Tips on Written English Proficency Test (WEPT)

These tips are provided courtesy of the SSU WEPT Coordinator. For more details, visit the Writing Center WEPT information site, or see the official WEPT Policy.

Students should take the WEPT the first semester of their junior year.

The WEPT is given at three set times per semester (and once during the summer) and the exam results take 3-6 weeks to process. If a student fails the WEPT, an extended period of advising, practice, and possibly coursework may be necessary. Accordingly, students should take the test in their junior year. If a student takes the exam first semester junior year and fails, that student will have ample time to get advice, to practice, and then to try taking the WEPT at the end of the junior year -- with the "safety" option of taking the exam a third time in the Fall of senior year.

Even strong writers should take the WEPT as soon as possible.

Even if a student has performed well on other writing tests, that student should still take the WEPT early in the junior year. Occasionally the WEPT can present unforeseen challenges for students who expected to pass easily. No student should wait until the last minute out of an assumption that she will pass.

Students should look at WEPT materials before the exam.

Students have a better chance of passing if they are familiar with the expectations and parameters of the exam. For example, many students do not know that they are expected to take the full time or that they are allowed to bring a dictionary and/or thesaurus. The Writing Center has a FAQ and extensive materials online that students can consult as they prepare. Students should take time to look at the "WEPT Book," which contains sample exam responses.

If a student fails the exam, she should actively seek out campus writing resources.

If a student fails the WEPT, she should take an active role in preparing for the next time she will take the exam. Students who fail the WEPT should consult with tutors at the Writing Center, speak with the WEPT Assistant to be matched with a WEPT advisor, practice on their own, and, in some cases, consider course-work or more extensive tutoring