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gmcdinnosmall.jpgSonoma State University was honored at last month's CSU Facilities Management Conference with the Best Practice in Architecture and Engineering and the Overall Best Practice Award for the Green Music Center.

"To have won both... is an honor," said Christopher Dinno, associate vice president for administration and finance, facilities operations and planning, who accepted the award for SSU. "To be recognized and acknowledged by your peers throughout the CSU for the Green Music Center is a real privilege."

Governor Brown's May Revision of the 2013-2014 state budget continues to propose an additional $125.1 million in state funding for the California State University and also maintains reinstating $125 million that was cut from last year's budget and was due to be reimbursed in this year's budget following the successful passage of Proposition 30. The proposal also states that the administration will work with the colleges and universities, legislature and other stakeholders on a framework that would link future budget augmentations to performance-related measures.

csu-logo.jpegThe California Faculty Association (CFA) walked out of negotiations with the California State University (CSU) on Saturday, May 5 after the two sides had resumed bargaining on May 3.

CFA rejected CSU's proposal without offering any counter-proposals. CSU Vice Chancellor of Human Resources Gail Brooks said the university is baffled by the union's behavior.

"We are very disappointed that CFA chose to walk out and we were not able to bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion," said Brooks. "It appears to us that the only issue left on the table is the amount of taxpayer dollars that is paid for union leave time for the CFA President and Political Action Committee positions. We have said all along that we want a new contract, and CSU remains willing to continue the negotiation process at any time to resolve these differences."

Sonoma State University will be hit by an additional $2.3 million cut in its 2011-12 budget as a result of the triggers in the Caifornia state budget announced today by Governor Jerry Brown.

SSU's budget cut is part of the California State University's loss of an additional $100 million for this year, on top of a $650 million reduction already in place, due to lower-than-projected state revenues.

SSU President Ruben Arminana says the additional $100 million permanent reduction to the CSU budget represents "another major hardship for SSU and its students."

csu-logo.jpegThe California State University Board of Trustees today unanimously approved its 2012-2013 budget, which requests that the governor and legislature provide an additional $471 million in state funding for the upcoming fiscal year. The board also approved an increase in tuition of $498 a year that will go into effect for fall 2012. The vote was 9 to 6*.

"The additional revenue requested in this budget is critical to addressing the deep and painful cuts the CSU has had to absorb, and to ensure that students have access to needed courses and support services," said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed.

"While there is still so much uncertainty in the state's fiscal condition, we wanted to provide students and parents with as much notice as possible that tuition will go up in the fall. That said, we must all work with state leaders to restore the funding needed to maintain access and quality for CSU students."

csu-seal.jpgUnder Assembly Bill 131 signed into law on October 8 by Governor Brown, certain non-resident students of the CSU will now be eligible for state-funded financial aid. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2013, some non-resident CSU students who demonstrate need and have met certain criteria will be eligible for such aid under the second half of the California Dream Act, a measure authored by Assemblymember Gil Cedillo.

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