Online Services

Sonoma State University faculty, staff, students and guests are able to access parking services online! The services available include:

  • Parking Permit Sales
  • Citation Payments
  • Citation Appeals
  • Parking Account Management

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Login to your SSU Online Services and click on the Parking Permits button to access your account to purchase a parking permit.


If you are not a student, staff, or faculty member, proceed to community login or purchase a daily parking permit here. Do not create a community login if you are a student or employee. Doing so can cause problems with your account and will not guarantee you are offered the correct permit or pricing.

Fall 2018 Parking Permits

As of May 1, 2018 parking permits will be available to be purchased online only. Please review our step-by-step instructions if you are having problems purchasing a parking permit. When your transaction is completed, you will be provided with a temporary permit that is valid for ten (10) days to allow you to begin parking on campus immediately.