Online Services FAQ

General Questions

How do I access my online account?

  • Faculty, staff and students can log into the SSU Online Services portal using your Seawolf user name and password, scrolling down to the parking button, and clicking on the parking button. Guests can create an account by visiting the guest login and clicking Community.

During what hours are online services available?

  • Online services are generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, there may be brief service interruptions in very early morning hours to allow for system maintenance.

What payment methods are accepted online?

  • Electronic check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover online.

Is my credit card and other personal information safe?

  • Sonoma State University adheres to very strict information security guidelines. In addition, your credit card information is not stored in the cashiering system to ensure your information security.

I am the parent of a student who lives in the residential community. Can I go online and purchase his/her permit?

  • In order to be verified as a residential student, the student must log in using his/her Seawolf user name and password. Parental access will not indicate eligibility for residential parking.

I live in the residential community. Can I get a residence hall permit online?

  • Yes.

Can I purchase more than one permit online?

  • No. This limitation does not apply to motorcycle permit purchases.

Why am I being asked to put in vehicle information?

  • The software system allows for the linking of vehicles to permits. This helps ensure that the customer who purchased the permit is the person using it. This does not relinquish a permit holder from having to display a permit but gives enforcement officers another tool to determine if a vehicle has a purchased a permit associated with it.

I am an employee who already has a permit that is paid through payroll deduction. Do I have to do anything under this new system?

  • Your permit is still valid and will be entered into the new system. However, employees should log into the system to verify their account and link a vehicle.

Can employees get permits online that are paid through payroll deduction?

  • No, due to state-mandated paperwork that must be filed with these purchases, payroll deduction permits must be purchased in Seawolf Services.

I am an employee who does not participate in payroll deduction. If I purchase my permit online, will my bargaining unit pricing be reflected in the online services?

  • Yes, employees bargaining relationships determine some permit pricing. The pricing reflected in online services is based on an employee’s bargaining unit.

Are the permits offered to faculty online based on academic year pricing?

  • Yes, faculty members using the online services will be offered the academic year pricing. If you are faculty and would like to purchase a twelve-month permit, please go to Seawolf Services.

Is there a charge to purchase permits online?

  • There is a $2.50 shipping and handling charge for all permits purchased.

How long will it take to get my permit in the mail?

  • Permits are generally shipped within 48 hours of purchase and should be received within one week. After your transaction has been completed there will be a link to print your temporary parking permit. You can also print your temporary permit by logging into your SSU Online Services, click the parking permit button and click the My Permits tab. From here you can select print temporary perimt which you should use until you receive your physical permit in the mail. Your receipt may not be used as a parking permit.

I am a Department of Rehabilitation client or I am a disabled student who qualifies for a fee waiver. Can I use the online system?

  • No, these transactions require the completion of additional paperwork and must be completed in Seawolf Services.

Are lost or stolen permits refundable or replaceable?

  • No. A lost or stolen permit report should be filed with Seawolf Services and a replacement permit will need to be purchased. If the lost or stolen permit is located being used, the person found using the permit can be subject to disciplinary action, prosecution, and/or other sanctions.