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stauffer1.jpegSonoma State University is pleased to announce that Dr. Lynn Stauffer has accepted the position of Dean of the School of Science & Technology. Her appointment begins July 1, 2012.

Stauffer completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California at Irvine. She earned degrees in mathematics and computer science while working as a quality assurance engineer at Ford Aerospace.

Later, she returned to UC Irvine to pursue graduate work in computer science focusing on efficient algorithms for data compression on multiprocessor computers. After completing her doctoral work in 1994, she joined Sonoma State University as the first female professor in the Department of Computer Science.

boy_with-bugweb.jpgMore than 800 bug lovers of all ages flocked to the third annual Insecta-Palooza! at SSU's Darwin Hall on Saturday to explore the fascinating world of insects. Lectures, exhibits, films and microscope-viewing provided hours of fun and learning opportunities. With a theme of Metamorphosis this year, the day offered a compelling look into the impact that bees, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects play in the natural world and how they benefit humans. Next year's theme will be "World of Water." Above, is a enthusiastic visitor with an apparently equally enthusiastic Australian stick bug. (Photo by Sean Duckworth)

Adele Paquin collects phytoplankton samples along the Sonoma coast. (Photo by Alba Medrano Cuevas)

The answer to the mystery of the unprecedented die-off of marine life along the Sonoma coastline may lie in a collection of seawater samples serendipitously collected by an SSU graduate biology student this summer.

Adele Paquin, with assistance by other SSU undergrads and a colleague from the Bodega Marine Lab, collected phytoplankton each day during the month of August and into September as an algal bloom was manifesting in Bodega Bay and further north. She now has unique data in the form of daily samples collected before, during, and after the bloom.

mzl.shrndpma.320x480-75.jpgA two-year long project by Computer Science students has led to the launch of a free iPhone app called Sonoma State Mobile which has been launched officially this week as part of the University's 50th anniversary year-long celebration.

The app is available through the iTunes Apple store and features important services for the campus community as well as the community at large.

The latest version of the project was developed by Jeff Neong who used it as his senior project under the guidance of Dr. Ali Kooshesh, chair of the Computer Science and the Engineering Science departments.


SSU students Jill Stokes, Chelsea Clyde-Brockway and Thomas Nguyen work in the low intertidal zone in a mixed bed of seaweeds dominated by kelp and coralline seaweeds collecting data on growth rates of the larger, dominant, cabbage-like kelp (Saccharina sessilis). This research project, including the salaries for the students, is supported through a competitively awarded grant from the National Science Foundation.

Research into "the other CO2 problem" offers a first-rate experience for SSU undergraduates who work with Biology Professor Karina Nielsen.

Nielsen calls her lab on the SSU campus home to the science of "the salty, the slimy and the spineless in the sea."

galbreath_wildlands_preserve.jpgOn Wednesday, June 1, from 10 a.m. - noon in Darwin 101, the SSU Preserves & Field Stations will be hosting a forum to ask faculty, staff and students "What facilities would you like to see at SSU's Galbreath Wildlands Preserve?"

SSU Preserves in collaboration with SSU Facilities & Planning contracted with RIM Architects to develop a Master Plan for Galbreath Preserve Field Station. The Master Plan will envision and design a suite a buildings to enhance research and educational opportunities on the Preserve.

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