David McCuan

Title: Professor, Department Chair

Concentration: American Politics, International Relations, Public Administration

Education: Ph.D., UC Riverside

Office: Stevenson 2070F

Phone: (707) 664-3309

Email: david.mccuan@sonoma.edu



Dr. McCuan joined the faculty of SSU in Fall 2003. His expertise rests in two broad areas - American politics and International Relations. His doctorate was granted from the University of California - Riverside in 2002.

He does research in two areas – state and local elections; and the study of terrorism. His teaching responsibilities include courses in both international and national politics, international security and terrorism, state and local politics, campaigns and elections, and political behavior.

Dr. McCuan was a Fulbright Teaching Scholar in 2009-2010, working in the Department of International Relations and European Studies, Masaryk University, Czech Republic where he taught courses in US National Security Policy, Terrorism, and US Foreign Policy.


  • POLS 200: American Political System
  • POLS 201: Ideas and Institutions
  • POLS 202: Issues in Modern American Politics
  • POLS 302: Social Science Research Methods
  • POLS 304: Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS 342: International Pol and Foreign Pol
  • POLS 421: Federal and Intergovernmental Relations
  • POLS 428: Seminar in California Politics and Government
  • POLS 448: Political Violence, Terrorism and Law
  • POLS 484: Elections and Voter Behavior
  • POLS 486: Terrorism, Violence and the Law
  • POLS 494: United States National Security Policy
  • POLS 501: The Administrative State
  • POLS 503: Budget and Fiscal Administration
  • POLS 503A: Public Finance
  • POLS 504A: Human Resources for the Public Sector
  • POLS 506: Public Policy Process

Selected Scholarship