Major Requirements

Passage of all major core requirements requires a grade of ‘C’ or better. POLS 302 is a prerequisite for POLS 498.

POLS 201* Ideas and Institutions
POLS 202** Issues in Modern American Politics or POLS 200 (3)
POLS 302 Social Science Research Methods
POLS 303 Comparative Political Analysis
POLS 304 Theory and Analysis of International Relations
POLS 498 Senior Seminar

4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units
4 units

*A combination of both Introduction to Political Theory and Introduction to Comparative Government taken at a community college can be used to substitute for the Pols 201 requirement.

**POLS 202 is strongly recommended for POLS majors. If you take 200 instead of 202, you will be short 1 unit for the B.A. degree. Consult an advisor for options to make up the unit.

Major Electives

One course must be taken from each of the following areas: Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and American Government and Politics (4 units each).

Choose one of the following six courses: 4 units

POLS 310 Classical Political Thought
POLS 311 Development of Modern Political Thought since 1500
POLS 312 American Political Thought
POLS 313 Critical Theory: Race and Gender
POLS 314 Environmental Theory
POLS 315 Modern Political Ideologies
POLS 415 Explorations in Political Theory

Choose one of the following seven courses: 4 units

POLS 345 Model United Nations (MUN)                  
POLS 444 United States Foreign Policy
POLS 445 International Organizations
POLS 446 International Relations of the Middle East, Israel,
the Palestinians and the United States
POLS 447 Non-violent Strategies in International Relations
POLS 448 Political Violence, Terrorism, and Law              
POLS 449 Gender and Geopolitics in Science Fiction and Fantasy
POLS 486 Selected Issues in International Politics

Choose one of the following nine courses: 4 units

POLS 350 European Parliamentary Democracies
POLS 351 Politics of Russia
POLS 352 Politics of Eastern Europe
POLS 354 Comparative Political Parties
POLS 450 Politics of Asia
POLS 452 Third World Political Systems
POLS 453 Politics of Latin America
POLS 458 Comparative Social Policy
POLS 487 Selected Topics in Comparative Politics

Choose one of the following twenty courses: 4 units

POLS 320 State, City, and County Government
POLS 330 Race, Ethnicity, and Politics
POLS 391 Gender and Politics
POLS 420 American Political Development
POLS 421 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
POLS 422 Rights of the Accused
POLS 423 Intro to Constitutional Law
POLS 424 the Bill of Rights, Civil Liberties, and the Constitution
POLS 425 the American Party System
POLS 426 the Legislative Process
POLS 427 the American Presidency
POLS 428 Seminar in California Politics and Government
POLS 429 Interest Groups
POLS 430 Introduction to Public Administration
POLS 431 Politics and the Media
POLS 466 Political Psychology
POLS 475 Urban Politics and Policy
POLS 481 Politics of Regulation and Land Use
POLS 483 Politics of Wealth and Poverty
POLS 484 Elections and Voter Behavior
POLS 485 Political Power and Social Isolation
POLS 488 Special Topics in American Government and Politics

Total units in the major core: 40 units