New User Registration

External Applicants

You are an external applicant if you are:

  • Not currently employed in a staff or faculty position at Sonoma State University
  • A Student Employee
  • An Instructional Student Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Graduate Assistant

During registration, you will be able to create a user name and password.

  1. Click the External Applicant Login button
    • Note: Do not use the back or forward buttons in your Internet browser. Instead, use the navigational buttons and hyperlinks on the application pages
  2. Click the Click Here to Register hyperlink
  3. Enter a User Name and Password
  4. Confirm your Password
  5. Click the Register button
  6. In the Careers page click the My Profile hyperlink
  7. Use the drop-down arrow to select your Preferred Method of Contact
  8. Enter your First and Last name; all other fields in the Name section are optional
  9. Use your scroll bar to navigate to the other sections of the page
  10. Complete the Address 1CityState and Postal fields; all other address fields are optional
  11. Use the drop-down arrow to select your Primary Email Type
  12. Enter the Email Address to correspond with the type
  13. To add additional email addresses, click the Add Another Email Addresshyperlink
  14. Use the drop-down arrow to select your Primary Phone Type
  15. Enter the Phone Number associated with the type
  16. To add additional phone numbers, click the Add Another Phone Numberhyperlink
  17. Click Save

Internal Applicants

You are an internal applicant if you are:

  • A current employee in a staff or faculty position at Sonoma State University
    Note: Student employees are not considered Internal Applicants. Students working as student assistants, work study students, or instructional student assistants should apply as external applicants.

Internal Applicants do not need to register. Instead, just use your existing Seawolf username and password to login.