Information Security - Level 1 Data Inventory Survey

This survey is about Level 1 Protected Data. This includes data in any form (paper, electronic, etc), and includes but is not limited to the examples below. Please check any that:

  • you process, store, receive, transmit, or use.
  • your employees process, store, receive, transmit, or use.
  • you or your employees authorize others to process, store, receive, transmit, or use.

Do not include data processed, stored, received, transmitted, or used by other administrators (level II or higher) and their reporting staff.

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Types of Level 1 Protected Data

About The Data
Where is the data stored? What is the data owner or data authority's name? Who is the data steward? What controls are in place? Details
Physical location, network location, on paper, in filing cabinet, etc. Person responsible for authorizing access and specifying controls. (Leave blank if unknown.) Person responsible for implementing controls in this location. (Leave blank if unknown.) Controls to protect data may include passwords, access control, encryption, locks, backups, etc. (Leave blank if unknown.) Description of data and description of its use