Human Development Forms and Documents


Getting close to being able to graduate? Congratulations!! While SSU has deadlines for graduation application submission (view them HERE), Human Development majors must apply for graduation the semester BEFORE they intend to graduate. Students intending to graduate in December 2016 must submit their graduation application by April 11 2016. Only students who meet this deadline will be eligible to:

  • Register for HD 490 (this course now requires Consent of Coordinator and only graduating seniors will be allowed to register for it)
  • Petition to take extra units (submiting a petition early ensures students can enroll in the necessary units at the beginning of the registration period)
  • Petition to substitute one course for another that is not available in a student's final semester (e.g., KIN 410; only if applicable--students who have applied for graduation will be notified of any applicable course substitutions)

Students must complete the Grad App before meeting with the Coordinator. The application must include all courses for which the student does not yet have a grade (i.e., course in progress, courses with an incomplete, and courses planned for the next semester (if applicable)). Check your ARR to view courses in progress (yellow diamond) and unmet requirements (red squares)
Courses being taken or planned at another institution must be listed with the information of the actual course, not the equivalent SSU course.

Graduation Application (Fill out and bring a paper copy with you to your meeting with your advisor and the Program Coordinator)

Want to learn more about Graduation Time-Line and Procedures? If you have questions about graduation, please check out SSU's Graduation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Contract Courses

Interested in engaging in an internship with a community partner or research with a faculty member? Great! The first step is to obtain a verbal agreement with the person or organization. Once you've done this, you must fill out the appropriate form, get the appropriate signatures, and submit the form by the end of Add/Drop. For more information on contract courses please see the General Contract Course Information webpage.

Internship Form (HD 496. For doing research with a community partner.)

Special Studies Form (HD 495. For doing research with a faculty member.)

Human Development Forms and Documents

Concept Tracker

HD Exit Survey

Portfolio and Senior Project