Pre-Licensure FAQ

Please read these before submitting an application

  1. If I am a transfer student, is the application process any different?
    Transfer students must apply to the university by November 30. Then, apply to the Nursing department by the deadline. You will not be notified from the University admissions and Records until after admissions decisions have been finalized in the Nursing Department (late March).
  2. What is included in the application?
    1. B or above in all Pre-requisites. A maximum of 1 science and 1 non-science prerequisite may be in progress by the nursing supplemental due date.
    2. Official TEAS Exam - A minimum rawscore of 78% of your total score on the Test of Essential Academic Skills(see homepage)
    3. 1 Essay - Choose 1 question; upload a two page, double-spaced,  typewritten essay (no smaller than 12 font!). - uploaded in documents section of NursingCAS application
    4. Transcripts - Two Sets 
      1. SSU Admission & Records
      2. NursingCAS
  3. How do I apply? Both Applications must be completed.
      1. NursingCAS FAQ's
  4. Where do I send my Official transcripts?
    1. SSU Admissions & Records 
    2. NursingCAS - see academic portion for instructions & address 
  5. What fees are associated with application?
    1. SSU (transfer students)
    2. NursingCAS(once application is submitted)
    3. Mail check or money order to the Nursing Dept.(address listed on application) 
  6. Do I need to send transcripts to the Nursing Dept.?

    No, nothing gets sent to the Nursing Dept. except the processing fee.

  7. Do you have a recency requirement on any of the prerequisite courses? No

  8. Can I still apply if I am a second Bachelors student? **** 2nd Bachelor students will need to apply to the University as well as the Nursing department. Application Nurs-BS-OBS*******
  9. I am an undeclared major and I can’t get into the Prerequisite courses to apply to the Nursing program. What do I do? The prerequisite courses are restricted for Pre-Nursing majors.  These classes typically fill up every semester. It is very difficult to get into one of these courses as an undeclared major. If you are unable to get into one or more of the required prerequisite courses, you may want to consider taking these courses at another campus. You can also look for an online course.
  10. How can I declare Pre Nursing as my major? Prenursing is for first time freshman only. Beginning in Fall 2010, students admitted as "undeclared" or as a major other than "prenursing" will not be able to request and receive a change of major to pre nursing. 
  11. I took my prerequisites at a community college or university in another part of the state.  How do I know if these meet your requirements? If you went to a California public or private college, please look at to check your courses against SSU. If the courses are not listed, email with a course description.
  12. Can I have outstanding prerequisites when I apply? You may have 1 science and 1 non science prerequisite course outstanding at the time of application. All outstanding coursework must be completed by August 1st of the Fall you will start your BSN coursework.
  13. How can I establish California Residency? Please read this information regarding determining California Residency
  14. What is the TEAS? The Test of Essential Academic Skills is a standardized, multiple choice exam for students applying for nursing school in the USA.
  15. Where can I take the TEAS exam? You can find another site by exploring the ATI website at and registering for TEAS with PSI or calling 1-800-667-7531. See instructions on how to register on pre-nursing resources
  16. What score do I need to get on the TEAS Exam for SSU Nursing department?
    We require a minimum overall score of 78% on your Adjusted Individual Total Score. Up to 15 points - see breakdown
  17. Can I retake the TEAS exam? Yes. You can take the exam for our school as many times as you want or need. We will only look at your highest score. Other schools policies may differ.
  18. How do I include my scores in my NursingCAS application? TEAS score will also be uploaded in the documents section on NursingCAS as well as entered in the testing section. If score is not entered, points will not be calculated towards application. We DO NOT require official test scores sent from ATI to the nursing dept.
  19. What is a CNA?  CertifiedNursing Assistant. This requirement does not need to be completed by the application deadline. You will need to be certified/licensed before you would start the program if admitted.
  20. Where can I get this certification? Local community colleges offer courses, as well as local chapters of the Red Cross.  To verify that you have an active CNA license go to 
  21. If I have other health care experience such as an EMT I or II, Paramedic, military medical service, or volunteer hours do I need a CNA? How do I challenge this requirement?
    See the CNA Skills Checklist on the resources page under potential students for alist of required skills. If you feel that you have the skills and would like to take the equivalency exam, see How to Complete Your Equivalency Application (located at the bottom of page). You wil be challenging the Board to take the exam without taking the course.
  22. How are Admissions decided? See Admissions Criteria
  23. How is my GPA converted to points? We take your pre-requisite GPA and your overall GPA and multiply them each by 6.25 to get a maximum of 25 points.
  24. How many people do you admit? We admit 24 students once a year beginning in the fall.
  25. How many applicants do you receive each year? We receive approximately 300 applications.
  26. Do you have a waiting list? No.  We use an alternate list from the day our decisions are made until the day school starts.  
  27. When are applications available? University Applications are available October 1 through November 30 at Apply early! 
    Department applications will be available on starting December 1st with a deadline of January 30th at 9pm PST, NursingCAS is on the East Coast. 
  28. When are admissions decisions final? We try to get admissions decisions completed in April.  All admission notifications will be sent via email. University transfer students will be notified of their university admission status after the Nursing department notifies all admits.
  29. What is the Local Service Area(extra 15 points)? We award 15 points to transfer students from our surrounding community colleges (Marin, Solano, Napa, Mendocino and Santa Rosa).
  30. How do you prove residency in the surrounding counties? You must complete 6 out of 8pre-requisites at the local community colleges.
  31. How long is the program? The Pre Licensure BSN program is two years from admission.  
  32. If I have a Bachelors degree already, will I be able to get through the nursing program faster? No. The Pre Licensure BSN program is two years from admission.
  33. Can I meet with an instructor/ advisor to go over the courses I need to get admitted? The Pre Nursing advisor does not meet with students individually.  Please try to attend one of our information sessions with the advisor. You can find these dates listed on our website.
  34. I am a foreign student. Can I be licensed as a California RN? CABRN Now Requires SSN to apply for NCLEX. Effective on April 26, 2010 California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) will no longer accept applications that do not contain a U.S. Social Security Number. The Nursing Practice Act provides for a unified examination and licensing application. Once an applicant passes the examination, a license is automatically issued. Under these circumstances the BRN cannot accept applications for the examination and licensure without a U.S. social security number.
    For those applicants who have failed the exam and want to re-apply; CABRN will not accept re-application without U.S Social Security Number.
    If your application was sent prior to April 26, 2010 or if you are already eligible, this does not apply to you.
  35. Do veterans get extra points towards admission? Veterans are given 5 points towards admission