Nomenclature, Service Marks & Advertising


The official name of the University is "Sonoma State University." In both print and electronic documents, the first reference to the University's name should be "Sonoma State University." Subsequent references may be "Sonoma State," or if necessary for brevity, "SSU." Capitalize the U in University when used as a proper noun, (e.g., "Numerous national awards have been presented to the University").

Service Marks

Sonoma State University logos, seals, names and marks are the exclusive property of SSU and have service mark protection from the State of California.

For information about service mark registration contact


Before planning an advertisement, consult with the University Affairs Division, for advice on design and copy. Ads are required to meet certain standards.

Any advertising by University departments, centers and institutes, auxiliaries, student clubs and organizations, or support groups seen by the public, is perceived as representing Sonoma State University, and therefore must adhere to the standards of this Identity Toolkit as appropriate by group (see Use of Logos and Marks for University-Related Groups).