The first two years of the program consist of Pre-Nursing science and general education requirements. Upon completion of the Pre-Nursing curriculum, the student may apply for admission to the Nursing major.

Pre-Nursing University Entrance Requirements: High School or College introductory level Biology and Chemistry with grades of B or higher, overall GPA of 3.5 and a minimum eligibility index score of 4080 (SAT) or 970 (ACT). A Pre-Nursing major classification at SSU provides only priority registration in prerequisite science courses. There is no guarantee of admission to the nursing major based on pre-nursing designation.

SSU does not accept transfers into pre-nursing.

Pre-Nursing Group Advising



  1. Nursing curriculum - pre-requisites, general education requirements and nursing coursework (4 year plan).
  2. Decision Day Powerpoint- This powerpoint will explain the process from freshman to the nursing program admission. Frequently asked questions answered in powerpoint.
  3. California Dept of Public Health: Certified Nursing Assistant Programs in CA (CNA certification not required to apply, must be completed before start of the program)
  4. How to obtain a CNA license through CA Department of Public Health
  5. How to Challenge the CNA License - Equivalency Application
  6. Exam Course Equivalencies for AP, CLEP and IB Courses
  7. How to calculate your Eligibility Index Score - (GPAx800) + SATs(math & verbal) or (H.S. GPA x 200) + (10xACT Comp Score)
  8. Reading Your Academic Requirements Report -(ARR)
  9. Assist an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or University can be applied when transferred to another.
  10. Board of Registered Nursing Approved Pre-Licensure (ADN, BSN, & ELM Nursing Programs in California)
  11. Pre-Nursing GRID
  12. How to Register for PSI TEAS Assessment
  13. How to Register for TEAS Assessment

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