Do's & Don'ts

Improper Display

Improper margins: The seal and/or logo must have at least .125" (1/8 inch) of blank space surrounding it.

TIP: one common way to resize an image while keeping the appropraite proportions — in most applications — is to hold the shift key while dragging the corners of the image.

Visual Representation Dos and Don'ts

DON'T use the logo or seal as a watermark or decorative background image.

DON'T superimpose words or graphics across the logo.

DON'T use the University seal for anything other than approved official purposes. See uses of the logo and guidelines

DON'T use the elements of the logo or seal (e.g., the hills, the dove, torch or tree) independently.

DON'T replace elements of the official seal (i.e., the wording "Sonoma State University" or "lux mentis, lux orbis") with any other wording or images.

DON'T create print or online departmental letterhead or other stationery, including internal stationery. Order University stationery from Campus Prints.

DON'T use a logo downloaded from a website or scanned from printed material. Download and use only the most recent files from

DON'T attempt to recreate the logo or seal using similar fonts.

DON'T modify the logo in any way; do not alter the proportions of the image by stretching, squeezing, or otherwise distorting.

DON'T create logos or other marks without prior approval from

Visual Representation Dos and Don'ts

DO make sure when using multiple logos that the Sonoma State image supersedes all others in size and proportion; the University logo should always supersede in size and prominence the marks of any departments or programs.

DO use only the approved and current University marks using University colors and approved sizes as shown in this publication. See

DO consider the appropriate uses for the logo (general promotion) and seal (authentication and formal use).

DO use only approved University colors for logos and marks when designing for SSU print and web publications.

DO display the University seal and/or logo in University blue and white or black and white only. See logos at

DO use only approved designs for letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and other template materials provided by Campus Prints. See for a description of available products.

DO resize logos, images, or the seal for uploading on the web in Photoshop or similar software before importing into a web development application such as Dreamweaver and publishing online.