Tips for Online Statistic Courses

To meet the CSU General Education Requirement for a “Course in Quantitative Reasoning (Area B4)” AND simultaneously the Undergraduate (BSN) Nursing Program requirement for a “Course in Statistics” (Note: This is not a comprehensive list of all available online courses but reflects some of the possibilities for enrolling in an appropriate statistics course that will meet the requirements).

Coastline Community College

MATHEMATICS 160 — Introduction to Statistics — 3.0 Units
Topics covered include collection of data, sampling, probability, hypothesis testing, variance and correlation for applications in the natural sciences, social sciences, business and management. 
 • PREREQUISITE: Math 030-Intermediate Algebra with a grade of "C" or better or achieve qualifying score on Math Placement Test • Transfer Credit: CSU; UC

College of Marin

MATH 115 Probability and Statistics
(4 units)(Prerequisite: Math 103 or 103G or 103XY or satisfactory score on Math Assessment Test. Four lecture hours weekly. Formerly Math 15 at College of Marin and Math 115 at Indian Valley College.) Descriptive statistics, introduction to probability theory, probability distributions, data sampling, estimation, correlation, hypothesis testing. Can also be offered in a distance learning format. (CSU/UC) AA/AS Area E, CSU Area B-4, IGETC Area 2, CAN STAT 2

Liberty University

MATH 201 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3 hours)
Introduction to descriptive statistics and probability, probability distributions, estimation, tests of hypotheses, chi-square tests, regression analysis, and correlations, with applications in business and science. (Prerequisite: MATH 110 or permission of instructor)  

CSU Dominguez Hills

Prerequisite: Fulfillment of the ELM requirement for BSN students: Includes development and application of the following topics: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, Mathematics of Finance, Linear Programming and Graph Theory.

Brigham Young University

STAT 221 — Principles of Statistics
Prerequisite: MATH 110 (College Algebra) or equivalent skill.
Description: Stemplots, boxplots, histograms, scatterplots; central tendency, variability; confidence intervals and hypothesis testing involving one and two means and proportions; contingency tables, regression; computer package. 29 lessons, 23 Speedback assignments, 3 Speedback midcourse exams, 3 instructor-graded midcourse exams, Speedback final exam.