinator

Jean Wasp has been a great resource for Seawolf Shops as the store endeavors to become more visible within the campus community. Jean has made NewsBytes a very rewarding outreach experience for the store with her positive can-do attitude in making our announcements reach out to everyone. She has gladly given advice as needed and also volunteered suggestions to make our events stronger and better publicized. And most of all, when things don't go as we had hoped, she is right there telling us not to give up and to keep trying. The Seawolf Shops APPLAUDS Jean Wasp! — Nominated by Ken Brown, Manager; Marcia Harrigan, Marketing Coordinator, Seawolf Shops

John Muller, University Library Assistant

John is a marvelous person to have in charge of the Library's media center. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of film; documentaries as well as feature films. John is always cheerful and often helps make the impossible happen. I use videos and DVD's in the Holocaust Lecture Series and this semester he was able to steer me to a new DVD copy of an ancient 16mm film that is a perfect introduction for students to the subject matter. This is small thanks to John for his wonderful attention to the needs of Library patrons! — Nominated by Myrna Goodman, Professor, Sociology

Joshua Schultz, Program Development Manager, Research & Sponsored Programs

In rushing to meet the deadline for a multi-campus collaborative National Science Foundation proposal, Josh went far beyond his call of duty to assist me in finalizing and submitting my proposal. Josh helped to develop details of the budget, tracked down signatures, and coordinated our proposal with other campuses. His efforts were key in the success of my grant proposal submission. — Nominated by Lynn Stauffer, Professor, Computer Science Department

Julie Greathouse, Everett Painter, Takashi Abiko, Tyler Miller, Allen Davenport and Jennifer Beck, Residential Life Coordinators

I have worked in residential life for eight years here at SSU. I have never seen the quality of work better in terms of our Residential Life Coordinators and the role they play on campus. From roommate conflicts, to coordinating campus and residential community programs, to teaching classes, to providing limits and education to our residents regarding the plethora of issues that 18 - 21 years old can find themselves in, to working with parents, student staff, faculty etc., the RLC's have literally touched thousands of students lives. The weeks prior to Spring Break have been incredibly difficult in terms of students challenging the guidelines of our community, a wide variety of emotional issues that are dealt with in some very self- destructive manners, and random emergencies such as a recent fire in one of the student suites. The RLC's have been professional, have worked tirelessly to provide our students with support and challenge, and have almost literally worked around the clock to ensure that the rights, responsibilities and safety of all of our residents are taken into consideration. I have never been more proud of a staff as I am this year! — Nominated by Mo Phillips, Residential Life Coordinator

Karen Hatton, Human Resources Assistant, Employment Services

Karen Hatton enhances the quality of life at SSU by kindness, which is a quality I find essential in the workplace. Here is a specific example: About once a week, I receive a phone call or visitor who wants to speak personally with Karen. They consistently say to me things like, "I just want to thank her personally. She was so helpful when I called (or visited) before." I think that I am the only one who really gets to see these moments of gratitude and I am happy that I do get to see them. For potential applicants, Karen frequently "makes their day." And watching that happen makes my day, too. A little bit of kindness can go a long way, and Karen is very generous with kindness. — Nominated by Betsy Ward, Employment Services Assistant

Kamen Nikolov, Center for Performing Arts, Production Coordinator

Kamen Nikolov continually goes above and beyond the call of duty for all of us here at CPA, Music and Theatre Arts. For the past month my co-worker, the Administrative Coordinator for Music, has been away from the office due to a family illness. During this time Kamen has come to my rescue whenever I have had to deal with any questions related to the music program. Whether it's sound and technical assistance for guest artists, or rental of a harpsichord, or even opening classrooms for faculty, he performs each task with efficiency and grace. His genuine concern for his co-workers and willingness to do whatever is needed to solve the problem make him indispensable to all of us. I can't imagine anyone more deserving of applause. — Nominated by Shelley Martin, Administrative Analyst Specialist, Theatre Arts

Kamen goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. I think he's supposed to deal with the unenviable task of scheduling events in the Center For Performing Arts, but he assists students in finding answers to their many, varied questions, assists visitors to the department in directing them to the right person, assists faculty and staff in ANY possible way . In short, he is indispensable! He also has a smile on his face, and a seemingly bottomless pit of good humor! He never ever takes out his frustrations (does he have any??) on anyone. What a marvel. We cannot do without Kamen anymore! Ask anyone of the office staff in the CPA. They adore him! -Nominated by Yvonne Wormer, Staff Accompanist, CPA

Katherine McCormick, Extended Education Analyst

Katie is the room scheduler with Extended Education for our Psychology Masters Programs. Our programs have special needs that most programs do not. She is always willing and able to accommodate our needs and changes that we almost always have. She is a pleasure to work with particularly during the trying times of scheduling rooms when the type of rooms we need are very hard to come by. — Nominated by Karen Fischer, Graduate Administrative Coordinator

Kathleen Piro, Office Administrator, Political Science

Kathleen has consistently (for years!) gone beyond the call of duty to help faculty and students in the Political Science/History/Anthropology Departments. Her expertise in information technology saves the illiterate in this field and her patience is ever so obvious when the office is filled with desperate faculty and students all asking for something at the same time. She truly deserves this recognition! — Nominated by Robert McNamara, Professor Political Science

Kris Montgomery, Women's Resource Center Coordinator

I want to recognize the excellent work performed by Kris Montgomery during the entire calendar year of 2004 when she assumed the role of Interim Coordinator of Student Discipline. Kris was extremely professional and conscientious as she handled many challenging student discipline cases with skill and grace despite her lack of formal training in judicial affairs. She improved the student discipline protocols and record keeping systems while developing strong working relationships with various campus departments. Kris also recommended significant improvements to the Cheating and Plagiarism Policy and initiated an SSU Philosophy Statement Regarding Alcohol and Drugs. In summary, the University is indebted to Kris Montgomery for her extraordinary efforts "beyond the call of duty", and I know that she is pleased to return to her ongoing assignments in the Women's Resource Center and the Office of Campus Life.

Laurel Holmstrom, Academic Senate Analyst and Carolyn Epple, Professor of Anthropology

We would like to give a huge round of applause to Laurel Holmstrom and Carolyn Epple for their outstanding work and leadership in creating the first SSU Queer Studies Student Research Conference, held June 23-24. This event brought exceptional student scholars from all over the nation to our campus, and also brought our staff, students, faculty and the local community together to discuss these important topics. Their dedication to this project, and to the visibility of the Lesbian-Gay-BiSexual-Transgender-Queer-InterSexual community, is exceptional. Thank you, Laurel and Carolyn! — Nominated by LGBTQIS Resource Development Coalition and Safe Zone Programs

Martin Longoria, Police and Parking Services

Community Service Specialist Martin Longoria spends much of his time patrolling the residential community watching for safety hazards and suspicious people. He also unlocks doors for residents who have forgotten their keys. When emergencies arise on campus, he guides fire equipment and ambulances to their destinations, helps with the crowd and is eager to assist drivers with vehicle jump starts and lockouts. — Nominated by John Mentz, Sergeant, Police Services

Matt Flores, Academic Records Specialist, Admissions and Records

Matt Flores who works in Admissions and Records unequivocally deserves an Applause Award. I have been handling some university business matters for a student overseas and this includes forms needed for graduation. I had never met Matt. But from the moment I approached him with this situation, he displayed a caring, sensitive and willing attitude every step of the way which made my task much easier. Matt is exactly the type of employee Sonoma State University is fortunate to have and one that represents Admissions and Records well. Matt Flores is the epitome of customer service and an employee with a heart. — Nominated by Connie Lewsadder, Assistant to the Dean, School of Social Sciences

Meryl Montalto, Employment Services

A huge round of applause goes to Meryl Montalto of Employment Services, who regularly goes beyond the call of duty using her exceptional PeopleSoft and database management skills to make recommendations to improve work flow efficiency. She proactively created on her own two specialized checklists for the Employee Relations team, which will reduce workload in two programs, as well as providing a central location for the information that can be easily accessed. She is a great asset to Employment Services and deserves recognition for her out-of-the box thinking and ingenuity! Thank you Meryl for all you do. It is greatly appreciated! — Terilynn Bench, Employee Relations Representative /ADA Coordinator

Mira Aceves, GeoTeam Consultant

I lost my power supply for my laptop and had to reorder from Dell and they said it would be 10 days!!! Mira kindly found a friend who loaned me one until I got mine. I would have been without my computer for that time period without her help. Now, THAT is customer service, which is the hallmark of what we do in Development and when it comes our way, it is SO appreciated. — Nominated by Robin Draper, Development Officer

Mira Aceves, Pablo Romero, GeoTeam

These two get my high five and then some! During a two day crisis of finding all of our desktop files gone, they quickly came to our rescue. Without our computers, we are rendered helpless and they fixed the problem right away with a smile and a sense of humor. Knowing they were under so much pressure from a lot of people, they remained so patient and helpful with all of our needs. The Health Center can't thank you enough! — Nominated by Karyn Lobley, Clinical Support, Student Health Center

Mike Kiraly, Administrative Manager, University Library

Sometimes, you hear about quiet, unsung heroes who go above and beyond the call of duty. Mike Kiraly is one such individual. I recently learned that twice a year, Mike and a small crew of individuals do a top to bottom cleaning of the entire library. His motivation is simple; provide a nice safe and clean place for the patrons and employees without adding an additional burden on the custodians. Often people talk about the things that should be done. This is an example of someone coming up with a great idea and doing it even though it's not glamorous and is really hard work. Thank you Mike! — Nominated by Edna Nakamoto, Senior Director, Employment Services

Modesto Llanes, Media Circulation Coordinator, Information Technology

Very recently, Mo saved the campus from a major computer, network and phone outage with quick action. During one morning's heavy rain, the drain just outside the hallway to the Data Center, PBX room and NOC got clogged and water was starting to flow into the hallway. Mo jumped into a giant knee-deep puddle and kicked the debris out of the way, allowing the drain to flow again. He got totally soaked in the process, but without his quick actions going far beyond the call of duty, we would have had a massive outage within minutes. (That water was rising fast!).— Nominated by Eric Eisenhart; Unix/Linux Systems Administrator

Monica Flores, Director of Student Services, School of Education, Credentials

I applaud this person because she is not only a loyal friend and colleague, but she goes beyond her call of duty to help students at all levels. But what is even more important, Monica cares and advocates for all students to preserve their roots and identity which is so vital to succeed in any society. The daughter of migrant parents, Monica graduated from Stanford and was a high school teacher before becoming a key person with BECA (Bilingual Enrichment Career Advancement). Currently she is a key person in the School of Education credential program as director of student services. When I learned that Monica, along with her Mom Graciela, spends every Saturday training students from Geyserville in the traditional dances from Mexico, I thought this was an awesome gesture and commitment given that she has a very demanding job. The Geyserville dancers performed at the Day of the Dead in the downtown Santa Rosa event, and recently, at the Teacher Diversity Project event at Cali Calmecac Charter School in Windsor. These young people see her not only as their dance teacher but as the Latina role model they want to become. Thanks Monica! You are awesome beyond words! — Nominated by Ellie Galvez-Hard, Teacher Diversity Project, School of Education

Nels Worden, Chemistry - Stockroom Chemist

I would like to applaud and thank Nels Worden in the Chemistry Department for helping to solve the "white board problem" on campus. I have been teaching this semester in Carson 68 and the white boards were badly smudged and almost unusable. Nels dropped everything and came over from the modular laboratories to work his chemical magic on cleaning the white boards. He also provided a spray solution and towels to keep the boards clean. Going even further, Nels contacted the manufacturer of the white boards about steps we can take to keep all white boards on campus (and in the renovated Darwin Hall) clean in the future. Nels is spreading the word around campus about the proper pens, use of clean erasers, and periodic cleaning with cleaning fluids to assist everyone who uses white boards in their teaching. Thank you Nels! — Nominated by Matt James, Chair Geology Dept.

Perce Smith, American Multicultural Studies, Administrative Assistant

We are a department with more than 75 majors and four full-time faculty members. Perce Smith coordinates all the departmental business in a courteous and prompt manner. She is kind to the students and faculty who rely upon her for help. Without her, our office would be chaotic and disorganized. Although she has battled health problems this year, Perce has still managed to do a top-notch job and make all of our lives easier. For this, I feel she deserves an Applause Award from the SSU community.— Nominated by Michael Ezra, Assistant Professor of American Multicultural Studies

Shelley Martin, Theatre Arts, Admin. Coordinator

While I was gone from my job for five weeks attending to the care of my mother, Shelley took over all the responsibilities of my job on top of the busy overwhelming department she handles. I want to graciously thank her and all her helpers for all the work they performed while I was gone. I cannot thank her enough for her support. Thank you, Shelley. — Nominated by Mary Rogers, Administrative Coordinator, Music Dept.

Terilynn Bench, Employee Relations and Compliance

Because of limited mobility problems over the past few years, I've needed help getting around campus from time to time. Terilynn has assisted me at every perilous turn in the road! Just this past week she cheerfully made a special trip to the scooter shed to find a key I had dropped. Every time I ask for help, she works to facilitate a solution to my problem whether it be finding a key or moving a special chair to a different classroom. My thanks to Terilynn for all her help! I would be lost without her help! — Nominated by Myrna Goodman, Chair, Sociology Department

Tracy Navas, Business and Economics

Tracy did an outstanding job of organizing Business School events. She has gone the extra mile in working to make events a real success! — Nominated by Robert Girling, Professor of Business

Veronica Duarte, Teacher Diversity Project

Veronica Duarte is an exemplary employee and team player. She is always willing to help and do her work, often going beyond the call of duty. Because she represents what the Teacher Diversity Project is all about, she is able to communicate and relate well to all the students who come from similar cultural backgrounds. The fact that she is a bilingual elementary teacher, and has a degree in Spanish, allows her to bring the academic support needed behind the pursuit of a teaching degree. — Nominated by Ellie Galvez-Hard, Teacher Diversity Project, Director

Victoria Chavez, Cook I, Dining Services

Victoria is another of the really amazing people with whom I have the distinct honor of working. Victoria is the person responsible for creating all the food for the Charlie Brown Cafe, and she is outstanding at her job. I remember when "VV" moved into production for CBC, and was most unsure about her skill set. Now, "VV" is part of the team which has become synonymous with quality food and service as well as maintaining commitment to our vision and values. The only thing that Victoria has lost in the past two years is her desire to question her talents. Victoria arrives for her shift most days at 2:30 a.m. to begin preparing the food for the day's needs. Victoria's beans and rice recipes are brought to us from her own home as are the good intentions with which she creates all of our dishes. Without Victoria, much of this side of campus would either go hungry or go elsewhere. Again, I know how fortunate I am to have another amazing team member on the CBC/TOAST team. Gracias mi amiga, Gracias.— Nominated by Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Operations Manager, CBC/TOAST

Will Sykes, Information Technology, IT Consultant

Although Will's efforts were not directly visible to most of the campus, it was due to his diligence and efforts, along with his technical skills, that we were able to diagnose the problems with our recent effort to migrate our Windows Domain to a new domain. Will was responsible for not only coming up with the cause of the problem but he also developed the initial solutions which we used to get people back up and running. — Nominated by Robin Marshall, Director of User and Workstation Services

Alan Snyder, Facilities Services

People seem to enjoy the 20 or so banners that hang at the main entrance year-round. They say it adds to the collegiate atmosphere on campus. Well, it's no easy task to put up and take down the five different banners each year. That job is done primarily by Alan Snyder. The job takes considerable time and Alan is out there, rain or shine, (translation: he's mostly roasting in the sun or dripping in the rain) making sure that the banner rotation takes place. Not only does he do a quality job, but he has an extremely positive and can-do attitude. Thanks very much, Alan, for contributing to the Sonoma experience for our students. — Nominated by Susan Kashack, Director of Communications, University Affairs Office

Bill Bayley and Katie Musick, Media Services

What a duo! Bill with his assistant, Katie, have faithfully captured the library's lecture series, week after week, including the current IT MATTERS! lecture series for streaming via the Web. This task requires a great deal of set-up, fine tuning and enormous logistical challenges, not to mention patience, humor and creativity, much of it on the fly. They have enhanced our ability to share some exciting presentations with those who can't be present. We are enormously grateful for their expertise and collaborative spirit. SSU is very fortunate to have such fine professionals in our midst. —Nominated by Barbara Butler, Dean, University Library

Claudia Bettinelli, Dee Pettis, Lisa Johnson & Lori Balestrieri, Post Office Employees

Claudia, Dee, Lisa, and Lori at the Post Office are the best-kept secret at SSU! They are efficient and organized and always helpful. Every year I mail approximately 300 copies of a journal all over the world, and not only do they welcome me (and my often overloaded cart) with a smile, they even order special envelopes and stamps ahead of time. Even boxes weighing upwards of 30 pounds don't seem to daunt them! They have my sincere gratitude for all of their annual help.— Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Associate Professor of French

Erica Wilcher, Operations Analyst, School of Social Sciences

Department chairs from different departments are jointly nominating Erica Wilcher, the school scheduler for the School of Social Sciences for her handling of the schedule. Erica was extremely cordial and a key factor in keeping structural tensions from becoming interpersonal ones. She was organized, efficient, creative and was and is always responsive to a constantly changing scheduling process. Thanks to her terrific ideas, scheduling has become much simpler. She is an amazing coworker with a wonderful capacity to simplify the complex and cut to the heart of problems by presenting clear and unusually innovative solutions; she minimizes confrontation with a careful and diplomatic approach to problem solving that is as welcome as it is rare. She interacted frequently with all departments with the utmost professionalism, was a consummate team player and offered her assistance to other departments. Her proactive approach, foresight, and clear understanding of both departmental and school-level processes and needs are remarkable. In summary, Erica consistently performs in an extraordinary manner and with great devotion to our departments and the campus community. The school is grateful and fortunate to have her for she is truly a gifted, dedicated staff member. — Nominated by Randall Dodgen, David McCuan, Richard Senghas, and Cindy Stearns

Facilities Building, Electric, Plumbing, Custodial and Landscaping Crews

I would love the opportunity to nominate the facilities folks for all of their efforts in helping keep Charlie Brown's Cafe and Toast running, and looking great. Pat and Tommy are always there for us for all of the really weird requests that we submit. Luz, Lori and the rest of the custodial crew in CBC just rock my world, repeatedly. Dick Ogg and his gang of electricians; Kevin, Jeff and the rest of the plumbers — what an all around great group of guys. Thanks for all of your help, and for exchanging stories about the "old days" in the morning. A final shout to the landscaping crew for keeping Toast so right and tight looking. It's a pleasure to serve such as awesome group. I am humbled as much as I am inspired. — Nominated by Tracy Ramsdell-Ray, Operations Manager, Charlie Brown's Cafe & Toast

Harvey DeLorm, Director of Engineering and his staff: Matt Bedford, Kevin Davis, Greg Fish, Rick Pearsall, George Petru, Ron Titus, and Mike Twyford

Throughout the many crises Carson Hall has experienced with heat and water problems this year, Harvey DeLorm and his staff — Matt Bedford, Kevin Davis, Greg Fish, Rick Pearsall, George Petru, Ron Titus, and Mike Twyford — have all displayed incredible patience and professionalism in dealing with this extremely frustrating situation. They have minimized the inconvenience to students, faculty and staff and have diligently worked to keep things running as smoothly as they can under the circumstances. A heartfelt THANK YOU! from all of us here at the Hutchins School.

Jack Ritchie and Michael Cullinane, University Library

I would like to nominate Jack Ritchie and Michael Cullinane for the support they provided in posting a series of articles on eReserves for one of my courses. When my fax machine at home, and the one in the departmental office, failed to send the full articles, Jack calmly found an alternative and made sure the information was there for the students. At this time of semester when everyone is rushed, it was wonderful to feel the support and professionalism of both of these library employees! — Nominated by Barbara Lesch McCaffry, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies

Kathleen Hardy, Desktop Yoga, and Human Resources Directors & Managers

I call this the "Namaste Award" and I give it to Kathleen Hardy and the the enlightened directors/managers in HR who saw the benefit of having Kathleen's wonderful Desktop Yoga included in the Employee Wellness Program allowing it to be offered gratis to SSU staff and faculty. Under Kathleen's inspiring instruction and gentle, calming manner many of us are reaping the untold benefits of including yoga in our "life path" in our SSU employment. — Nominated by Gregg Sheehan, Sponsored Programs Accountant

Kelly Mackura, Administrative Assistant, Arts and Humanities Dean's Office

Kelly has been a real pleasure to work with during the scheduling process; patient, cooperative, and always pleasant. Scheduling during this budget crisis, especially never having done it before, must have been extremely challenging. Kelly did an awesome job finding rooms, changing rooms, and maintaining her professional attitude through it all. Very impressive! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Mary Rogers, Collette Brutocao, Sue Foley, Merle Williams, Brenda Cloney, Shelley Martin, Cathy Stuckey, Janice Wright, and Kathy Melee.

Ken Baker, IT Department

My computer has crashed and it looked as though I was going to lose four years worth of files and work. Ken spent hours trying to recover my files and in the end he was able to do it! Helping me seemed to be a priority, even though it was the first week of classes. His expertise and efficiency were tremendous. — Nominated by Wendy Ostroff, Assistant Professor, Hutchins School

Lisa Kelley-Roche, Academic Coordinator of Sociology/Criminal Justice Administration

Having taught Introduction to Sociology for 23 years I have dealt with many assistants who work to make registration and moving the 200 students who take this class between sections possible. In all those years there have always been students who are lost in the system or who we never seem to get registered in the right sections. This year was the first year that Lisa did this work and it was flawless. I commend her for her warmth, humor and organizational skills and for making the work of teaching such a large class easier. With her help those students were served exceptionally well and it is appreciated by me and the students alike. — Nominated by Elaine Leeder, Professor of Sociology

Marguerite Saint Germain, Admissions & Records

Amid the chaos of a new semester, Marguerite went out of her way to help a harried advisor and confused transfer student. The student needed his transfer classes revaluated and was told to petition each class individually. I called Marguerite before writing my recommendations for each class. In two hours Marguerite reviewed the transcript, called Arizona State and corrected the error, giving the student three additional and important GE course credits. She saved all of us time and wasted effort. I applaud her willingness to stop, listen, and help. — Nominated by Melinda Barnard, Communication Studies Advisor

Nancy Crosat, Administrative Assistant, Department of Kinesiology

In addition to her full time job as assistant administrator to our department chairman, Nancy is all about taking care of our students. They flock to her for answers about their class schedule, eliciting her help in signing up for, dropping or adding classes, filing graduation papers, scheduling appointments with their advisors, listening to their "life" problems, supporting their successes and offering a compassionate ear for their failures and frustrations. For many of our students she is a "mom" away from home. She sincerely cares about our students and is committed to helping them have a good experience here at SSU. She is positive, friendly, helpful and caring. She demonstrates to the students that they are welcome and wanted here at SSU. She is a wonderful ambassador for our University and this department. — Nominated by C. Douglas Earl, Professor of Kinesiology

Patti Sinclair, Laura Lupei, Jessica Way (Events, Conferences and Catering), Stephanie Larcher (University Club), Tyson Hill and Ian Hannah (Student Servers), Mark Dierkhising (Executive Chef), Jason Crise and Arturo Guzman (Kitchen Staff)

We would like to nominate this group for an applause award for all their efforts to help make the Galbreath Wildlands Preserve reception and dinner a great success. The reception was in the University Club and dinner in the Terrace Room in the Commons on May 11, to honor and appreciate the donation of this land to the University. Their efforts and adaptability in the planning and execution of the evening's events helped ensure all those who attended enjoyed the events. — Nominated by Cathi Cari-Shudde, School of Science and Technology and Katrena Franco, Development Office

Ralph Shapiro, Network Analyst, Information Technology

Ralph Shapiro was extremely helpful and timely in helping me solve a faxing problem of some very important documents. He provided a clear and understandable explanation, checked out the problem thoroughly, and offered a good solution that worked. It was a pretty stressful situation, and he came through with flying colors. I think he deserves a round of APPLAUSE. — Nominated by Gregg Sheehan, Financial Services

Rocky Rohwedder, Environmental Sciences and Planning and Jay Field, IT

You were very, VERY GOOD at Schultz Unplugged!! I enjoyed all your playing and singing "to the bone"! So nice to see faculty and staff with other hats and other talents that are willing to share with the SSU community. Thanks so much. — Nominated by Gregg Sheehan, Financial Services

Rod Baraz, Duplication Machine Operator, KODA

Rod in the KODA Copy center has always been there for the Financial Aid Office when we needed his services most and quite often at the last minute. He helped improve our efficiency in a cost effective way and went beyond the call of duty to get us what we needed during our crunch time between March 29th through April 2nd, with thousands of copies we needed to contact our thousands of applicants. We value his services and he goes beyond the call of duty to help us out Thanks Rod!— Nominated by Catherine Murray, Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid,

Russ Greenspan, Information Technology

A group of over-worked, over-looked staffers on campus has once again come through in a time of need. I'd like to bring attention to the Network group of Information Technology and a member of that group, Russ Greenspan. Russ jumped on a crucial date move that the Library requested and he did this quickly and efficiently, allowing access to a needed area. The Network group is seen all over campus working through problems, installations and moves without impeding the flow of university business. They work in an environment that is constantly changing but still preserve that "can do" spirit. They truly deserve recognition and thanks for handling a huge workload with a great attitude.— Nominated by Kent Hayden, University Library, User Technology Services

Summer Grill Staff, Food Services

I applaud Danny, Brian and the young women of the Summer Grill for the wonderful food, excellent customer service and friendly smiling faces this summer! They are all extremely friendly and make customers feel welcome and they pay attention to details, including knowing customer's names. A great job! — Nominated by Aurelia Melgar, Support Services Coordinator

Sylvia Sifuentes & Staff and Henry Amaral & Staff, Facilities

In February 2004, Sylvia appeared in our offices, ready to paint. For the next six weeks, she and her staff, assisted by Henry and his staff moved furniture, assisted us in acquiring "gently used" furniture and painted our offices, one by one. Sylvia & Henry are creative and imaginative, and managed to get the job done with a minimum of inconvenience. They and their crews did loads of work, always with a smile and always on time. Thanks to the efforts of these great people, the entire Extended Education staff has a fresh and clean environment. — Nominated by the Staff of the School of Extended Education

Talmadge Savage, Dining Service Manager, Ameci's

A hearty THANK YOU for Talmadge Savage from the Staff Appreciation Day committee. Not only was he instrumental in the success of Staff Appreciation Day, but he went above and beyond for the Staff Appreciation Night for Custodians, coming in late at night on his own to get everything prepared so that this event would go smoothly for our custodians! The food, as always, was fabulous. We greatly appreciate his professionalism and dedication, and for being so great to work with on these events. Thank you, Talmadge! — Nominated by the Staff Appreciation Day Committee

Todd Simmons, Facilities, Lead Auto Equipment Mechanic

On behalf of Employee Relations and Compliance Services, we would like to recognize Todd Simmons for the excellent customer service that he demonstrated on November 9. In the midst of urgent business, an Employee Relations and Compliance cart tire was in dire need of air. Around 4:15 p.m. a panicked call was placed to Todd to see if he could fill the tire immediately. He told us to bring the cart right up and he'd drop what he was doing. Not only did he stop what he was doing and fill all the tires, but then even reassured us that he was happy to do it for us! Todd's customer service, complete with a smile and joke, made the "joyride" to his shop well worth the trip. Many thanks to you, Todd!!! — Nominated by Employee Relations and Compliance Services

Vicki Irey, Paul Lang, Steven Nank (Facilities), Mike Kiraly, Kent Hayden and Paul Cotter (Library)

The Physics and Astronomy Department had equipment arrive a week earlier than scheduled. The field service engineer showed up to install the system and deliver a day of training. Due to the efforts of Vicki in Facilities, Paul the locksmith and Steven in Receiving, we got the delivery and moved it to the new location. Thanks to Mike Kiraly, Kent Hayden and Paul Cotter from library administration and the library IT service, we were set up with computers to support the instruments right now! The spectroscopy experiment was online and running in one day. It is a great feeling to be part of a team of professionals who can perform many complicated services, at a moments notice, on any given day.— Nominated by Steve Anderson, Equipment Technician, Physics & Astronomy Dept.

Zeke Voight, Corporation Yard

I would like to thank Zeke Voight for his diligence in responding to and looking for the mysterious leak over my window in Carson Hall 44. He is always there to check the roof for blockages that might affect the situation. This level of service is awesome and he is just such a nice person.— Nominated by Sue Foley, Administrative Coordinator, Hutchins School

Jason Spencer, Barbara Butler, Mark Dierkhising, Gregory Flick, Larry Furukawa-Schlereth, Kathleen Hardy, Dick Ogg, Laurie Ogg, Jay Pedersen, Karen Tillinghast, Bruce Walker, Bob Williams, Gloria Allen Willie Lee, Susan Kashack, Craig Dawson, Employment Services, Ameci's, University Pub, and Bookstore

The Staff Appreciation Day Committee would like to thank the following for making the day a success: Morning Mixer speaker: Jason Spencer, Student Body President; breakout session presenters: Barbara Butler, Mark Dierkhising, Gregory Flick, Larry Furukawa-Schlereth, Kathleen Hardy, Dick Ogg, Laurie Ogg, Jay Pedersen, Karen Tillinghast, Bruce Walker, and Bob Williams. The Committee would also like to thank the following for their assistance during the day: Gloria Allen and Willie Lee for helping in setting up the game equipment, Susan Kashack for advertisement of the day on the SSU web page, Craig Dawson for providing emergency glue removal, Employment Services for the development of the trivia contest, Payroll and Benefits for helping to set up the quality booths, and all those who participated in the quality booths. The Committee would also like to thank Ameci's, University Pub, and Bookstore for their generous donation of prizes for the trivia contest.

Ai Sasaki, CIHS Student Assistant

Ai continues to go above and beyond the call of duty with her job as Student Assistant, for the Family Violence Prevention Project at CIHS. We are often knee deep in work when Ai arrives and steps in to help us with getting the work load complete. Ai is always a willing and hard worker and open to learning new things. She consistently goes the "extra mile". — Nominated by Julie Barnes, Administrative Support Coordinator, CIHS

Dolores Bainter, Modern Languages & Literatures, Administrative Coordinator

At the beginning of the semester, Dolores single-handedly rescued Modern Languages and Literatures' enrollments by working with scores of individual students to walk them through the PeopleSoft registration process for language classes, which had regularly been sending error messages to students attempting to enroll in our lower-division courses and preventing them from enrolling. By the end of Registration 2, our classes still weren't full, but Dolores most definitely saved the day (semester!) by her kind and patient attention to students' needs, and to her devotion of hour upon hour with them at her own computer work station to facilitate the registration. Thank you, Dolores! — Nominated by Suzanne Toczyski, Chair, Modern Languages and Literature

Carla Stone, Gallery Assistant and Coordinator

Carla always works hard and does a great job managing the Gallery's programs and special events. This semester she oversaw two complicated exhibitions, but really went "beyond the call of duty" in putting together the Art Gallery's successful 25th anniversary celebration and benefit on November 16th. Bravo!

Christine Hayes, Web Designer

Months ago, Christine designed the Employment Services web pages. At that time, she went above the call of duty training me to use Dreamweaver to post new text. Since that time, Christine continues to support me in discovering new aspects of the program. Recently, Christine has opened her office door and welcomed me to use a different program that exists on her computer. She has been generous with her time, space, and expertise. Thank you Christine for your continued professionalism and support. — Nominated by Jaime Edge, Human Resources Generalist

Cristin Tuider, Off Campus Housing Coordinator

As a long time asset to SSU, Crissy Tuider deserves applause. Crissy has been with the University for many years, but her legacy is most visible in her development of the Off-Campus Housing program. She has put great effort toward establishing a functional relationship between local communities, landlords, and our student body. Crissy's actions have led to a new on-line database for use by both students and landlords. She has also researched and collected pertinent information regarding housing issues in Sonoma County and effectively communicates that information throughout workshops, landlord fairs, and one-on-one counseling. She enables and empowers SSU students with the knowledge necessary to protect themselves in one of the most difficult housing markets in California. For these reasons and many more, I would like to thank Crissy for her selflessness and genuine interest in the SSU community. — Nominated by Kimberly Krawchuk, CIHS

Dee Dee Brannan & Barbara Danelia, Office of VP for Administration and Finance

The Provost Search Committee would like to thank Dee Dee Brannan and Barbara Danelia for their exceptional work on behalf of the committee. Their organizational skills, professionalism, willingness to help out with all the details of the search, and infinite amounts of patience were greatly appreciated by all members of the committee. Several of the candidates mentioned how impressed they were with how smoothly things went while they were on campus and specifically named Dee Dee and Barbara for their careful assistance and attention to detail. Thanks Dee Dee and Barbara. You did a great job! — Nominated by the Provost Search Committee

Delmy Sulzer, Financial Aid Representative

I frequently interact with student employees who are paid through a work study grant. This requires approval by Financial Aid prior to the student starting work. Delmy is prompt to communicate with Employment Services about the approval status and getting us the required documents quickly. I appreciate Delmy's help, attention to detail, and ability to get to solutions. Every week I seem to come up with something that requires a call to her. She either finds the answer or finds the person with the answer. She consistently goes the "extra mile".— Nominated by Betsy Ward, Employment Services Assistant

Dick Ogg & Chuck Elliot, Facilities Department

Dick Ogg and Chuck Elliot and supporting staff members from the Facilities Department really came through for SSU Basketball. Due to an NCAA rule change, the 30 second clocks in the Main Gym had to be replaced. Dick spent a great deal of time making sure the installation would work while Chuck made custom brackets for the clocks so they would survive the shock waves being mounted on top of the backboard. The work was completed on a very quick deadline with the first basketball game of the season only a few days away. Athletics is very appreciative of their outstanding efforts to get the job done.— Nominated by Bill Fusco, Director of Athletics

Lakin Khan, Administrative Assistant, Mathematics

Lakin Khan, an Administrative Assistant in the Math Department, is a blessing. She kept the Math Department office running, working only her normal four hour shift, during my recent medical leave. Our office is extremely busy with 100 majors, 30 faculty, and 453 FTE. Lakin's gifts, including good humor, organization, and people skills, make all the difference in the Math Department on a daily basis.— Nominated by Marybeth Hull, Administrative Coordinator

Mark Anderson and Modesto Llanes, Media Services

Mark Anderson, along with Modesto Llanes and a number of other assistants, run Media Services on campus. What that means is that Mark and Moe are the lifeblood "behind the scenes" in almost every classroom experience ar SSU. Their job: keep the equipment running — the overhead projectors, the slide projectors, the TV/VCR's, the Powerpoint presentations, the data projectors, and so on — that make it possible for the professors to focus on their jobs, which is to cultivate student learning. Since the day I arrived on campus over five years ago, Mark, Moe and their team have been there to provide support in every equipment crisis I have ever had, every single day. I am so grateful for their timely, professional and excellent work, which continues even in light of budget constraints. Their experience on this campus is simply invaluable and should be applauded with a standing ovation! — Nominated by Elizabeth Burch, Communication Studies

Pat Seda, Facilities

A huge thank you to Pat Seda who took the time to check on the Library during the torrential rains in mid-December. His quick response to an overhead leak kept damage to a minimum. He was on the spot when howling winds blew open our doors and water threatened some of the electrical wiring. He continued to follow up over the weekend to make sure there were no additional problems. The Library staff, especially those on duty during the "off" hours, are very grateful for Pat's good support and commitment.— Nominated by Barbara Butler, Library Dean

Rod Baraz, Duplicating Machine Operator, KODA

Rod has been described as a true gentleman who constantly goes the extra mile for SSU employees. He does a phenomenal job of getting all the departmental copying requests done on time, and is very accommodating as will as continually gracious. One AC commented on how the work flows very smoothly at KODA even at the beginning of the semester! Rod always beats the deadline for the copy requests that are submitted to him and never complains. He praises and thanks employees for bringing a project ahead of time, yet also understands when there is a push on a project. Rod spends time with employees to make sure the form is complete and that he understands what is needed on projects. Pleasant, understanding, efficient and commendable are some of the comments that staff members use to describe Rod. Even when he is surrounded by endless jobs, he is patient beyond comprehension. He is dedicated to his work and that in turn makes other staff members look good in their departments. To sum it up, rod definitely has a can-do attitude. Thank you Rod, you are greatly appreciated by all! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Nancy Crosat, Sue Foley, Francesca Harrison, Beverly Krystosek, Christine Lee, Connie Lewsadder, Shelly Martin, Leslie Moulton, Kathleen Piro, Mary Rogers, Cathryn Stuckey, Yvonne Thompson, Gayle Walker, Merle Williams, Stephanie Wilkinson, and Janice Wright.

Sue Bennett, Information Technology, Analyst/Programmer

Sue overcame significant obstacles — including a short turn around time, the learning curve of a new database, and a make-it-or-break-it deadline — in programming the extract that was needed to allow continuing SSU students to apply for the state Cal Grant program. Sue's attention to detail and persistence also ensured that accurate information was reported when it wasn't so easy to determine how that would be done. Thanks, Sue!. — Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, Director of Financial Aid

Terry Cheney, Facilities

Our sincere thanks to Terry Cheney for accomplishing the incredibly challenging task of getting the Schultz Information Center's PA system up and running. We have needed this critically important system to operate smoothly, especially in case of an emergency in this late public building. The system had never worked properly which caused the library staff extra work and anxiety when trying to secure the building. It took Terry long hours to untangle wires and trace connections throughout the facility's infrastructure. He stayed with it and was able to accomplish what the manufacturer and service contractor couldn't. We all appreciate Terry's commitment and ability! — Nominated by Barbara Butler, Dean, University Library

Tim Tiemens, Housing

I am applauding Tim Tiemens for his consistently effective, collegial, collaborative, and "just do it approach" to day to day tasks. Whenever I work on something with Tim, I rest assured that he will respond graciously, logically, promptly, and will not let things get lost in the shuffle. Even better, he will keep me completely up to date on the status of the project. As chair of the Committee on Wellness and Health Promotion, I recently worked with Tim regarding Residence Halls implementation of the revised SSU Smoking Policy. Tim set up notification procedures for current and incoming Residents immediately. In the face of concerns about signage and ash urns relocation, Tim gathered input and moved ahead without delay, providing pleasant e-mail updates as to status; no muss, no fuss, just done. Similarly, in response to a new and cumbersome state law requiring maintenance of documentation that Residents be notified about meningococcal disease and vaccine, Tim quickly and graciously found and implemented a solution. — Nominated by Georgia Schwartz, M.D., Director, Student Health Center

Yvonne Thompson, Administrative Coordinator, Anthropology/Linguistics/Human Development

The School of Social Sciences congratulates Yvonne Thompson on her forthcoming retirement. The staff and faculty would like to express our sincere gratitude to her for her 35-years of dedicated and faithful service to Sonoma State University, the School of Social Sciences, and the three academic departments she supports. She is an extraordinary and treasured member of our staff and she leaves an immeasurable legacy behind her as she closes this chapter in her life's work. Yvonne has openly shared her vast knowledge of the University and its processes with every staff member in our school. We have been blessed with her professionalism, her kindness, and quiet sensibility. Yvonne will unquestionable be missed and is irreplaceable. — Nominated by The Staff and Faculty of the School of Social Sciences

Amanda Eberhardt ,CIHS/CalSTAT (California Services for Technical Assistance and Training) Student Assistant

The staff at CalSTAT would like to thank our student assistant Amanda Eberhardt for being such a valuable employee. Amanda has been with us for over a year and during that time has demonstrated abilities and attitudes that we would covet in a full time employee.

Amanda has a positive attitude that is infectious. She is always friendly and supportive of all staff members. She is the first to volunteer to help and is adept at prioritizing deadlines. She listens to instructions carefully and accomplishes her assignments completely and efficiently the first time. She has the ability to look ahead and see what is needed in the way of supplies and/or time in order to complete a task. She is highly proficient with the computer, has a professional telephone manner, and performs all office tasks well. She schedules her classes and semester breaks to optimize her availability for work.

Amanda's youth, sense of humor, outgoing personality, and common sense keep us aware of our University environment. Her vitality, independence, strength, and compassion affirm the best in young people.

Barbara Thompson and Tracy Goodman, Customer Services

Tracy and Barbara did an absolutely fabulous job hosting and organizing the campus Halloween event this year. Thank you! — Nominated by Edna Nakamoto, Sr. Director for Employment Services

Becky Cohen , Administrative Coordinator, Nursing Department

Becky goes the extra mile to problem solve complicated issues; she makes suggestions on ways to improve the business of the department. She is a superb Ombudsman for the Nursing Department. She is helpful and willing to consult with and help other staff and departments and serve on University committees. She knows how to fix the copier in Nichols and is willing to help faculty when they need assistance! She is extremely empathetic and understanding with the many questions presented to her by both potential and current students. She takes time to listen to potential applicants, she patiently describes the various programs and the prerequisites, and walks them through the process of supplemental application. I have never heard her get angry or be anything but professional and polite on the phone or in person. She was instrumental in helping me submit a grant with complicated tables on time! All of her efforts improve the visibility of the department and University, and most importantly they make life easier for students, faculty, and other office staff. — Nominated by Wendy Smith, Nursing

Beverly Krystosek, Sociology & Criminal Justice, Admin Coordinator

There is no one like Beverly. At the hub of TWO departments plus Project Censored, she manages to bring efficiency as well as high spirits to the job every single day. When the semester started each faculty member was given a folder of handouts that Bev, on her own, had prepared for us. These included phone numbers, home addresses, schedules, office hours and University-wide information — an incredibly thoughtful yet time-consuming task. I applaud Bev who is not only our coordinator but also a counseling graduate student, for her forthright defense of the tech high students in the Star newspaper, leading to a dialogue about understanding and acceptance of diversity on campus. For all your contributions, thank you Beverly! — Nominated by Dr. Joyce Johnson, Sociology Instructor

Cathryn Stuckey , Communication Studies, Department Coordinator

Cathryn is the kind of staff member that makes you happy to be working at Sonoma State. She exhibits her expertise with grace and style, even in the most difficult of circumstances. She maintains a calm in the department office during the hectic registration periods and is greatly appreciated by faculty, staff and students alike. Thanks to her sense of humor, she eases the burden of dealing with endless paperwork. Cathryn is a tireless support of faculty and students in the Communications Studies Department.

Charlotte Brown, Rafael Habtezion, VaLinda Kyrias, Frank Oddy, Sandy Stever, Accounts Payable Vendor Representatives

The staff in Accounts Payable is more than worthy of applause for all of the hundreds of payments that they process every week. One might think that they are just doing their job, but there are so many special circumstances that can distract from automatic processing, yet they continue to process payments in a timely manner. They deal with difficult people every day looking for payments on invoices that they often have not even received. This unit is rarely appreciated while it is one of the most hard working units on campus. I applaud their unending work ethic and 'can-do' attitudes.

Christine Hayes, Web Designer, CMS

Employment Services would like to give a big round of applause to Christine Hayes for all her help with the Employment Services web site. Christine has the remarkable ability to know what you want and how to get you there even if you don't have a clue. She also possesses the patience of a saint and a great sense of humor, both of which came in very handy on this project. Thank you, Christine, for all your help!

Connie Lewsadder, Administrative Coordinator, Psychology

Connie routinely goes way beyond the call of duty on behalf of the Psychology Department. This has been especially evident in her helping us to recruit students for three focus groups for our self-evaluation process, and in her help around the planning and execution of our departmental retreat. She is a wonderful asset! — Nominated by David Van Nuys, Chair, Psychology

Dawn Owens, Faculty Affairs Analyst

Dawn Owens has been described as the "patron saint" of the Administrative Coordinators and having the patience of Job. She is highly respected among the AC's as well as other university employees. She is very helpful, polite, pleasant, encouraging and was/is a great help during the PeopleSoft transition. She is prompt in returning phone calls and answering questions, in spite of being very busy. Dawn is highly professional, very attentive to detail, and has a good sense of humor. She is also known for giving individual assistance; she recently spent time with a new AC venturing on her first tenure-track search in the AC's office. Dawn is never condescending toward anyone and oh-so patient! The AC's feel comfortable asking her any questions they have. She constantly delivers "superlative customer service".

With 40 tenure-track searches being conducted this academic year, we want Dawn to know that she is very much appreciated and what a valuable employee she is to the university. Thanks Dawn for being so amazing! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Becky Cohen, Nancy Crosat, Sue Foley, Kathleen Hardy, Leslie Mouton, Kathleen Piro, Connie Lewsadder, Sheila Mackintosh-Sims, Mary Rogers, Cathryn Stuckey, Yvonee Thompson, Jan White, Erica Wilcher, Merle Williams, Julie Wood, and Janice Wright

Erica Wilcher, School of Social Sciences, Administrative Coordinator

Erica brings to SSU an enthusiasm and warmth appreciated by all. She maintains a professional attitude while dealing with both routine and emergency situations. Erica consistently produces high quality work while being very attentive to detail.

Gaye Stump, Psychology Graduate Programs

Gaye goes out of her way to be accommodating to students and to those inquiring about our graduate programs in psychology. She is very warm and respectful to all students and faculty with whom she has contact. Gaye shows very good organizational skills and approaches her multi-task job with grace and calmness. She is an excellent ambassador for Sonoma State University programs as she goes about discharging the duties of her position.

Grace Ziesing, Anthropological Studies Center, Information Manager

Grace Ziesing has been filling in for Adrian and Mary Praetzellis, the Principle Investigator and Operations Manager for the Anthropological Studies Center (ASC), for the past three months while Adrian and Mary have been on sabbatical. While Adrian, Mary, and Grace prepared for the temporary transition for several weeks prior to their departure, Grace's new position was extremely difficult. Grace has had to fill not just one set of big shoes, but two, while still managing her own accounts during their absence, and she has risen to the challenge. Grace has practically lived at the ASC for the past three months, making sure that all of our projects were staffed, funded, and on time. Though winter is normally a slower time of the year for the ASC, this winter has been incredibly busy and has found the staff spread throughout northern California on a variety of large, complicated projects. Grace has skillfully kept the place running smoothly while keeping her good humor and her door open for questions and problems. Her management and organizational abilities have not only allowed us to continue our projects effectively, they've allowed Adrian and Mary to take a much deserved vacation, the first since their honeymoon over two decades ago. As full-time Senior Staff of the ASC, we would like to recognize Grace's absolute devotion and more than full-time commitment to keeping the ASC functioning at top performance.

Henry Amaral, Facilities

Henry is the type of person who is always willing to help someone. Often, during work order for moving furniture, someone will ask for a little extra without going through the proper procedure. Henry will say "No problem, we can do it. Just give us a few minutes." They reply "Oh thank you so much Henry." What would it be like not having Henry around? One thing is for sure. Henry may be small in size, but if anyone replaces him, they will have a very big shoe to fill.

Jan Coulter, Anthropological Studies Center, Business Manager

Jan inherited a complex and difficult job just as the ASC was completing our transfer from Foundation to State, and at the onset of PeopleSoft. We have almost 60 full and part-time staff, as well as different interns, students, and volunteers through the semester, and Jan has been incredible in keeping the ASC functioning through one of our busiest, and most challenging, years. Jan is here first thing in the morning, she's here late, and she's here on weekends, all while juggling family and successfully passing her CPA test. Without Jan, this organization would grind to a halt - no one else has the knowledge or skill needed to track the two to three million worth of personnel, IDC, benefits, contractors, equipment, and rental vehicles we get annually through contracts, and make our work mesh smoothly with the University's — and she does it with good cheer and wit. As full-time Senior Staff of the ASC, we would like to recognize Jan's hard work and competent abilities and thank her for her efforts, which allow us to focus on our own projects and continue to bring in research projects, and jobs, to the University.

Jan Volk, Purchasing/Contracting Buyer

Without any prior notice, Jan dedicated most of a day to research and execute an emergency service agreement on behalf of Housing Services. To complete this agreement, Jan took initiative to contact several other campus departments to insure that the final agreement met everyone's needs. The services began at 8:00am the next day. — Nominated by Tim Tiemens, Director of Housing Services

Jane Wright, School of Social Sciences, Administrative Manager

I would like to nominate Jane Wright for the Applause Award Program. When I began as Dean of the School of Social Sciences in the summer of 2001, I had many new tasks to learn quickly. I was able to count on Jane to anticipate what I needed to know. She did so even before I knew that I needed them. These prepared materials were understandable and easy for me to focus on. In addition, she helped me with the trauma of moving, which turned out to be more of an ordeal than I expected. She was there for me in countless ways; physical assistance, emotional support and all done with humor and kindness. During the rest of the year she helped me deal with budget cuts, personnel issues and situations that I could never have handled without her wise counsel and humorous intelligence. Jane Wright is a remarkable woman. She was trained in the military and has adapted to higher education with amazing resilience. She does many things without my asking for them. Often she does them before I even know that they need doing. She is thorough, professional, quietly efficient and uniquely qualified for all that she undertakes. She is also a quick learner and highly adaptable, learning how to work with a new Dean in a very short period of time. I am quite lucky to have her as my administrative manager. She manages all of the AC's in the School of Social Sciences with a firm hand, but also with the same leadership qualities that have served her well so far. Jane deserves this Applause Award; she is an exemplary employee. — Nominated by Elaine Leeder, Dean, School of Social Sciences

Jessica Hallock, Events Coordinator, Administration and Finance

Jessica assisted a fellow employee in finding a lost set of keys. Jessica went beyond the call of duty by searching a full trash can and finding the lost keys.

Julie Wood, Administrative Coordinator, and Kathleen Piro, Assistant to the Administrative Coordinator, History/Political Science Departments

I would like to nominate Julie Wood and Kathleen Piro. I have worked with Julie for four years, and Kathleen for this academic year. I would like to commend both women for their unfailing professionalism and extraordinary skill in performing their duties. Julie and Kathleen are staff to over 25 faculty, and 400 History and Political Science majors. They advise majors on administrative matters, and provide information on General Education courses to hundreds of students every semester. In addition to their regular jobs, Julie and Kathleen are currently providing staff support for two tenure-track hires, and the formation of adjunct hiring pools. They also coordinated celebrations for retiring faculty, and assisted the Social Sciences School Office in coordinating the retirement party for Dean Robert Karlsrud. I am amazed that Julie and Kathleen do such an outstanding job in such a demanding work environment, and still manage to maintain their composure.— Nominated by Catherine Nelson, Associate Professor, Political Science

Katie Duran, Arts and Humanities

Katie is so on top of things! She is very helpful and goes out of her way to get things done for me. Other people don't give me the time of day, but Katie walks me through the process or gets me in touch with the right people. Katie is very knowledgeable about University processes and she creates a "learning environment" for fellow staff to benefit from her experience.

Kristen Fellner, Thora Wilson, Leslie Mouton, Rosemary DeGowin, and Judy Ingels, School of Education

We are grateful to these five remarkable women for devoting countless hours to overseeing the months-long preparations and intensive three-day visit by state accrediting officials who piloted a credential program evaluation protocol at SSU. We acknowledge that their work on the arrangements and scheduling, materials preparation and organization was added to their regular responsibilities. Their cheerful dispositions, effective problem solving, and competent and extended coordination of the many people and "pieces" involved in this important evaluation process deserves accolades. So we applaud their collaborative accomplishments on behalf of our teaching credential candidates.— Nominated by the Faculty from the Departments of Reading, Language and Culture AND Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Lisa Bradley, Jocelyn Delamore, Sally Hopkins, Sara Phillips, Patricia Standley, Jeanne Zielinski, the administrative and evaluation staff for The Hilton/Early Head Start Training Program, California Institute on Employment Services

We want to acknowledge this outstanding team of dedicated women who work tirelessly at handling all the logistics and accompanying paperwork related to the thousands of participants and consultants attending the program's national SpecialQuest training events. The Hilton/Early Head Start Training Program. a 5-yr program funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and the Head Start Bureau, provides intensive training and follow up services to teams of Early Head Start programs and families of infants and toddlers with significant disabilities. The program is one of the projects housed at the California Institute on Employment Services (CIHS).This wonderful staff takes care of the very complicated team enrollment process, travel arrangements, hotel reservations, registration confirmations, parent stipends, preparation and shipping of training materials, and follow-up evaluations for the program.

Each member's contribution has directly affected the success of this innovative training program. We couldn't have done it without them!! — Nominated by Management team from the Hilton/Early Head Start Program, California Institute on Employment Services

Maria Countouriotis, Employment Services, Assistant to the Senior Director

Maria's help was invaluable to my co-worker and me during a tricky office move. She not only coordinated the usual telephone/computer hook-ups and furniture move with lightening speed, but also used her creativity to help us fit two workstations into a small office space. The move was accomplished ahead of schedule, too. The layout works for us, and I know that it could not have happened without Maria. Thank you!

Marion Yeager, Customer Service Specialist

Marion has proven to be helpful, patient, and courteous at all times and is able to find an answer to just about everything! She is knowledgeable and if there is something that she is not sure of, she finds out; she is very thorough in her answers. Marion has been complemented on being one of the kindest, most gracious people on campus. She always goes above and beyond to help people with any problems, questions they may have. She has a calm demeanor even in times of stress that helps quite a bit. Marion makes working with Customer Service an absolute delight and she is the true embodiment of customer service. Thanks Marion for being so wonderful to work with! — Nominated by Dolores Bainter, Katie Dahlstedt, Sue Foley, Gaye Grace, Kathleen Hardy, Connie Lewsadder, Mary Rogers, and Yvonne Thompson

Mary Rogers, Music Department Secretary

Patience, availability and caring, repeatedly offers kindness by taking care of my needs.

Marybeth Hull, Mathematics, Administrative Coordinator

Marybeth is efficient, friendly and helpful to students, staff and faculty. She often thinks ahead, alerting me to matters that are crucial to the smooth running of the department before they become urgent. As the Administrative Coordinator of one of the largest departments on campus, Marybeth increases the SSU quality of life for hundreds of students.— Nominated by Brian Jersky, Associate Professor and Chair, Mathematics

Merle Williams, Administrative Coordinator, English Department

Merle Williams is the most capable staff person I have ever come across at Sonoma State. She always presents a helpful, professional demeanor to the students, and to the faculty as well (who can be much more demanding than the students!) PeopleSoft has slowed down and complicated many of our administrative processes and we would be unable to hire lecturers, evaluate their teaching, put out position announcements, or accomplish any of this kind of work at all were it not for her. I sometimes see her in the office on the weekends learning about PeopleSoft so that she can teach us! She runs the largest department in the Arts and Humanities with only part time assistance and does a fantastic job. I am always amazed at how much she can accomplish in a short period of time. When I came here as a first year tenure track faculty member, Merle did more than anybody to help me learn how to do the administrative service which is such an important part of the job. — Nominated by Lisa Nakamura, Assistant Professor, English

Mila Chace, Payroll and Benefits

The first day Mila was assigned to print a report she made the comment that the report did not seem complete. Without being asked, she made it possible so that the Financial Aid Office had a report that had all the information we needed. She also explained the process of timing for printing the report, and why there was a delay. Thank you, Mila, for your assistance!

Paul Wilshire, Service Center Coordinator, Information Technology

Over the past five years, Paul Wilshire has consistently solved numerous computer problems and crises with a grace that calms even the most anxious of us. Just two weeks ago, six other students and I were scrambling to complete data analyses for conference presentations. One morning, we discovered that the statistics program that worked the day before was no longer available. One phone call and Paul came immediately to our labto troubleshoot the problem. This is the kind of help he has provided us over and over again. Anyone who depends upon particular software programs for their work know what a priceless service Paul provides.— Nominated by Heather Smith, Psychology

Peter Wallstrum, Information Technology

Peter took responsibility for the success of the Ghost Server project. This reduced the time it took to install operating system and application software on new Dell workstations from hours to minutes. He almost single-handedly made the User Workstation department job much easier and the entire campus benefits from IT being able to install software over the network instead of walking around with disks or CD's.

Phil Peterson, Media Production Coordinator, Information Technology

I would like to thank Phil Peterson in IT for his quick response and reply to my request for the editing of the amateur video that was taken at Staff Appreciation Day. The event was videotaped on June 3rd and needed to be edited by June 6th so the night custodian crew could view it during their Staff Appreciation Night. It was a very amateur video that needed a lot of work! Given the size of the task and the short turnaround time, Phil responded to my request and made an appointment on the same day. Since I had no knowledge or training on the equipment that needed to be used, Phil patiently viewed the video and worked his magic; the amateur video now looks great! Because of his work, the entire night custodian crew was able to see a higher quality video. Many thanks to Phil. — Nominated by Carol Ingerman, Employee Relations

Phil Peterson, Information Technology

Phil has been a great resource for faculty, students and staff. He will always go the extra mile when asked to help. He has assisted in video production, covering after hours events on tape, editing and sharing his expertise so generously. Phil is a rock of dependability and always there to help.

Renee Deorsey, Financial Aid

Renee completed a daunting task by designing PeopleSoft training materials for all members of the Financial Aid office. As difficult as it is for us to learn a new system, Renee's detailed, organized training materials made training sessions easier than they might have been. And, she's even maintained her sense of humor! — Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, Interim Director of Financial Aid

Sallie Washburn, Anthropological Studies Center, Administrator III

Sallie has been with us for several years now and has survived our transition from Foundation to State and the switch to PeopleSoft. She's been the "front line" for our paperwork, making sure that our volumes of receipts, travel claims, travel advances, vouchers, time sheets, client invoices, and bills gets deciphered and organized into a coherent package for the University. She has come to our rescue on several occasions, making sure travel per diem was available for crew, making sure rental vehicles and equipment were ready on short notice, clearing up lodging problems, and making sure that people were getting paid when they were too far away to get their paperwork in at the last minute. At any one time our staff and crew could be spread throughout the state, yet Sallie keeps all of our projects functioning when we can't be there to solve problems. As full-time Senior Staff of the ASC, we would like to recognize Sallie's extra efforts, organizational skills, and good humor that keep us, and the ASC, on the ball.

Sonoma Staff Infection Band: Kent Hayden, Steve Anderson, Gregg Sheehan, Steven Nank, Bob Williams, and Rick "Fiznick" Minervini

Each year these people spend a lot of their personal time developing and performing skits and music at the Faculty and Staff Halloween Costume Contest. They put in many hours of rehearsing for this and do it without any thought of compensation. They contribute gladly and selflessly to promote good spirit and camaraderie at SSU.

Stephanie Wilkinson, Counseling

Many prospective students appear or call the office for information. Stephanie is very helpful, patient and friendly. She is always offering to assist faculty, even with tasks that we could/should do ourselves. Her positive energy makes it a pleasure to come to the office. I never feel like I am putting her out.

Stephen Francisco, Facilities Services, Night Custodian

I am applauding Steve because he not only consistently goes the extra mile, he does it 6:00 a.m. He recently performed two things that I feel deserve an Applause. I ran into him on my way to work outside Salazar Hall and told him that we had an accident with soda on our brand new carpeting, and asked how I could make arrangements for someone to come and clean the carpet. He told me the normal procedure, and I went on to my office. About 10 minutes later (6:00 a.m., when he should have been getting ready to go home) he showed up with all the equipment and said "since you are here and I can get in I'll just take care of that now." He did a great job and restored our carpet back to its new look. Also, there was a vacuum cleaner in our kitchen area that we could not use because the plug was damaged. Steve bought a new plug for it out of his own pocket and repaired it. Thank you, Steve, for your caring and the extra mile you always go.— Nominated by Mary Wood, Managing Director of Payroll and Benefits

Steven Nank, Shipping and Receiving

Steven has gone out of his way on numerous occasions to help us ship and receive great volumes of material to and from NASA. Most of these shipments are under tremendous deadline pressure, so his extra efforts are greatly appreciated.

Sue Bennett, Information Technology, Analyst/Programmer

Sue overcame significant obstacles — including a short turnaround time, the learning curve of a new database, and a make-it-or-break-it deadline — in programming the extract that was needed to allow continuing SSU students apply for the state Cal Grant program. Sue's attention to detail and persistence also ensured that accurate information was reported when it wasn't so easy to determine how that would be done. Thanks, Sue! — Nominated by Susan Gutierrez, Director of Financial Aid

Suzanne Garrett, Senior Credential Analyst

The Special Education intern credential program has recently begun outreach to Ukiah and to Richmond. Initiating programs in these locations far from campus requires us to deliver advising, admissions, instruction, and credential applications in a convenient package. Suzanne Garrett, the Senior Credentials analyst in the School of Education has been forthcoming and generous in making repeated trips to Ukiah and Richmond to facilitate interns understanding of University and CTC requirements. In the process she has demonstrated special sensitivity to the fact that these students are typically less that familiar with University regulations and procedures. She makes herself available both in person, by traveling there, and over the phone and e-mail in a fashion which is inviting and cordial. I know for certain that Suzanne's thoughtful and humane treatment of several of these non-traditional students has been a key factor in their enrollment and success in our program. I should add that Suzanne's "plate" in credentials was already quite full before these programs began. She made time and energy available nonetheless. For this, Suzanne Garrett is fully deserving of the applause award. — Nominated by Tom Cooke; Chair, Educational Leadership and Special Education

Thomas Cooper, Hutchins, Blended Program Advisor

Thomas has done an impressive job of developing outreach materials and application procedures for the new Blended Program in the Hutchins School. His work in advising students, managing admissions and tracking majors reflects a consistently high level of dedication and professionalism. He has contributed substantially to the quality of our students' educational experience.— Nominated by Debora Hammond, Assistant Professor, Hutchins

Yvonne Thompson, Anthropology

Yvonne is always pleasant and efficient. If I ask for something, I find them in my mailbox the next day. She helped me add my name to the phone tree and has looked up answers to my questions in the handbook. She takes time from her own work to do this.