Official Colors

University Dark Blue

Pantone Solid Coated 2945

C=100 M=52 Y=2 K=12
Process DS 208-1
Web Hex=143b87
R=20 G=59 B=135

University Light Blue

Pantone Solid Coated 278

C=43 M=18 Y=0 K=0
Process Coated DS 207-6
Web Hex=8db9e5
R=141 G=186 B=230

The color at left is the official Sonoma State University blue. It is the primary color used in marketing, web, social media and print publications. It is often used with the contrasting light blue, also an official University color. Other colors may be used in conjunction with the official SSU colors.

University Colors and Publications

The logo must appear on all University publications.

  • For one or two-color publications, the logo color must be:
    • 1.) University dark blue and white or
    • 2.) black and white
  • In full-color publications, the logo is always University dark blue