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The School of Education at Sonoma State University successfully completed its national and state accreditation review with a stellar performance that the university president described as "hitting a home run with the bases loaded." The School of Education prepares teachers and principals for the North Bay Region.

"These are a remarkable group of faculty and students," said Gerry Giordano, a professor in education management at the University of North Florida who was the head of the 13 member review panel which said the School had exceeded both state and national standards.

michaelkirst.pngWhat does the President of the California State Board of Education think about the current state of the educational system?

Dr. Michael W. Kirst delivers his overarching vision for California to emerge once again as a national leader in education from 7-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 22 in the Cooperage as a part of the Andrea Neves and Bart Evans Social Justice Lecture Series.

His talk - "California K-12 Education: Challenges And Solutions" - addresses the current state of affairs of a state public school system stretched to the limit but aspiring to greatnesss once again.


Doing the math are teacher leaders (left to right) Krista Miller (Humboldt County),
Amy Hubbard (Humboldt County), Nicole Cochran (Del Norte County), Erin Elliott (Del Norte County, Sonoma State BA & Credential) and Jessica Balli (Sonoma County).

Does math education need an extreme makeover?

Just ask Education Professor Kathy Morris from Sonoma State University. Morris is looking at a "fabulous opportunity" to provide better and far more coherent mathematics education, thanks to a $250,000 grant from the California Postsecondary Education Commission (now part of the California Department of Education).

She is guiding a team of K-12 teacher leaders from five northern California counties as they learn to support teachers in their region with the implementation of the new Common Core Standards. The next weekend teacher leader training is Jan. 13-14.

Jessica Parker - Tech-Savvy Teachers

January 4, 2012 9:54 AM

parker.jpgProfessor Jessica Parker says we are the brink of a profound moment in education as we watch what it means to come of age in a digital world.

A middle school science teacher uses Google Earth to map numerous elements on the periodic table.

A high school history teacher employs a Flickr gallery to analyze Russian propaganda during the Cold War.

A middle school English teacher relies on blogs to stimulate student discussion about reading books.

compact.jpegLawrence Cook Middle School Principal Patty Turner believes that the new Compact for Success with Sonoma State University is a "ticket for every student at the school to enter a world of opportunity."

The Compact for Success program, a new partnership between Santa Rosa's Lawrence Cook Middle School and SSU, stands to encourage students to start thinking about higher education early by guaranteeing those who successfully complete the program admission to the university.

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