Composition/Music Technology


The Composition / Music Technology program puts primary emphasis on individual student creative goals in any style or genre of their choosing. Our goal is to guide our students to develop the ability to realize their musical ideas fully and completely. As a part of this task, all students develop basic skills in using notation and sequencing programs; additional independent  work on digital recording, sound design and multi-media is also available for students interested in those areas.

We encourage student composers to work collaboratively with Theater Arts students on dance and drama projects, and with Communication Studies students in video production.   Advanced composition students can have their work performed by faculty directed campus performing ensembles

Students whose primary interest is jazz composition should choose the Jazz Studies concentration. Other composition students may choose either the Applied Music concentration or the Liberal Arts concentration.

In every case, students pursuing the Composition program as the core of their work should plan their program in close collaboration with a Music department advisor. In most cases, coursework beyond the unit requirements of the concentration chosen as the framework for study will be desirable.

Prospective students are welcomed to make an appointment with any of the composition faculty for a tour of the facilities and for preliminary advising.

Admission requirements for the composition program
In addition to the music department audition requirements, we require all prospective composition students to submit the following:

  1. An audio CD or Video performances of original music
  2. Samples of scores or lead sheets


Contact:  Brian Wilson