Sonoma State University's identity images include its logo, seal, social media avatar and the intercollegiate athletics Seawolf mascot.

All Sonoma State University offices, academic departments, centers, schools, institutes and affiliates must use the University logo or seal, as appropriate, on all letterhead, brochures, posters, forms and other printed and online materials. They must be produced in a size and resolution that is clear and strong.

The review and approval of all printed materials, including desktop-published projects are the responsibility of the appropriate departmental or program administrator. Questions regarding identity may be directed to the University Affairs Division at university.affairs@sonoma.edu.


The Sonoma State University logo is the primary identifying mark for the University. Its curved line represents the hills that serve as a backdrop to the campus. There are several different versions of the logo that can be used. See University Logos and Marks.

The use of sub-identity logos for University departments and programs is strictly limited. There are, however, instances where these policies are appropriately flexible. Those departments or programs wishing to develop a program identification mark must receive (prior to being developed) approval from the University Affairs Division.


The seal signifies commitment to tradition, education, and innovation. It is primarily used as a sign of authentication and academia. In order to maintain its integrity and effectiveness, it may only be used on official Sonoma State University documents such as diplomas, transcripts, certificates, contracts, and policies.

Social Media Avatar

The social media avatar may only be used for social media sites. To provide further identification of a specific department or program, the name of that group can be listed in the title of the page.


The athletic mascot is the Seawolf, and is intended primarily for athletics and not generally for scholarly, academic or co-curricular use.