Music student awarded Nichols Scholarship

Noam Lemish

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Born in the United States to an American father and Israeli mother, Noam Lemish has lived most of his life in Israel. In 2002, after finishing high school, and being excused from mandatory military service in Israel, he moved to the Bay Area to study with pianist and composer W.A. Mathieu and to pursue a career as a composer and jazz pianist. Lemish was introduced to the Jazz Music Program at SSU and began his undergraduate studies during fall 2002. He has been involved in a wide variety of musical studies and activities since starting at SSU. He has performed in more than 40 concerts and productions, as actor-pianist in a musical theater production, and as the longest standing member of the SSU Jazz Band.

In 2004, Lemish founded one of SSU’s newest student clubs, the Inappropriate Society. The club provides an open forum for students to come together, discuss, explore and challenge issues such as alienation, social conformity and norms, taboos and social injustice. The club is also a direct non-violent action group focused on bringing attention to issues through organizing activities and events on campus.

Growing up in a highly politicized, turbulent region to parents who were actively involved in the peace movement in Israel, and witnessing the plight of war, Lemish has always been aware of social injustice and the value of life. Living a self-examined, compassionate life that nurtures tolerance and a love of humanity is extremely important, Lemish said.