Andy Merrifield

Title: Professor



Office: Stevenson 2070

Phone: (707) 664-2179



Professor Merrifield joined the faculty in 1987.  His scholarly interests include executive leadership in politics and public budgeting politics, particularly at the local level.  In the former he is interested in how personal behavior and personal relationships may impact on policy success.  In the latter area he has looked at how localities may alter policy priorities to pursue revenue, and in other cases subsidize certain economic sectors even when these subsidies may not benefit the community.  In the past Merrifield provided analysis on elections, policy making and public institutions, for local, regional, state and national media.  He has traveled throughout the United States and in much of Europe.  This travel has informed both his teaching and his scholarly interests.  Merrifield teaches courses in American government, modern political ideas, quantitative research methods and public administration.  He is currently enrolled in the Faculty Early Retirement Program.


  • POLS 200: American Political System
  • POLS 202: Issues in Modern American Politics
  • POLS 302: Social Science Research Methods
  • POLS 315: Democracy, Capitalism, and Socialism
  • POLS 427: The American Presidency
  • POLS 498: Senior Seminar
  • POLS 503: Budget and Fiscal Administration
  • POLS 503A: Public Finance
  • POLS 580: Nonprofit Dynamics: Politics and Community Environment
  • POLS 581: Nonprofit Governance and Legal Issues