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Good-bye to our Language Teaching Assistants Julia and Anne who are returning to their home university, the PH Freiburg, in Germany! Thank you so much for your great work and enthusiastic support of our German students. It was wonderful having you in our German Program for two semesters and we will miss you - alles Gute!





We say "Auf Wiedersehen" to our wonderful German FLTA Rebecca Meier, who has worked with us over the past year. We wish you a fond farewell and say "Vielen Dank" for everything you have done for the Program. We will miss you Rebecca!


Germany and European Integration:
Mini Conference 2017

Check out our Mini Conference that took place during International Education Week in November 2017. ThisĀ mini lecture seriesĀ featured issues of migration into and within the EU, integration of refugees, Brexit, and other aspects related to the history and structure of the EU.


"Berlin - Symphony of a Great City"
Live Music played by ALP from Berlin to the classic silent 1927 film

A special fusion of cinema and music, created by Berlin-based band ALP, mixing rock band dynamics, improvisation, and laptop electronics, with this classic silent film from 1927 taking us back in time to a Berlin of a bygone era, giving us shivers, goose bumps and a feeling of the massive energy of a megalopolis!

When: Sunday, November 13, 3:00 p.m.
Where: Green Music Center, Schroeder Hall
Website: http://gmc.sonoma.edu/event/3265305-alp-aggressive-loop-productions

Radio Goethe: http://www.radiogoethe.org/


We say "Auf Wiedersehen" to our wonderful German Fulbright Scholar, Jonas Richter, who has worked with us over the past year. We wish him a fond farewell and say "Vielen Dank" for everything he has done for the Program. We will miss you Jonas!

Click here for presentation and essay. On May 3, 2016, Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Jonas Richter presented his final talk at SSU, "The EU in World Politics-A Critical Essay by Jonas Richter".

A student at the University of Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia Germany, Jonas was awarded an FLTA-Program grant to serve as a teaching assistant in the German program and take courses here at Sonoma State. He has been sharing his language and culture with SSU students to inspire them to travel and study overseas, and help them better prepare to engage with universities, businesses and organizations abroad. Jonas is one of fourteen FLTAs from Germany in the United States, and the only one on the West Coast.

For more information on the Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant program and Jonas Richter, visit http://sonoma.edu/workplace/2016/04/26/jonas.

What is studying German worth? It might be more than you think!

Attend university in Germany: No tuition fees! More and more SSU German students continue their studies abroad after attaining their BA degrees.

German Tutoring offered through the SSU Learning Center. Sessions for current classes, click here

Study German, and enrich your academic and career opportunities! Learning German and gaining valuable insights into the history and culture of the German-speaking countries can offer a competitive edge in our increasingly global world!

STUDY IN GERMANY! (click for video)

What do we offer at SSU? Students may earn a German minor or an interdisciplinary major in German Cultural Studies. Or they may simply add two semesters of language study to boost graduate school and job applications! Being able to communicate in German and having a solid foundation in German history and culture enhances the study of other fields, such as history, political science, global studies, music, art history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and other disciplines. For more reasons to study German see the Why Study German page.


Need German tutoring?
Contact our tutors in the SSU Tutorial Center:
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If you have any problems or questions, please call the department office at 664-2351


Come meet new people and practice your German at Noon on Tuesdays at Charlie Brown's