Marketing Messages

Key Messages About Sonoma State University

Sonoma State is a public residential campus emphasizing creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and community engagement in the liberal arts and sciences, preparing students with transferable skills for professional careers and successful futures.

  • SSU has faculty and staff committed to excellence in teaching and working with students to help them succeed
  • Since students must be well prepared for tomorrow’s workforce, promotion of internships with industry and scholarship opportunities with faculty is a high priority. Many majors have a requirement for either an internship or research experience.
  • Being largely residential in nature with a majority of SSU students living on campus or within a few miles, the importance of learning opportunities outside the classroom is recognized.
  • Co-curricular learning is emphasized.
  • The residential experience turns students into adults and readies them for life.
  • SSU freshmen all take a first-year experience, and many of those classes have living and learning opportunities and leadership roles.
  • Sonoma State has great athletic programs that help students be team players, have a sense of responsibility, work hard, and know how to win and lose.
  • Sonoma State has phenomenal faculty and professional staff.
  • Affordable domestic and international student exchange opportunities for all majors.
  • The Green Music Center allows students to attend performances and participate in performing arts at a world-class concert hall.
  • Through our academic and professional Extended Education programs, SSU offers a variety of career and workplace-focused classes and certificates as well as degree course offerings through summer and intersession programs. 

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