Diane Parness

Title: Professor; Holocaust Lecture Series Adacemic Coordinator

Concentration: Comparative Politics; European Politics; Russia

Education: Ph. D., Georgetown University

Office: Stevenson 2070H

Phone: (707) 664-3142

Email: diane.parness@sonoma.edu


Specializes in the politics of the left in Europe, particularly Germany.  Current research is focused on the difficulties of sustaining democracy in the fragile systems of Eastern Europe.


  • POLS 202: Issues in Modern American Politics
  • POLS 303: Comparative Political Analysis
  • POLS 310: Classical Political Thought
  • POLS 315: Democracy, Capitalism and Socialism
  • POLS 350: European Parliamentary Democracies
  • POLS 351: Politics of Russia
  • POLS 352: Politics of Eastern Europe
  • POLS 498: Senior Seminar