Lunchtime Yoga

Tuesday and Thursday, 12:05PM - 12:55PM
Ives Hall, Room 80

Jeanne Bjugstad is the yoga instructor for Employee Lunchtime Yoga. She has been with Sonoma State University since 1998 and holds multiple fitness certifications which include Kickboxing, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Yogafit, Sports Nutrition, Water Fitness and Pilates. In 2012, Jeanne taught yoga in Costa Rica with Spirit Tours, based out of Santa Rosa. In her free time she enjoys nutrition, hiking, gardening and spending time with her two daughters and two granddaughters.

Lunchtime Yoga is a yoga class suitable for any level of fitness or ability. The class is designed to improve strength and flexibility, as well as providing techniques to relax. Arrive with your yoga mat, wearing comfortable clothing and sign a Lunchtime Yoga Consent form.

Lunchtime Yoga Consent form

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