Tips and Tricks

  1. Be patient and save often
  2. Entering data and navigating in a web-based environment is dependent on many variables
    • Make sure to save often so you don't lose data already entered
    • Be patient when waiting for the next page to load
    • Clicking a button more than once may cause the system to stop processing and end your session
  3. Do not use browser navigation
  4. Once inside the application, do not use the back or forward buttons in your Internet browser. Doing so may cause data to be lost or may log you out of your session. Instead, use the navigational buttons and hyperlinks on the application pages to get from one place to another.
  5.  Work History - Current Employment
  6. If you are still currently employed, put "n/a" in the Reason for Leaving box
  7. Finding your university or degree
  8. How to complete work history if you were a volunteer
  9. How to add your cover letter as the first page of your resume
  10. Click in front of the first character on your resume. Click Insert Page Break, this will insert a new blank page. Copy the text from your cover letter and paste it in the new blank page.